I've seen this movie so many times its not funny and I thought one day 'what wouldve happened if Anna was bitten instead of killed?' So here's my fic for van helsing.

DISCLAIMER: I dont own van helsing.


As I looked around the chamber, I saw Dracula's vampire form erode away and a large black wolf look down in it. I knew I had little time to give Van Helsing the wolfsbane, so I ran toward him with the vile held high.

"For God."

I said. The wolf turned and rushed at me, claws extended. He jumped and I was pushed backwards onto a small velvet couch. A sharp pain went through my side and the last thing I heard before it all wet black was Carl's faint voice and a wolf's sad howl turn into a man's sorrow filled cry.


"She's dead."

I stumbled backward. The wolf who was Van Helsing turned to me with sad eye. As he held Anna, he howled and after awhile clouds covered the full moon and he changed back for the time being. His clothes ripped and only pieces remained of his pants, his dark hair plastered to his head from sweat. The vile Anna held fell from her hands and rolled toward my feet. It was still full of the red liquid. I looked back at Anna in Van's arms.

'Could he have bitten her before she gave him the wolfsbane?'

I thought. As I walked closer, I saw red coming from Anna's left side.

"You bit her."

I said in complete shock. Van looked at me and then Anna.


He shook his head and lauded Anna down in the couch. He jerked as the moon reappeared. His skin tore away and was replaced by pitch black fur. When he stood, he towered above me, he looked to Anna and jumped through the window. As glass went shattered to the floor, I went to Anna's side to check her. Make sure she was dead or alive. As my fingers searched for a pulse on her wrist and neck, I saw a slight rise and fall, such a small movement that I almost missed it, of her chest.

I know this is short but I wanted to get this up.