I was just walking and suddenly, the idea hit me. I HAD to write the story so I did!

For the first chapter, the characters are writing letters to Hey-Unicorn-Eat-Tacos-With-Me's Fanfiction story Katie's Year with Her Enemies. If you haven't read it yet, go check it out!


To Hey-Unicorn-Eat-Tacos-With-Me: Sorry if I offend you in any way!

Disclaimer: I'm not Rick Riordan and I don't own PJatO or TKC.

Dear Hey-Unicorn-Eat-Tacos-With-Me,

I know that Katie has a ginormous crush on me- who doesn't? You probably have a crush on me too. But one thing is clear- Travis Stoll does not spill grape juice on himself. Travis Stoll is extremely smooth and awesome. And don't forget- Travis Stoll is also very, very hot.

You know you love me,

Travis Stoll

P.S. Would you mind using easier and shorter words? It hurts my dyslexic brain having to read your story.

P. P. S. I would never use Disney Princess napkins! I would lose major man-points for that!

Dear Hey-Unicorn-Eat-Tacos-With-Me,

One thing is for sure: I do not enjoy Travis Stoll's company.

You made it seem as if I was starting to have a silly crush on him! Another thing that is for sure? If Travis and Connor had nowhere to go, I'd gladly let them sleep on the streets. Yep, it's kind of evil. But you don't know the Stolls. They are evil incarnates straight from the fiery pits of Hades!

Search them up. You mortals have the internet, right? I'm sure there are countless entries on the subject of the Stoll brothers.

Have a nice day and plant a flower,

Katie Gardner

Dear Hey-Unicorn-Eat-Tacos-With-Me and other mortals,

What type of Penname is Hey-Unicorn-Eat-Tacos-With-Me? It should be more like: Hey-Unicorn-Eat-Cereal-With-Me! Or maybe Hey-Everybody-Eat-Cereal-Or-Die!




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