And the conclusion!

Somehow, they made it up to Lex's penthouse apartment without anyone getting killed. Lex assured Clark that his living space was completely bug-free, so they didn't have to worry about anyone else listening in. Clark wished he'd known that before they'd gone over to the park. He and Lex could be doing much more interesting things by this point than dealing with a couple of foreign Wizards.

The ensuing conversation was a little stilted at first, but eventually the full stories of Clark's origins and Harry's history came out. Lex seemed fascinated at the idea that he may be able to do the magical things that Harry and Draco talked about. Clark was trying not to feel jealous, because it reminded him an awful lot of Lex's fascination for him when they first met.

"I've always believed it was the meteor shower that gave me my increased healing abilities. But you think it could have been my magic? If I am indeed a Wizard?"

"You said that it happened when you were nine. That's a little older than normal for a Wizard child's magic to manifest, but not by much," Draco said with a shrug. "We really need to test you." He gave a quick, wary look at Clark as he said this.

Clark shifted his weight and resolutely kept his mouth shut, but he still sent Draco a glare to remind him that Lex was under Clark's protection and nothing dangerous was going to be happening to him. Draco sneered at him in return.

"It's absolutely painless, Clark, I assure you," Harry said. "However, we probably ought to go somewhere a little more, er, open. Your flat is nice and all, Lex, but wild magic usually needs more space than this."

"We can go the Castle in Smallville," Lex said with a grin. Clark thought he was just a little too eager about all this.

"You have castles in America?" Harry asked.

"Only if you're a Luthor," Lex said sardonically. He briefly explained his father's obsession with the supposed Luthor ancestral home and his quest to bring it to Smallville.

"You know, the more I hear about your father, the more certain I am that he and Lucius Malfoy would get on famously," Harry said with a snort.

"Don't be an imbecile, Potter. My father would never embrace someone who was so much like himself. They would be attacking each other within seconds of meeting, no doubt," Draco said. "No great loss on either side, I'm sure," he muttered, only barely under his breath.

"Exactly. Perhaps we should make it a point to introduce them sometime," Lex said, with a wicked grin.

Draco shot an equally evil smirk back at him and said, "Perhaps we should, at that."

"Okay, okay, enough with the plans for patricide. How are we going to get to this Castle of yours, Lex?" Harry asked.

"I have a garage filled with cars in the parking level of this building. You can take your pick," Lex offered.

"Sports cars?" Harry asked, and he immediately perked up.

"Only the finest, of course."

"Oh, honestly, Potter, what is this thing you have for Muggle vehicles? We could get there much faster if we Apparate," Draco said.

"I'll bet it's not as fast as I could get there," Clark said. He was still a little miffed that his big explanation to Lex had been hijacked by a couple of British Wizards, and that Lex seemed so fascinated by them. He'd really hoped to be doing other things with Lex by this time.

"I doubt you're faster than Apparition," Draco said with a sneer.

"I'll bet I am," Clark retorted.

"There's no need for fighting," Lex said. "A little wager might not be amiss, though."

"I'm listening," Draco said.

"Harry and I will see how fast we can get there in my car, Clark will run, and Draco will…Apparate, is that how you say it?" Lex said, and both Harry and Draco nodded.

"Yes, agreed! Now, what about terms?" Draco said, rubbing his hands together eagerly.

"Is twenty-five thousand too rich for you?" Lex asked.

"Lex!" Clark said, shocked.

"What?" Lex said, as he turned to look at Clark, a confused look on his face.

"I don't have that kind of money," Clark said in a harsh whisper.

"Clark," Lex said with a sultry smile. He reached out to caress Clark's cheek. "Everything I have is yours, don't you realize that?"

Clark could feel his cheeks heating once again, but he couldn't help the thrill of anticipation that went through him at Lex's words. Unfortunately, he'd forgotten they weren't exactly alone.

"Oh, Potter, aren't they absolutely adorable," Draco said, his tone dripping with sarcasm.

"I think they are, actually. You're far too cynical," Harry said as he smacked Draco on the shoulder.

Clark chuckled at Draco's affronted glare at Harry. Draco turned the glare on Clark briefly, but obviously decided to let it go, as he cleared his expression and looked back at Lex.

"Bah, money is boring, Luthor. We prefer to make our wagers a bit bolder than mere money," Draco said.

"Draco…" Potter said, a warning clear in his voice.

"I can certainly handle that sort of wager as well, Malfoy. What did you have in mind?" Lex said smoothly.

"If I make it to our destination before Clark, I get to fuck him," Draco said, with a leer in Clark's direction.

"What?!" Clark said, and it sounded dangerously close to a squeak.

"No. No one ever gets to fuck Clark but me," Lex said firmly.

Clark felt a definite wave of desire wash over him at the possessive note in Lex's words. Still, he knew better than to interrupt Lex when he was negotiating, so he kept his mouth shut.

"Fine, I didn't think you'd go for that, but no harm in trying, yeah? All right then, how about I get to watch when you do fuck him?" Draco said.

