The Alternate Files: Reality 2

Side Note: This story takes place after the Season 4 episode Mad Dogs and Aliens, so please watch it if you haven't already before reading this fanfiction. It'll make more sense this way, since this takes place after that episode.

On the planet Earth is a civilization…if it can be called a civilization. Lorwardian ships are coming and going around the planet. The remains of the Middleton Space Station are floating in space as gray space dust...and in its place is the flagship of Warmonga. Portable versions of neural tonic disablers are linked to the nervous center of Earth's population…including Kim, Ron, and Shego. Kim and Ron are together again…but at the cost of their dignity. They wear purple rags for clothes and golden bands on their wrists and ankles. Kim calls out, "run!"

Warmonga calls back, "you can run, but you can't hide from Warmonga!" They run from Warmonga like scared animals, with her staff firing purple energy blasts at them around seemingly endless big blue consoles and big blue buildings where Middleton High used to be. Kim and Ron, used to running for this long, get across the purple docking bay behind the nearest blue circuit exposed building before Warmonga manages to knock Kim over. Kim tumbles back to her feet and keeps running.

Kim remarks, "what makes this any different than last time?"

Ron suggests, "we weren't near a ship?"

Kim concludes, "exactly. Come on!" She leads Ron towards the nearest double bladed bright red Lorwardian ship, purposely spin kicking off of the docking clamps to trick Warmonga into hitting them.

Warmonga mutters, "oh, frackle!" She on her purple hover pad flies after Kim and Ron, but not before Kim and Ron get to the cockpit of the nearest Lorwardian ship.

Ron checks, "so…how do we work this thing?"

Kim sighs, "once…I could do anything. Now…I'm not sure. What do you think?"

Ron suggests, "mess with everything?"

Kim chuckles a little, "go for it." Ron presses every button and every switch within reach, unleashing blade legged robots and lasers all around the taking off Lorwardian ship. Warmonga fights her way past several of her own robots, blasting them to destruction with the purple energy blasts from her staff. However, one of the Lorwardian ship's lasers manages to knock Warmonga off her hover pad. She tumbles to her feet, continuing to fight her own robots.

Warmonga taps her Kimmunicator styled orange communicator device on her belt buckle and calls over it, "the Great Blue…we got trouble! Come in, the Great Blue! Double frackle!" The communicator isn't reaching the Great Blue.

At the same time, in a certain cave in Peru…

A waterfall from years ago still remains, with a lair of Dr. Drakken's within a cave rebuilt thanks to Lorwardian technology. Dr. Drakken, in Lorwardian purple and orange clothes, is lying next to a Lorwardian styled blue throne surrounded by blue and purple consoles and orange walls. Shego is there too, but has more than just a personal neural tonic disabler. Shego has a red neuro-compliance chip on her forehead, like years ago for that brief time in the same location with Dr. Drakken in another reality. Dr. Drakken urges, "a little to the left…now the right…"

Shego responds uncharacteristically cheerful, "yes, the Great Blue." She is massaging Dr. Drakken's exposed blue back on a brown wooden table.

Dr. Drakken sighs, "I love being a conqueror."

Shego adds, "yes, the Great Blue."

Dr. Drakken mutters, "that wasn't directed at you."

Shego figures, "sorry, the Great Blue."

Dr. Drakken figures as he trips over the table and onto the floor, "that's enough of the massaging for now, Shego." He gets up to his feet, dusting himself off. Dr. Drakken demands, "now kiss me like it'll never happen again." Shego makes out with Dr. Drakken, almost knocking him over with her forced actions. Dr. Drakken adds as he catches his breath, "very good, Shego. Now, go find me a dinosaur." Shego turns around to start looking like crazy to find something that no longer exists in this reality, but then something happens. Both the personal neural tonic disabler and the neuro-compliance chip fall and clink against the floor.

Shego mutters, "Drakken!" Shego, after months of obeying Dr. Drakken, turns back to blast Dr. Drakken with green energy blasts.

Dr. Drakken calls out over his belt buckle Kimmunicator styled communicator, "Warmonga!" No response. A shocked Dr. Drakken is blasted against his throne, but he is used to getting knocked around and so gets back up. Dr. Drakken takes out a Lorwardian staff with a dark chuckle. He urges, "put those things back on…before I kill you."

