Amelia Pond has always loved Rory Williams.

Well, not at first. In fact she thought he was a bit of a pushover and not nearly as fun to play with as her best friend Mels was. At eight years old, Rory had long hair, a large nose, was a bit short and had a high-pitched voice still not affected by puberty, Rory Williams wasn't much to look at. His only redeeming quality was that he never once made fun of her after hearing her tales about the raggedy doctor. In fact, he even agreed to play dress up a few times.

So Amelia had let Rory hang around with her and Mels, talking, playing, getting Mels into whatever trouble she wrangled herself into, and having a few jokes at Rory's expense.

But gradually, everything changed.

Nine years had gone by and Amelia Jessica Pond was now Amy Pond. No longer did she speak of the Doctor except to Mels and Rory. Amy was no longer the baby-faced little girl waiting for a box. She had grown tall and very beautiful, legs in full view with the help of some very choice mini-skirts. All the boys in Leadworth went crazy over her. Amy knew full well the effect she had, but she was baffled as to it's only exception, Rory.

As the years passed, Rory had grown into a tall, gangly teenage boy. Gone was his long hair, his voice deepened with age and he managed to get a few looks thrown his way from some of the girls in town. However, he never once looked their way. Amy couldn't help but notice this fact. She had joked around a few times with him, trying to flirt and play around but not once did Rory look at her the way the other boys did when she flirted with them. He never once stopped being that awkward, shy adorable boy she met back when she was a child.

The only conclusion? Rory was gay.

Upon realizing this sad fact, Amy specifically took it upon herself to let any and every girl who might be interested in him know that he was off the market, at least for them. It wasn't really fair, those girls having their hopes up, and for no reason. Amy felt almost sorry for them.

Rory had become a great guy, and as her best friend, she should know that. Amy knew that Rory was smart, kind, loyal, and in her eyes definitely gorgeous. Not the kind you see anywhere, but the kind of beautiful where you really had to know the person to really see it. She even caught Mels eying him once or twice, which Amy did not like at all.

"Seriously, Amy it's only for laughs." Mels laughed, "You have got to stop acting like the jealous wife, he's a grown boy."

Amy wasn't jealous, she just felt protective because her best friend shouldn't have to deal with any women if he played for the other team.

So it wasn't any girl's fault that Rory couldn't return any of their affections. Amy figured she was being a nice person letting them know. Though she couldn't help feeling a little bit satisfied in seeing the looks on their faces when she told them.

It had been a few hours since she had found out her gay best friend was now her straight best friend. A best friend with a crush, and an Amy who wasn't sure how to react. Amy wasn't lying when she said he was her favorite guy. Amy didn't have much in her life to smile about, with her Aunt being overbearing, all those years of therapy, her Raggedy Man still missing and not many friends to speak of. However, Rory was the one positive constant in her life. She adored Mels, but the connection was never the same. Rory was Rory, he was Rory Williams. Her best friend and the boy who ran away after she found out he liked her. Her, Amelia Pond, the mad girl with an imaginary friend that she can't shake off.

And a boy who she refuses to let go of.

"Amy it's fine, just go."

She managed to track Rory down. He was outside at the local park sitting alone on the swings. As she went to sit next to him, he looked on with a morose face. She couldn't help but feel affection for him. Amy wanted desperately to tell him something, anything.

She didn't want to go.

Amy was never good at expressing her feelings. Many boyfriends had come and gone, but she never once said "I love you" to any of them. Psychiatrists couldn't get her to crack, but only Rory could squeeze his way through. The boy who stayed.

She was about to speak when a car parked nearby had blasted out the tune to the Macarena. Her and Rory looked at each other and burst out laughing. As Amy struggled to catch her breath, she caught a glimpse of Rory. His face was brighter than moments ago, and the most adorable smile painted on his face. Amy wasn't sure what possessed her when she grabbed him and pressed her lips against his.

It was a short kiss, chaste and full of affection. Amy opened her eyes and saw that Rory's mouth was agape, speechless. She giggled despite herself and lightly pressed her forehead against his. Rory spoke first.

"Gorgeous, huh?"

Amy smacked him lightly on the arm.

"I never said that, stupid." Blushing slightly, she smiled and pulled herself closer. "I said gorgeous and my favorite guy."

Rory rolled his eyes. "Right, sorry. That was my bad."

Amy almost had a retort for Rory's obvious sarcasm, but she bit her tongue. She had her Rory back, her best friend and now maybe a sort of boyfriend. If she wanted to make sure she kept him, she would have to let little things like that go. Besides...

She leaned in to kiss him again.

There were better ways of making him shut up.

Maybe Amy hadn't always loved Rory, but she always will. And even as her stupid-face husband sleeps next to her in bed, she still feels as though they were still seventeen, on that swing and feeling so impossibly young. The Doctor may have taken her to wild places for great adventures, but Rory always took her home. Wherever and whenever they were, Amy always felt at home.