"Draco," Harry said sharply, the warning more evident than ever.

"Well, of course you get to watch as well, Potter. I wasn't going to leave you out of it."

"That's not what I was worried about, you git! What you're suggesting is highly inappropriate," Harry said.

Clark got a little worried when Lex didn't immediately shoot that idea down, and instead gave Clark a speculative look. He knew that Lex had done some wild things when he was a teen in Metropolis trying to irritate Lionel as much as he possibly could, but Clark had never done anything so adventurous. Well, not when he wasn't on red Kryptonite, anyway. And, oh, Clark was intrigued by that thought if the sudden hardness between his legs was any clue.

"Clark?" Lex said, a question in the word. There was a smirk on his face and Clark knew Lex had noticed the sudden situation in his pants, because Lex noticed everything. Clark tried to casually turn away so that hopefully Draco wouldn't notice.

He sneaked a glance at the blond Wizard, and yes, naturally that bastard had noticed as well. There was a slightly malicious gleam in his eyes as he looked Clark up and down.

"Looks like Clark might be interested in that idea," Draco said smugly.

Clark decided to ignore him and looked at Lex. "I…might be okay with that, but I'd probably need something to, uh, help loosen my inhibitions."

One of Lex's brows rose in question and he definitely looked intrigued. "I have some very fine scotch at the Castle," he offered.

Clark shook his head. "Liquor doesn't really have any effect on me."

Lex stared at him with surprise. "I didn't think you'd be interested in anything illegal," he said carefully.

"I'm not! No, nothing illegal. God, Lex, my mom would kill me," Clark said.

"Then what the hell are you talking about?" Draco said impatiently.

"The meteor rocks, the red ones, they're kind of like a drug to me," Clark said.

He felt nervous, still, about revealing something so personal in front of two people who were strangers. He certainly wasn't going to mention anything about green Kryptonite around Harry and Draco. No, that was something that he'd discuss with Lex when they were alone.

Based on the knowing look that Lex was giving him now, Clark had the feeling that Lex was probably already aware that green Kryptonite was dangerous to him, and
Clark felt a rush of uncertainty flow through him, just for an instant. Then he remembered that he'd decided to trust Lex, and every time he had listened to his instincts and trusted Lex in the past, he'd been proven right.

He just had to silence the doubting voice in his head that sounded too much like Jonathan Kent. As much as he'd loved his dad, the man had been somewhat unreasonable when it came to Lex, especially in the early years of his and Clark's friendship.

"Is that what you were using when you burst into my office several years ago, wanting the Ferrari and a trip to Metropolis?" Lex asked.

"Yeah," Clark said, ducking his head as a blush crept over his face once again. He still felt the sting of shame for his actions every time he'd been on red K, but maybe it wouldn't be so bad if he were focused on other things. "You just have to make sure you take it away, you know, afterwards, cause it can turn me into kind of a jerk sometimes."

"Really. I'd never noticed," Lex said dryly.

"Shut up," Clark muttered, feeling very self-conscious at the moment.

Draco clapped his hands together sharply, calling the attention back to him. "So, do we have terms, then? If I can Apparate and get to your castle before Clark can run there, then Harry and I get to watch Lex fucking Clark," he said, with a wicked grin in Clark's direction.

"And what if Clark gets there first?" Lex asked.

"Then we get to watch Harry fucking you," Clark said boldly to Draco.

"Oh ho! The alien does have some bollocks after all, it seems!" Draco said.

Harry was shaking his head, but Clark noted that he was still giving Draco an indulgent smile. Lex was now looking at Clark with a definite gleam of interest in his eyes.

"Agreed," Lex said, still eyeing Clark up and down as though he wanted to eat him for breakfast. Clark couldn't deny that he was intrigued by the idea.

"All right, Draco needs to see a picture of the Castle, so that he has some notion of where he's going. I wouldn't want you to splinch any part of yourself, love," Harry said, as he leaned over and pressed a hand into Draco's crotch. Draco gave a startled shriek, but then leered at Harry, and thrust his hips upward. He pouted when Harry moved his hand away.

Clark had never seen two people who were so open about their sexual relationship. Maybe he could learn a thing or two about how to be more honest with Lex from the British Wizards. He stayed quiet as Lex pulled a picture of the Castle up on his laptop and showed it to Draco and Harry. His thoughts were jumbled and confused, and he wondered if he and Lex would ever be able to be as comfortable with one another as Harry and Draco were.

Then Lex turned and grinned at him, just like he'd used to do so long ago, and Clark felt a surge of hope and love. He would make this work somehow, because Lex meant too much for it not to.

A few minutes later, the four of them were heading down to the garage so Harry could pick one of Lex's cars to ride in. The man turned into a little boy once they saw the row of sports cars parked there, each of them gleaming with bright colors, just waiting to be taken out for a spin.

Harry obviously knew a little about cars as he began to pepper Lex with questions about the engines and capabilities of some of the models. Lex was absolutely in his element, as he waxed enthusiastically about his favorites. Finally, after several coughs and grunts of impatience from Clark and Draco – mostly Draco – Harry chose a car.