A voice from the past mutters, "not going to happen, Great Ass!" Behind him is the purple dressed superhero of Team Go codenamed Mego, who tries to knock out Dr. Drakken from behind. But, Dr. Drakken swings backwards with his Lorwardian staff to knock out Mego instead. However, it buys Shego enough time to blast Dr. Drakken into unconsciousness.

Dr. Drakken calls out as it happens, "mommie!"

Shego sighs with partial relief, "it's not over yet. There's still all of Earth to take over." Not realizing that Mego probably took out the communications circuitry from the lair, Shego checks to be sure and realizes it to be the case. Shego remarks sarcastically, "nothing personal, Dr. D." She takes Dr. Drakken's staff and heads to the docking bay on top of the waterfall above, intending to steal herself a Lorwardian ship next.

Some hours later…

Dr. Drakken in his lair mutters to Warmonga, "you let your slaves get away?!"

Warmonga sighs uneasily, "yes, the Great Blue."

Dr. Drakken remarks coldly, "if I had my staff, I'd kill you where you stand. Then again, you have been quite useful these past years."

Warmonga checks, "can the Great Blue forgive Warmonga?"

Dr. Drakken mutters, "fine…if you stop the now infamous Kim and Ron from causing more trouble. But if not…you're dead to me. Got it?!" Warmonga bows before Dr. Drakken with partial relief.

She adds still uneasy, "yes, the Great Blue. I also brought you a spare staff." Warmonga offers another purple and yellow staff that shoots purple energy blasts to Dr. Drakken, who takes it forcibly.

Dr. Drakken implies, "gifts won't change my decision…but it is appreciated. Now get going!"

Warmonga concludes as she gets up, "yes, the Great Blue." She heads to the docking bay, where three more Lorwardian ships are still docked.

A few minutes later, in the clear blue skies…

Kim, having figured out what the buttons and switches on the red console in front of her and Ron do, is controlling the Lorwardian ship they stole. Ron wonders, "now what?"

Kim sighs, "that's the fifth time you asked…and for the fifth time, I don't know!"

Ron adds uneasily, "sorry."

Kim assures him, "it's ok. It's just we've been dodging patrols for an…hour. Hold up. Why one ship…unless…?"

Ron figures, "shouldn't we just shoot it then?"

Kim points out, "wouldn't it fire first if it was part of a patrol? I'm opening ship communications." She presses a button, which lowers a big purple flat TV like screen to the side. On it is Shego, along with a recently regained consciousness Mego.

Shego checks warily, "what do you want?"

Mego wonders, "you sure we can…?"

Shego turns to Mego, "trust them? As much as it kills me to say it, we're going to need all the help we can get."

Mego wonders, "then why did you quit in the first place?"

Shego insists, "there's no time for that!"

Kim checks, "umm…am I interrupting?"

Shego assures her, "not at all. But like I said: What do you want?"

Ron points out, "isn't it obvious? We have disabled neural tonic disablers." He shows Shego and Mego a yellow half band with exposed circuitry around the side of his head, under his hair. Kim does too, in the same area. They both look fried though.

Shego considers this, "how did you get them disabled?"

Kim chuckles a little, "using a stolen Lorwardian ship's internal lasers. What else could we use?"

Shego sighs a little, "you don't have to run anymore."

Ron wonders, "we…don't?"

Mego assures him, "right. You don't. None of us do. All we need to do is use the Great Blue's lair to send a jamming signal to every neural tonic disabler on Earth and to every Lorwardian communicator."

Kim concludes, "sounds like a plan. What's the catch?"

Shego adds, "I know where it is…but it is probably heavily guarded now by the Lorwardians."

Ron wonders, "and how do you know all of this?"

Shego mutters coldly, "let's just say that I used to be the Great Blue's personal slave and leave it at that."

Kim adds, "fair enough. How do we get in?"

Some hours later, back in a certain cave in Peru…

Dr. Drakken is on his throne, with Warmonga coming to him. Warmonga implies, "I have restored your faith in me, the Great Blue."

