The Alternate Files: Reality 1

Side Note: This story is a different take on the Season 4 finale of Kim Possible called Graduation, so please watch it if you haven't already before reading this fanfiction. It'll make more sense this way, since this takes place during those episodes.

Ron and Kim are walking out of Middleton High while most of everyone else is running for the front door in shouts of freedom from high school. Ron says, "so long, Middleton High."

Kim tries to assure him, "see? So not the end of the world."

Ron implies, "umm…KP? You're smoking!"

Kim asks, "what are you…? Ohh." She notices smoke coming off of her skin. Luckily, the electricity was out and the fire alarm didn't go off. Kim cries out, "what is happening…to me?!" Her body starts generating small flames around the exposed skin on her arms. They go out thanks to Kim's thoughts.

Ron realizes, "that's not the worst of it. There's more of them!" Coming into the abandoned school are four bright red humanoids with flames, smoke, and electricity around them covering any distinguishable feature. Even Rufus is scared and goes back into Ron's pocket.

One of the fire beings insists, "wait! We're not here to harm you, Uh-Al!"

Ron urges uneasily, "I hope that includes me."

Kim checks over her Kimmunicator, "Wade, check if there are reports of a being of fire being sighted."

Wade figures in seconds after typing at many keys at incredible speed, "strangely, no."

A second fire being implies, "pathetic human!" It's about to fire at a nervous Ron, who ducks and covers behind a corner.

The third fire being urges, "wait, Shu-Al! Uh-Al may not remember."

Kim remarks, "I don't know why you're calling me that…but there are rules against smoking indoors."

The third fire realizes solemnly, "oh…sorry. Guess you don't remember your own father." He powers down along with the other three fiery figures, revealing themselves as human like with red little lightning energy discharges around them. They mostly have long red hair and orange highlights in varying lengths and styles…much like Kim's own hair.

Kim gasps, "what kind of sick joke is this?"

Shu-Al remarks, "what about your sick joke of a friend that hides from danger?"

Kim mutters angrily, "that is my boyfriend! I'll call you back, Wade."

Wade responds over the Kimmunicator, "but Kim, I…!" Kim cuts off Wade before he can explain, using the Kimmunicator's power connection to surprise attack the second figure by draining her power into the Kimmunicator.

The fourth energy being shouts back, "Shu-Al! I thought Uh-Al wasn't to be harmed!"

Shu-Al mutters coldly, "it'll be quick and painless." The third energy being gets in the way of Shu-Al, absorbing the energy into him.

He cries out as he does this, "no!"

The third energy being insists, "now children…"

Shu-Al shouts back, "not anymore, ergin!" She starts sucking in electricity from the third energy figure, draining him considerably.

The third energy figure mutters coldly, "I will not let you talk to me that way! You will show your father the proper Ener respect!" He flies out of the way of Shu-Al's electric blasts, with fire beginning to spread across Middleton High's doors. Shu-Al chases after the third energy figure, as they both exchange red energy blasts. The other two figures fly after Shu-Al, trying to fire red energy blasts at Shu-Al from behind in midair.

Kim calls out, "Ron! Call the fire department." She tosses Ron her Kimmunicator.

Ron calls back, "what about the sprinkler system?!"

Kim points out, "it's not working!"

Ron realizes, "ohh. On it!" He turns on the Kimmunicator, using it to contact Wade. Ron urges, "Wade! Call the Middleton fire department!"

Wade insists, "I will, but I have to tell Kim something. It's a matter of life and death!"

Ron urges, "you can trust me, Wade."

Wade points out, "since when can you…? Never mind! That's not important right now. The important thing is…that I should have noticed before."

Ron asks, "so Kim is a super ninja too?"

Wade sighs, "no…alien! Just like her birth father that just walked in." Kim goes to the purple car she drives, starting it up to see about catching up to the energy beings above.

Kim calls out, "come on, Ron! We got to stop them from causing more blackouts!"

Ron shouts back, "coming! You…sure?"

Wade points out, "positive. I scanned everyone through the Kimmunicator. You were the only human among them."

Ron figures, "cool! I have an alien girlfriend!" He heads towards the car, then pauses.

Wade figures, "you have to tell her." Ron gives him a look. Wade sighs, "fine. I'll tell Kim."