To Clark's amusement, Lex looked just as excited as Potter did when the Auror picked a sleek, sexy-looking car called a Bugatti Veyron. When he saw Clark's questioning look, Lex explained with an eager look in his eyes.

"I just got this one last week, and I haven't had much of a chance to drive it, so Harry couldn't have made a better choice," he said.

Harry hinted rather broadly that he wanted to drive the car, but Lex firmly vetoed that, seeing as the Veyron could easily get up to 250 miles per hour. Harry shrugged his shoulders and accepted being a passenger fairly simply. Clark could still not fathom how two such different personalities could make a go of a relationship. Even he and Lex weren't that opposite, or at least Clark didn't think they were.

Clark watched as Harry and Lex climbed into the car, matching grins on their faces. He and Draco shared a moment of indulgence as they glanced at each other and shook their heads in mock disgust at the childishness of the other two.

"All right," Lex said through the open car window. "I'll count us down. Go on my word…three…two…one…"

As Lex was counting, Clark braced himself, and prepared to drop into superspeed. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw Draco raise his wand as a tense expression settled over his face.

"GO!" Lex shouted, and immediately the engine of the expensive car roared and shot towards the exit of the garage. Clark just had time to see Draco's smirk before he broke into his fastest speed. It was times like these that he really wished he had the hang of flying. Still, he could move pretty fast on his feet as well.

Clark pushed himself to his limits, as he really, really did not want to lose to Draco Malfoy. Only a few moments out onto the streets of Metropolis and he passed Harry and Lex in the Veyron and couldn't help but laugh at the sheer joy on both their faces.

Even at casual superspeed, Clark could make the trip between Smallville and Metropolis in a little under five minutes. He was determined to cut that at least in half, and he knew where he was going. He hoped that gave him a little advantage over Malfoy since the wizard was having to use just a picture of the Castle as a guide.

Clark ran faster than he ever had before in his life, and for him, that was really saying something. He managed to make it to the Castle in Smallville in two minutes and fourteen seconds. A huge grin stretched across his face and he was already thinking up insults to taunt Malfoy with when he skidded to a halt in the front driveway of Lex's Smallville home.

"Took you long enough," a sarcastic drawl said from behind him.

His jaw dropping, Clark spun around to see Draco Malfoy perched on the edge of the fountain in Lex's front yard.

"No way!" he shouted. "You cheated somehow."

"Oh, please, Alien, the least you can do is accept defeat gracefully. I got here using magic, which was our bargain, if you remember."

Clark was so angry and so disappointed, he couldn't think of anything to say. Draco eyed him shrewdly.

"I know what's bothering you."

"You don't know anything about me," Clark said.

He turned his head towards the highway and tried to see how long it would take Harry and Lex to arrive. Even his vision didn't extend far enough for him to see them, but focusing his hearing, Clark could hear Harry whooping with joy and Lex laughing over the revving of an engine. Even at 250 miles an hour, which Clark was sure was the speed Lex was going, it would take them another hour to get here. Which meant that Clark had to deal with Draco Malfoy…alone…for far too long.

"I'm not quite the devil you make me out to be, you know. Harry Potter wouldn't be with me if I didn't have a few redeeming qualities."

Clark turned back to give Malfoy the evil eye. "Okay, if you're so smart…" he prompted.

"You're worried about Luthor forgetting about you in the excitement of finding out he might be a wizard."

Clark blanched and looked down, unable to hold Draco's knowing gaze. "No, I'm not. That's stupid," he mumbled.

"Look, I've been in your position. Harry Potter is the most celebrated Wizard living today. Do you see this?" Draco held out his left forearm.

Clark glanced up and saw an ugly tattoo of a skull with a snake crawling through its mouth and eye sockets. He grimaced, wondering what had possessed Malfoy to get such repulsive body art. Personally, Clark had never seen the appeal of tattoos. But then, it wasn't like he could get one himself.

"This is the mark of a Death Eater, the people Harry's been fighting against since he was eleven years old. I was one of them. Do you think anyone thought I was right for him, including me?"

"You were on the wrong side in that war?" Clark asked in surprise.

"Yes, well, I didn't know it was the wrong side when I was only sixteen years old, now did I?" Draco snapped. He jerked his sleeve back down to cover the tattoo.

Somehow, Clark felt like the mean one, even though Draco Malfoy was certainly no angel. "Sorry. I didn't always make the best decisions when I was a teenager either."

"Whatever. But do you get my point?"

"Um, not really," Clark said, honestly not seeing the connection between his situation with Lex and what Draco was trying to tell him.

Draco sighed loudly, muttering something under his breath, no doubt something uncomplimentary to Clark.

"After the war, when Potter and I first started to become more than friends, he was utterly surrounded by mass hysteria from pretty much every Witch and Wizard in Britain. I thought there was no place for me in Potter's life. What's more, most of them thought there was no place for me in Harry's life either. But Harry never let me forget that I was the one he wanted. He never left me behind."

