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Chapter 4


Van was no longer beside me, he was by Anna's bed holding her. I smiled and left the two be for a while, closing the door behind me.


Her head was tucked under my chin as I stroked her dark hair.

"I thought you were dead, I thought I killed you."

I shut my eyes tight.

"For a while I was. I heard a voice calling me, so sad and beautiful. All I wanted to do was wake up and I did."

Her voice was soft and her accent amazing as ever. She pulled back and looked me in the eyes. Her dark brown eyes shined with a new light and something more.


As I looked into his eyes I saw a flicker of gold. His lips parted just slightly and I remembered the kiss. The brief but soft promise of his return and my bringing of the cure, one wasn't exactly successful. He slowly leaned in and covered my lips with his. I kissed him back as I twined my arms around his neck and through his long hair. He pulled me close and he...

"Did you growl?"

I asked as I pulled back, catching my breath. Van Helsing looked confused, a face that was so rare you had better chance of finding vampire tanning. He was out of my arms, away from my bed and at the door faster than any man I've seen move.

"I need to find Carl."

With that, he left. I sat on my knees watching the door, still processing what happened.



I called. I had known Anna didn't reach me with the antidote in time and that now I was a wolf, the wolf that destroyed Dracula. I did not know much of their anatomy or life style, but I knew someone who did and I was having a hard time tracking him down in this large castle.