Kim asks, "tell me what?" Ron buckles up.

Wade reveals over Kimmunicator, "I don't know how else to break it to you. You're one of those energy beings."

Kim chuckles, "come on, Wade! I'm a Possible! You're kidding…right?"

Several minutes later…

Kim realizes, "not even genetically enhanced in some way?"

Ron sighs, "what does it matter? You're still Kim to me."

Kim sighs with partial relief, "thanks, but what am I going to tell my foster parents? They're so not going to believe this."

Ron suggests, "then maybe just introducing them as distant friends would work?"

Kim points out, "sometimes, you're smarter than me."

Ron figures, "thanks…I think." Kim makes the purple car rocket off the road, after the energy beings above. Missed shots at Shu-Al hit several houses by accident, knocking out their electricity from overload. Shu-Al blasts the father figure against one of those random houses, bringing down the blue roof with him.

Kim implies, "I'm going in." She takes out the electromagnetic scrambler from her backpack, carrying it with her as she goes into the house.

Ron wonders, "what about me?"

Kim points out, "there's already a big distraction for Shu-Al."

Ron sighs a little, "all right."

Kim figures, "I'll make it up to you with a stop for ice cream." She heads into the house, at the same time the residents are already running out of harm's way.

The father figure calls out, "stand back! This is between me and Shu-Al."

The fourth energy being named Jir-Al insists, "no, Gri-Al! We're fighting for Uh-Al. You can't just trash a human…!"

The father figure insists, "you all need to be taught a lesson in the ways of the Ener! No one but our kind can be trusted!"

The third energy being named For-Al mutters, "you really are an ergin."

Kim points out while holding the electromagnetic scrambler at the father figure, "nah…I already figured it out." She fires at the shocked father figure.

He cries out, "no!" The electromagnetic scrambler overrides the father figure's electrical energy, making him reduced to unconsciousness on the floor. Just before that, he tried to blast Kim, but with partial success. Kim gets knocked over by falling rubble, but gets up uneasily by flying out of the way of more falling rubble from the collapsing house.

Kim calls out, "everyone out!" Shu-Al charges at Kim, absorbing her electrical energy to deliver a punch to the head that knocks Kim down to the ground.

Shu-Al mutters, "you're going to be dead!"

Kim calls out in fear with a groan, "Ron!"

Ron calls out, "Kim!" He rushes over to her, realizing what just happened.

Sensei appears before Ron as a ghostly image, "summon the mystical monkey power...for you are the monkey master."

Ron realizes, "I am?"

Sensei assures him, "this is your destiny. You are ready."

Ron mutters, "I am!"

Shu-Al mutters, "ergin human! I will not be distracted by holograms!"

Ron assures her, "oh, this is no hologram. This is the power of boo-yeah!" The house rubble floats all around glowing blue Ron as he begins floating in the air.

Sensei comments, "boo-yeah indeed." And with that, Sensei disappears.

Ron cries out a warrior's cry, "unnnghhhhh!" He charges at Shu-Al while hurling many pieces of rubble at Shu-Al. They explode on contact with Shu-Al's electrical powers, knocking Shu-Al against the ground with great force. Then Ron grabs her and hurls her through several more pieces of rubble, putting her into unconsciousness under a pile of rubble.

Kim gets up uneasily, "huh?" Ron looks at Kim serenely as Kim stares in awe. He gently helps her up and she suddenly embraces him close to tears. They both stand there that way for some time. Rufus sighs with relief in Ron's pocket, soon after peeking out from it to check if everything is all right.

At Graduation…

Ron sighs, "look, Kim. I...I don't know what's gonna happen..."

Kim points out, "Wade thinks it's sun spots this time."

Ron urges, "no, not the power. What I'm saying is...after graduation you're... you're headed to the stars and umm..."

Kim checks, "Ron. What?!"

Ron sighs, "I'm stuck on earth. But I don't want to hold you back. So whatever happens, I'm okay with it."

Kim tries to point out, "oh, Ron! You know I…"

Mr. Barkin interrupts, "attention…!"

Soon after the senior class of Middleton High and their families are seated…

Monique blows a kiss to For-Al in the back. He waves back. Kim urges, "Ron."