"That's still not the same thing that Lex and I are dealing with. We've been enemies for years now. He's done things that aren't strictly legal. Heck, he dated my ex-girlfriend just to get back at me."

Draco gave him a fierce glare. "You think that's being enemies? Harry and I were on opposite sides of a war. We were actively trying to kill each other half the time, before I woke up to what an idiot I was to believe in a madman. My point, which I'm beginning to believe you are too thick-headed to ever comprehend, is that despite all of that, Harry still fell in love with me, as I did with him. And he made sure that nothing or no one would tear us apart."

By the end of his speech, Draco was half-shouting and Clark was starting to feel a little ashamed of his pettiness. Still, he didn't think the parallel between Harry and Draco, and Clark and Lex was that easily drawn.

"But you just said it. Harry's in love with you. I'm not sure that's what Lex feels for me. I've only just figured out that's what I feel for him. He's always been interested in how different I am, and the things I can do because of that. If he can do those things himself, what does he need me for?" Clark swallowed hard and dropped his gaze back to the ground. He didn't like the feeling just saying those words aloud had wrought. Not at all.

"Now you're just being ridiculous. It's obvious that he's in love with you," Draco scoffed.

Clark looked at him doubtfully. "What makes you think so?"

"Oh, I don't know, the looks, the touches, the twice-damned possessiveness. Take your pick," Draco said with a dismissive wave of his hand.

"Twice-damned possessiveness?" Clark asked curiously.

"Yes, twice-damned. If he wasn't so possessive of you, I'd be getting to fuck you later," Draco said, his features twisting into a wicked leer.

Clark felt his face going red again at Draco's bluntness. He groaned and turned away, searching again with his hearing, and then his vision, to see how long it was going to be before Lex arrived. It was still too long for his comfort.

"Look, Clark, I know I can be a bit of a jerk," Draco said, ignoring Clark's scoff as he continued, "but if there's one thing I'm known for, it's being brutally honest. It's obvious that Lex cares for you, very much, and if you can't see that…well, that's your own insecurities talking."

Clark didn't say anything in reply to Draco at first; in fact, he didn't even want to turn around and face him, but then he figured he'd been running away from his problems for too long, and that was a habit he'd been trying to change. It had taken every ounce of courage he could muster to go and talk to Lex in the first place. He certainly didn't want to screw things up because of his own lack of confidence.

"You're right," Clark started, intending to say something about how he vowed to never give up on Lex.

"Of course I am," Draco interrupted smugly.

"You totally are a jerk," Clark said.

"Oh, that hurts, Kent, it really does," Draco said with a fake pout.

"But you're right. I need to have more faith in Lex. Trust has been an issue between us since the very beginning of our friendship. Now that we're trying for something more, I don't want to mess it up by doubting him."

"And he can be taught!" Draco said, raising his hands dramatically.

Clark glared at him, although he wasn't really mad, so it was half-hearted. "Why are you such a jerk?"

"Can't help it, I'm afraid. It's in my blood. If you ever meet my father, you'll completely understand. Meantime, do you suppose Luthor has any food in this monstrosity of a castle?" Draco said as he turned to look over the stone manor.

"Of course he does. Lex's kitchen is always stocked with anything a growing young farmboy could want," Clark said wryly. It struck him that Lex had been trying to take care of Clark even back then, going so far as to make sure his kitchen had Clark's favorite foods. If only Clark hadn't been such an idiot, and listened to people that he shouldn't have. But they were making a new start now, and Clark was determined to make it work.

He showed Draco the side entrance that he used to sneak in when Lex was still living here full-time. They went straight to the kitchen where Clark dug around in the refrigerator until he found sandwich makings, and prepared each of them a nice big sandwich.

Then they wandered into Lex's entertainment room where he had the biggest plasma screen money could buy. It was even better than the one he'd had a few years ago when Clark was at the Castle every weekend watching movies. As they scanned through Lex's impressive DVD library, Clark was astonished to hear that Draco had never heard of Star Wars, much less seen the movie.

He immediately loaded the disc into Lex's DVD player and then proceeded to give Draco commentary as the movie went on. When Lex and Harry finally showed up, Draco was arguing with Clark that George Lucas had to be a Wizard to have come up with some of the ideas in Star Wars.

"Think about it! You have this mysterious Force, which allows Obi-Wan Kenobi to move things without touching them, clearly a levitation charm of some sort. He can make other people do what he tells them, and if that's not an Imperious curse, then I don't know what it is. He's even wearing robes!"

"What about the lightsaber then? What do you make of that?" Clark challenged.

"Obviously a substitute for a wand, only much bigger," Draco said with a derisive sniff. "Heh, you think Mr. Lucas might be overcompensating?"

"Well, nice to see you two have made yourselves at home," Lex said with a grin, as he walked into the room. Harry was a couple of steps behind him, grinning like an idiot.

Clark leapt up from the couch where he and Draco had been lounging. "Sorry, Lex! We didn't mean to intrude, it's just we got kind of hungry while we were waiting, and-"

"Clark, it's fine. Didn't I already tell you that everything I have is yours? I phoned ahead and let security know not to bother you."

