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Chapter 5



I heard Van call my name multiple times and I never answered one. I wanted to see how his wolf's senses were working. Whether it was the lack of rooms on the top floor or his nose, he finally found me in front of Dracula's mirror.

"Carl, I've been looking all over."

Van said.

"Here I am."

I smiled.


I gathered what strength I had at that time to walk to the door, or in my case, walk and stumble half way there. As I sat up, a pain went through me as I felt multiple bones pop and break. Gasps of pain were the only things I could push out of my mouth and behind me, the full moon shined bright.


"Is there anything you can tell me that I don't already know?"

I asked him. Carl scratched his head. I mentally laughed at my question, the great Van Helsing wanting to know facts about the very monsters he knew enough about to slaughter.

"Actually, I found something rather interesting in this journal."

He turned and patted a leather book.

"Dracula has been using wolves to do his bidding for some time, longer than even his servant knew."

As he spoke, a small discomfort came over me.

"According to our friend, Dracula only ever had male-"

He looked at me and his face drained of most color.

"Are you alright Van Helsing?"

It was all I could do to nod.


I sat coward in a corner as Van let out a painful howl. His flesh peeled off to reveal jet black fur, nails grew into claws and his face stretched into a long snout. His golden yellow eyes landed on me and there was no recognition, only anger and hunger. The standing wolf took a step and reached out to me. Having only been involved with the 'outside' world once, I was smart enough not to run, but when a smaller deep-brown wolf crashed through one of the wooden doors and bared its fangs I panicked a little.


My voice shook as I saw the chocolate brown eyes I knew well fade into a sky-blue. She had changed and know I was alone with a large male and, what might have been the first, female wolf who had no memory of who I was.

'God help me.'