Ron Reager asks, "what?"

Kim whispers harshly, "not you, Reager! My Ron!"

Ron Stoppable checks worriedly, "what's going on? Is Reager hitting on you, KP?!"

Felix onstage announces, "welcome, graduating seniors!"

Kim urges, "Ron, don't fear the future!"

Ron Reager concludes, "yeah, it's going to be great. Everybody's going to have a robot!"

Kim whispers harshly, "Reager!"

Bonnie urges, "shhhh! Starting!"

Ron wonders, "what did you say, Kim?"

Kim realizes, "I...ummm... have a confession to make."

Felix announces, "and now... Kim Possible! Kim is a reminder to us all. We can do anything!"

Kim mutters to herself, "if they only knew." She walks up in the middle of Felix's announcement.

Every senior cheers but jealous Bonnie.

Kim clears her throat and says onstage, "as I stand before you tonight, I see the faces of friends. Friends who have become an extended family. And like all families, we have had our ups and downs." A green light shines down on Kim from above. Her cap suddenly floats upwards. Kim continues, "but we will rise above our fear of the unknown road that lies ahead, knowing that it's not the end of the world." Kim is pulled up by the same tractor beam that took Drakken. Everyone stares in shock but Jir-Al and For-Al. They both fly at the Lordwardian mothership above and fire energy blasts at it, but with no effect.

Ron shouts as he gets in front of floating away Kim, "KP! Now!"

Kim insists somewhat more relaxed, "no. Go get them…monkey master." She hurls Ron into the mothership above, with Ron drawing on his mystical monkey power to charge through the mothership's defenses. Laser after laser turret gets taken down with several flying punches.

Mr. Barkin calls out over the podium, "run, people! It's the end of the world!" Everyone just looks at him strangely as the mothership starts going down. Mr. Barkin just backs away uneasily and embarrassed.

Warmonga and Warhok charge at him with a warrior's cry, but he grabs both of them in a warrior's cry and hurls them against their own ship's core, releasing the trapped Ener and Dr. Drakken inside it. The mothership explodes to pieces as Ron floats down with his black graduation dress gown in rags, much to Kim's relief. Kim is knocked against the stage, but is otherwise fine.

Jir-Al helps Kim to her feet. Jir-Al asks, "you all right?"

Kim assures her as she takes out her Kimmunicator, "yeah. Wade, are there still Lordwardian robots and Ener ships?"

Wade reports, "yes, and the Ener ships are still disabled. After careful observation, I have realized that your Ener father shares a cybernetic connection to his fleet. They are also all controlled by the center ship. The Lordwardian robots are still all around the depowered world." Up above in space, many red and orange striped CD shaped Ener ships are still in orbit deactivated.

Kim urges, "thanks Wade…but right now, we're going to need all the help we can get." Ron returns from a considerable distance away, a little tired and ragged. He had placed Dr. Drakken and the random freed Ener back on the ground with his mystical monkey power.

Then, over the Kimmunicator, Shego calls Kim from the being wrecked entrance of the Middleton Space Center, "in case you haven't noticed Kimmie…there's still saving the world. And Dr. Drakken is…right there with you. Well, got to...!"

Dr. Drakken realizes, "wait, Shego! I just had a brilliant idea…in theory."

Ron realizes, "to save the world?"

Dr. Drakken shouts, "do not make me say those words!"

Shego mutters uneasily, "just like that?"

Kim suggests, "you got a better idea?"

Shego sighs, "come on. We might as well help."

For-Al checks, "can we…?"

Kim adds with a chuckle, "what's a few more?"

Ten minutes later…

Dr. Drakken with his mutagen formula, Dr. Drakken's super strong flower army, Ron's mystical monkey power, Kim's sixteen styles of kung fu and Ener powers, Kim and Ron's Ener allies, and Shego's fighting skills and green plasma like powers fight off countless robots to save the world. On that same day, the whole world knew of Dr. Drakken's and Shego's efforts as model citizens in the making, Kim's powers, and of Lordwardians and the Ener in general. If it wasn't for Kim's status as a hero for four years, she would have been feared. But instead, she is loved…and on that same day, Kim found her own superhero team to fight supervillain crime more efficiently simply called the Possible Stoppable team.