"Oh. Uh, thanks," Clark said, scuffing the floor with one shoe, as he stared at the floor.

There was an awkward silence for a moment, and then Draco bounced up off the couch and walked over to the DVD shelf and said, "Potter, did you know about this Star Wars business? Come over here and let me show you."

Harry gave his lover a knowing look as he sauntered over to where Draco was standing, pointedly turning their backs to Clark and Lex.

Lex walked slowly over to where Clark was standing and put his hand under Clark's chin to lift his head, so that they were looking at each other. He put his hands on Clark's shoulders, as though to let him know how important he was.

"I'm under no illusions that this is going to be easy, Clark. There's a lot of misunderstandings and anger between us. But there's always been something more as well. I'm willing to fight for that if you are," Lex said quietly.

"I am!" Clark said, louder than he'd meant to. He lowered his voice as Harry and Draco glanced over. "I am willing, Lex. You mean…so much," he whispered.

Lex smiled and Clark felt weak in the knees.

"That's good to know." He gave Clark's shoulders a squeeze before letting go and turning to face the British Wizards. "We didn't even ask. Who won the bet?"

Draco immediately puffed up with pride, and Clark couldn't help thinking he looked a little like Bartholomew, their rooster at the farm, as he strutted forward.

"I did, naturally! I can't wait to collect my winnings," he said with a leer at Clark.

"Yes, yes, you're amazing and all that rot, but we came here for a reason. Let's take a look at Lex and see if he's got magic," Harry said. Clark thought he might have interrupted quickly before Draco could get really going on the bragging.

The four of them trooped out to one of the fields behind the Castle, far from any prying eyes. Clark made sure of that by doing a quick sweep with his x-ray vision and was relieved to find no one for miles. Then he stood back and watched, ready to step in and stop things if it looked like it could be dangerous to Lex.

But Harry had been right when he said it was painless. All they did was dig around in a bag that Harry carried with him – which was amazing because he reached into it all the way up to his shoulder, but it wasn't that big – and pulled out several more wands. He explained that he and Draco both had several spare wands, though they each had one they preferred to use all the time. Draco threw Clark a glare and complained in a loud voice that someone had set his favorite one on fire. Clark just smirked back at him.

Draco explained that if he did have magic, he would probably be able to use one or more of these, but it would be best to eventually be matched to his own wand. Lex was like a little kid in a candy store as he picked up each wand, running his fingers over the different woods almost reverently. A few of them did nothing when he waved them as instructed. Some of them made weak little sparks. One of them blew up a small tree, and Harry quickly snatched that one back, causing Lex to look a little disappointed.

Finally they handed him one that caused a small shower of gold and purple sparks to erupt from the tip and Lex grinned widely. Harry and Draco then showed Lex how to do several simple spells, demonstrating the wand movement and the incantation. They were delighted to discover that Lex was practically fluent in Latin, stating that would make the spellwork much easier.

He successfully performed each spell that they asked him to do, and Clark supposed he couldn't deny it any longer.

Lex was a Wizard.

He swallowed the lump that was forming in his throat, trying not to let the fear that Lex might leave him behind grow again. Lex had promised that he was willing to fight for them and Clark had to believe that. Plus, he had to admit that Lex looked gorgeous in his excitement. He was fairly glowing with happiness, and Clark had never wanted anyone more than he wanted Lex in that moment.

Just then Lex turned and looked right at Clark, his blue eyes burning with the intensity of his exhilaration. A mountain of green Kryptonite wouldn't have stopped Clark at that moment…he sped to Lex's side and cradled Lex's head in his hands, staring into his eyes and muttering, "I love you," right before he kissed him.

Lex didn't even act shocked, returning the kiss immediately and pulling Clark closer by winding his hands into Clark's shirt. They might have continued kissing forever if Draco hadn't decided to comment. Clark knew he shouldn't have expected any less.

"Holy hells, that is the hottest thing I've ever seen. I can't wait to see the two of them together."

"Draco!" Harry scolded, and somewhere in the haze of his bliss, Clark heard the smack of Harry's hand hitting something, probably Draco's rear end.

"What!?" Draco shouted.

Clark and Lex broke the kiss and both of them simultaneously turned their heads to look at the other two.

"That was probably their first kiss and you ruined it."

"I don't see how blatant appreciation could be considered ruining anything," Draco said.

"I believe it's time for a break from magic instruction. Perhaps we should move things back inside and discuss payment for the wager?" Lex said smoothly.

Clark paled, his nerves making a reappearance. Lex reached a hand up and cupped the back of Clark's head, pulling him down into another fierce quick kiss.

"Hey, I'm right here with you, remember? Not going anywhere," Lex said softly.

"Right. I know that, I do," Clark murmured.

Before Clark could even process what was happening, Harry and Draco had gathered up all their spare wands and put them back into Harry's bag. Then they were moving towards the Castle, and Clark's stomach was twisting into knots.