Dr. Drakken checks with a small chuckle, "you found Kim and Ron?"

Warmonga adds, "that, and more…the Great Blue. We found your slave too."

Dr. Drakken adds, "excellent, Warmonga. Bring them in." Several Lorwardian soldiers bring in Kim and Ron, pushing them to their knees before Dr. Drakken. Walking behind them is Shego.

Kim mutters under her breath, "watch it!"

Ron mutters, "don't think they're listening."

Dr. Drakken calls out, "silence! Where's your neuro-compliance chip, Shego?"

Warmonga explains, "it was destroyed…but..."

Dr. Drakken mutters coldly, "but what? Without that neuro-compliance chip…I can't be sure that Shego's will is broken."

Shego assures him deviously, "it certainly is, the Great Blue."

Dr. Drakken chuckles a little, "after hours of worrying, it's almost too good to be true. There's only one way to test this."

Warmonga checks, "should we leave you to test, the Great Blue?"

Dr. Drakken concludes, "I'm sure Shego will handle the other slaves if they…" Suddenly, the lights in the lair go out…thanks to Mego shrinking down to sabotage the circuitry. Dr. Drakken calls out, "get them!" Blasts of purple energy blasts light up the dark lair. Shego tackles Dr. Drakken, and spin kicks him into one of the energy blasts from the floor. Dr. Drakken uses his staff to keep himself from falling, slightly stunned.

Shego mutters coldly, "I'm going to love hacking away at you." She blasts green energy blasts at several Lorwardian soldiers, taking them out while they're busy dodging Kim and Ron's Lorwardian tactics. Ron is drawing out the Lorwardian soldier's fire so that they end up hitting each other by accident, while Kim uses her sixteen styles of Kung Fu to spin kick and spin punch several Lorwardian soldiers off their feet to get blasted to unconsciousness by Shego.

Kim calls out, "don't kill him!"

Shego mutters coldly, "even after being a slave, you still find hope in the so called Great Blue? I sure don't." She chases after Dr. Drakken. Shego and Dr. Drakken exchange energy blasts while dodging the other's blasts, but Dr. Drakken knocks Shego off her feet with a swing from his staff. Shego groans as she starts to get up.

Dr. Drakken concludes, "you will pay for your disrespect!"

Shego chuckles a little, "so says the selfish dictator." Kim and Ron try to get to Shego, but Warmonga gets in the way.

Kim calls out, "you're too late! Any second now, all the slaves will be free…and there'll be nothing you can do about it."

Warmonga cries out, "not now…not ever! Warmonga!" She takes out an orange whip and sends Kim to the ground with purple and orange energy fields around her legs.

Kim groans from the surprise attack, struggling to get back up.

Ron calls out, "KP!" He hurls himself at Warmonga's whip, using it as a swing to kick Warmonga into Dr. Drakken in a surprise attack of his own.

Dr. Drakken cries out, "mommie!" He gets crushed to unconsciousness under the weight of Warmonga. Warmonga gets up to find Dr. Drakken unconscious with red liquid around his blue body.

Warmonga calls out, "for the Great Blue! Warmonga!" She blasts at Shego, who spin kicks off of Warmonga and blasts her staff with green energy blasts to take her out with the explosion of her own staff.

Shego mutters as Warmonga blasts at her, "forget it!" Warmonga falls against the nearest monitor, smashing it on impact. She falls unconscious. Mego returns to normal size.

Ron checks, "is he…?"

Kim sighs uneasily, "I think so."

Shego sighs a little, "how did you do on jamming the signals?"

Mego points out, "all jammed. You're welcome."

Ron wonders, "so, what now?"

Kim figures, "now…we're free."

Across Earth…

Slaves are rebelling. Lorwardians are overwhelmed by their split forces and the massing forces of the masses. Somewhere out there, Hego and Wego are looking for the other Team Go members Mego and Shego. And elsewhere, Ron and Kim's parents and potential friends of this reality are among the rebels. Soon, the Lorwardians are forced to surrender their fleet thanks to most Lorwardian ships being stolen during this massive rebellion. And Earth belonged to humanity again.