"Um, maybe you should get the red meteor rock now?" Clark said as they entered one of the side doors.

"Excellent idea. I'll show you where we're going to play, and then I'll dismiss the rest of the staff," Lex said, with a sexy smile aimed straight at Clark.

A few moments later, Clark was in a bedroom with Harry and Draco while they waited for Lex. He wasn't sure if this was Lex's actual bedroom or not, as there weren't any personal touches that he could see.

The two British Wizards didn't seem concerned about what was going to happen at all, and the proof of that was that they immediately started making out. Draco started it, naturally, by wrapping his arms around Harry and kissing him deeply. Harry didn't seem too fussed about it, since his arms slid around Draco's back to grab firmly onto his ass.

They had begun to get really hot and heavy and were edging their way towards the bed, when Lex finally returned. Clark wasn't sure if he was relieved or disappointed when they paused in their activities and looked at Lex.

"Don't stop on my account," Lex said.

"We don't want to get too far ahead of you, now do we?" Draco said and leaned his head in to lick Harry's jaw, not taking his eyes off Lex…until he flicked his gaze over to Clark.

The bet had supposedly been Harry and Draco watching since Draco had won, but it looked as though they were planning on mutual action. From what he'd gleaned of Draco's personality so far, that seemed in character for him. Either way, Clark was full of anticipation and dread in equal amounts. The other three guys in the room were very comfortable with their sexuality and their bodies. Clark? Not so much.

He turned desperate eyes towards Lex, but then blinked in surprise when he saw what Lex had in his hand.

"Is that the necklace that Alicia gave me?" he asked.

Lex looked unusually hesitant as he nodded. "I know it probably brings back some unpleasant memories, but it's all that I have."

"How did you even get it?" Clark asked in a daze as he reached out one hand towards the necklace. A tiny wave of sadness went through him as he remembered his 'wife'. He felt the pulse of the red Kryptonite flare over his hand before he dropped it back to his side and looked at Lex questioningly.

"You said it yourself in my office, Clark. I've been obsessed with you since day one. When I heard that you'd run away and gotten married in Las Vegas, I had men in that hotel room within an hour of you leaving it."

Clark stared at Lex with his jaw dropped. When he could finally speak, all he could say was, "Wow."

"But we're not dwelling in the past anymore. This is now, and we need to make the most of it, wouldn't you agree," Lex said, his gaze on Clark intense.

Clark nodded, feeling a little numb. Lex stepped towards him, raising the necklace in both hands.

"May I?" Lex asked.

Clark could only nod again. Lex leaned in close and laid the necklace on Clark's throat, his hands reaching behind Clark's neck to fasten it. The instant that the red K touched his skin, Clark inhaled sharply, the rush of feeling shooting through his veins almost as good as an orgasm. He heard several gasps and knew that his eyes had probably done that flare of red that he'd been told about.

And he didn't know why he'd been so worried about what was going to happen here tonight. He was more than a match for these three humans. He gazed down at Lex, who'd backed up a step after putting the necklace on, and gave a little hum of satisfaction at the glow of his pale skin.

Clark reached out and took hold of Lex's arm, pulling Lex towards him. "You look so good. I want to see if you taste good, too." With that, he swooped down and fastened his mouth on Lex's neck.

Lex moaned and thrust his hips forward as Clark licked, nibbled, and nipped along his neck, from his ear down to his collar bone and back again. After a few minutes, Clark grew frustrated at not being able to touch as much as he wanted to, so with a low growl, he picked Lex up and sped over to the bed, tossing Lex down gently on his back.

Lex looked up at him with wide eyes, probably a little shocked at being moved so quickly, but at this point, Clark didn't care. He just wanted to touch more of Lex. He casually ripped Lex's shirt in two down the middle, pulling the ruined pieces of it away and tossing them to the floor.

"Clark!" Lex cried.

Clark couldn't tell if that was a protest or a plea to continue, but it didn't matter either way. He lowered his head to Lex's chest and started working on a plan to lick and taste every inch of Lex.

Lex liked that a lot, if the hands suddenly in Clark's hair and the way Lex was practically humping Clark's leg were any clue. It still wasn't enough. Clark wanted all of Lex. Two seconds later, he had his wish and Lex was completely naked below him. Lex glanced down, and seemed to be struggling to catch up to the fact that his pants and underwear, and even his shoes and socks, had disappeared.

Now Clark had his ultimate goal right in front of him, and he wasted no time in taking Lex's cock into his mouth. He swallowed Lex down to the root once, eliciting a startled shout from Lex, but Clark didn't think he minded. Clark pulled back enough to play with the head of his cock, exploring the taste of Lex.

Even this still wasn't all that Clark wanted. He needed to taste the absolute essence of Lex. He decided to focus all his attention on making Lex come, right now. Clark took Lex all the way into his throat, and then began to suck hard and deep.

"Ah! Clark, fuck!" Lex tried to protest by feebly pushing at Clark's shoulders for about three seconds and then Clark could feel when he gave in and just let Clark have his way.

Clark hummed around Lex's cock, pleased when Lex shuddered and began thrusting into his mouth. Lex's hands were gripping Clark's hair and pulling. Clark thought it was a good thing he was indestructible or that would no doubt be painful.

It didn't take as long as Lex's ego probably would have liked for him to scream Clark's name and slam himself as far into Clark's mouth as he could go. Clark took every drop, holding onto Lex throughout his climax, enjoying every little tremor and jerk as Lex gasped and came back down.

When Clark lifted his head, releasing Lex's softening cock, and looked up at his lover, he grinned at the overwhelmed look on Lex's face. There might have even been a little whimper, even though Clark knew Lex would deny it.

Clark licked his lips and his grin turned devilish. "Delicious," he said.

"Fucking amazing," a voice said from Clark's right.

He looked over and blinked in surprise at Harry and Draco lying on the bed beside them. They were on their sides facing Clark and Lex, Harry behind Draco. Harry was holding Draco's top leg slightly in the air, and fucking him slowly from behind.

Clark had been so focused on Lex, he'd completely forgotten they were in the room. Watching the two of them now, Clark's already hard cock ached a little. He stared in fascination at Harry's cock sliding in and out of Draco.

"Isn't he amazing, Harry? So fucking beautiful," Draco continued. "Are all of your people so beautiful, Clark?" He was arching his neck so that Harry could continue sucking on it as he spoke, and slowly stroking his own cock at the same time.

Clark's eyes moved to Draco's cock as his hand moved over it. He wondered if Draco would taste different from Lex. Before he could think further about exploring that opportunity, Lex sat up and took Clark's chin in his hand, turning his gaze back towards him.

"Yes, that was amazing, Clark, but it's only the beginning. There's so many things I want to do to you." He dropped his hand from Clark's chin and let it drag down the length of Clark's chest.

Clark raised one brow and said, "Maybe there are more things I'd like to do to you."

"This is about settling the bet," Lex said, his mouth curving into a smirk. "We have all the time in the world to explore other options from this point on, but right now, I get to fuck you. Take another look at Draco. Doesn't he look like he's enjoying himself?"

Clark glanced back at the other couple. He had to say that Draco did seem to love what Harry was doing. Clark had fucked other people before – granted, only girls – but he'd never been fucked. He was curious.

He looked back at Lex and gave him a lazy smile. "All right then. Show me," he challenged.

Lex's eyes flared with excitement, and the part of Clark that wasn't consumed with red K was delighted. Because that was how Lex had looked when he was doing magic, which meant that Clark was still as important to him as magic was. He let go of the last bit of worry over that, and decided to completely enjoy the rest of the planned festivities.

"Clothes off," Lex ordered.

Even knowing that he didn't have to obey, the command was still thrilling, and Clark stepped off the bed for a moment to get rid of his clothes. The lust in Lex's gaze as his eyes traveled over Clark's body was electrifying, and Clark couldn't resist showing off a little, flexing his muscles and stroking himself as he crawled back on the bed.

Clark knew he was hung, and it was obvious that the other three men on the bed appreciated that fact. Harry's thrusts into Draco sped up and Draco was almost salivating as he stared at Clark's naked form.

Lex's reaction was the one he was really interested in, though, and Clark wasn't disappointed. Lex met him in the middle of the bed, on his knees just as Clark was, and kissed him deeply, their tongues diving into each other's mouths. Clark moaned as he felt Lex's hand settle on his cock, moving Clark's hand aside, before squeezing gently and then jerking more roughly up and down.

Lex broke the kiss, but kept his mouth right next to Clark's, so close they were breathing the same air.

"Now I'm going to show you how amazing this can really be," he said.

He directed Clark to lay on his stomach, and Clark obeyed, still getting off on the fact that Lex was taking control…or at least as much control as Clark would allow him. Lex leaned over to the nightstand beside the bed and brought out a bottle of massage oil. He straddled Clark's thighs, and then Clark felt oil-slicked hands running over the muscles of his back.

While Clark appreciated the attention, it wasn't exactly what he was wanting at the moment.

"Lex," he whined, demanding more with just his lover's name.

"Patience, Clark," Lex whispered as he leaned over Clark's back, kissing the back of his neck. Then he sat back and Clark could feel his hands drifting lower, until finally they were kneading the firm muscles of his rear end. Lex's greased thumbs slid in between his cheeks and spread them, one digit rubbing circles around his anus.

Clark groaned and pushed his ass towards Lex's touch because, damn, that felt good! Lex's hands moved to Clark's hips, pulling and guiding him to his hands and knees. Clark growled impatiently, wanting to feel Lex's touch in that most secret of places again. Then Lex's hands were on him, spreading him apart, and Clark felt on display, but it was so good that he didn't care. He remembered Harry and Draco and glanced over at them, realizing he truly was on display. Both wizards were watching avidly as Lex played with Clark's ass.

Clark still didn't care; in fact he enjoyed the attention very much. He preened a bit for Harry and Draco, arching his back in a way he knew would force his muscles into prominence. Unfortunately for his pride, his concentration was completely blown when he felt Lex's tongue on his hole. Clark grunted in surprise and he whipped his head around to look at Lex.

Lex pulled his mouth off Clark long enough to say, "You're really going to like this. Just relax." He gave Clark an evil grin.

Clark gaped as Lex dove face-first into his task. He couldn't do anything but shudder in delight as Lex's tongue began to do wonderful, amazing, fantastic things. Clark let his upper body fall to the mattress, and started to grab hold of the pillow with his hands, but had to consciously unclench his hands when he heard the beginning sounds of fabric ripping.

"Fuck, Harry, look at him! He loves that almost as much as you do," Draco said, his voice half-breathless. Then he started telling Clark what he would have done to him if Lex had allowed him to fuck Clark. The words coming out of his mouth were so filthy, but incredibly arousing and when combined with Lex's tongue, Clark feared he was going to come too soon, and without even touching his own cock.

Desperate to prevent that, and to shut Draco up, and maybe to get one up on him at the same time, Clark twisted his upper body carefully around, batted Draco's hand away from his cock, and wrapped his lips around the head. All right, maybe he was still a little curious if Draco to see if Draco tasted different than Lex, too.

Draco shrieked in surprise, and then his whole body shuddered, his head falling back to Harry's shoulder as his eyes rolled up in his head. Clark was very pleased with this reaction, and began to suck Draco much the same way he'd done to Lex. Both Lex and Draco tasted delicious, but of course, Clark thought Lex was better.

Thinking about Lex, Clark hoped he was okay with this; there hadn't been any talk about sharing, and in fact, Lex had seemed quite possessive of Clark. Not that Clark really minded that, because it was a huge turn-on for him. As if sensing his momentary doubt, Clark felt Lex's hands tighten on his hips, and he could feel Lex chuckle softly against his asshole. Taking that as permission to continue, Clark increased his efforts to get Draco to come.

Suddenly Lex's mouth was gone, and Clark whined in protest even as he continued to suck Draco, but a moment later, he felt Lex's cock pushing slowly inside. Clark purred happily, which made Draco yelp again, and pushed back, welcoming Lex.

It took every bit of concentration Clark possessed to not seriously injure Draco once Lex started moving. This was the most incredible feeling and Clark wanted it to go on and on and on. Lex's cock was hitting places inside him that made sparks go off in his belly. To that end, he decided it was time to finish Draco off so he could focus on what Lex was doing.

Clark swallowed, taking Draco's cock into his throat, and sucked hard. With a loud cry, Draco came instantly, his hips stuttering back and forth between Clark's mouth and Harry's cock. After several seconds, when come had finally stopped pumping down Clark's throat, Draco shivered and went limp.

Clark released him and shifted back over to his side of the bed, smirking just a little. The smirk didn't last long as he felt Lex's hand reach around and grab hold of his cock. He must have enjoyed the show as well, since his thrusts sped up.

"Merlin, that mouth," Draco whimpered.

He didn't even protest as Harry pushed him over onto his stomach and started pounding him into the mattress. Harry met Clark's gaze and grinned.

"That was the hottest fucking thing ever," he said, his voice little more than a growl. A few seconds later, he slammed deep into Draco and held there, his head thrown back as he obviously came as well. He collapsed on top of Draco, nuzzling the back of his neck.

Clark was only barely aware of Harry and Draco now, as he could feel his orgasm getting close. His hips rocked back and forth between Lex's cock and Lex's hand, and he honestly wasn't sure which one would set him off. What did it was Lex's voice.

"Come for me, Clark! Come now!" Lex whispered harshly.

Clark gasped as his climax flooded through his entire system, making even his toes and fingertips tingle. Dropping his head, Clark watched as his cock spurted onto the bed, some of it dribbling down to cover Lex's hand. He heard Lex hiss, "Yesssss!" behind him as he felt Lex come deep inside him.

Clark relaxed and plopped down onto the bed, feeling amazingly good. Lex went with him, draping himself over Clark's back. For a long moment, the four of them just basked in the afterglow.

Clark pouted when he felt Lex soften and slip out of him. They were definitely going to be doing this again. A lot!

Lex's fingers were suddenly at his neck, unfastening the necklace and taking it away. Clark stiffened for a second, waiting for that familiar rush of guilt that usually came with the absence of red K. Astonishingly, it never happened. He simply felt too good and too relaxed to worry himself about anything he might have said or done. Besides, he was pretty sure that everyone had enjoyed themselves immensely.

"All right there?" Lex murmured into his ear.

Clark smiled and closed his eyes in contentment. "I'm good."

"Good," Lex said, and Clark could hear the smile in his voice. He turned his head and started talking with Harry and Draco about how and when he could be trained to use magic, the three of them making plans for visits between England and Metropolis. Clark let their conversation wash over him, drifting into an almost sleep.

Clark was comfortable with whatever they planned, because he knew Lex wasn't going to leave him behind. Clark would be right by Lex's side the whole time.

Which was right where he belonged.