The Alternate Files: Reality 5

Side Notes: This reality involves a younger and possibly nicer Shego. Before nasty comments come this way, consider that Shego has been depicted as more evil than usual in the fourth reality.

In a much earlier time, in another reality…

In a mostly brown and white boat styled university dorm somewhere in the Tri-City area, a familiar green skinned woman with long black hair is talking on the home styled red phone beside her bluish green bed sheets. She is all alone otherwise, with the night sky coming through the nearest port hole styled white windows. Shego sighs into the phone, "for the millionth time mom…I can handle myself."

A second voice points out, "that's not what we heard from Carla."

Shego remarks sarcastically, "if I need a counselor, I'll let you know."

Shego's mom sighs, "it's worse than I thought. We're already almost done packing for the trip."

Shego angrily urges, "what?!"

Shego's mom insists, "you heard me." She hangs up. Shego almost blasts the phone, but thinks better of it a second later.

She sighs across her half of a bunk bed. Shego mutters, "can this week get any more annoying?"

On the following afternoon…

Shego and her two parents are in a college principal's office. The office is mostly brown and dark red. The principal has reading glasses, a formal black suit, and medium grayish brown hair. Shego's mom has long black hair similar to Shego's, a blackish brown jacket, and has reading glasses in her pockets. Shego's dad has short grayish black hair and a red T-shirt with a picture of a fictional bluish electromagnet in the center and a logo for a random shipping company named Electrorics. Shego is wearing her green Team Go superhero outfit underneath her dress code encouraged pale brown formal suit. The principal urges, "I believe you all know why you're here today."

Shego mutters, "if you ask me, they deserved it."

Shego's mom urges, "you ought to be ashamed of yourself!"

The principal remarks with a small sigh, "I understand what it's like to have children…but please leave the discipline to me, Mrs. Gronin."

Mrs. Gronin concludes a little uneasy, "yes, sir."

Mr. Gronin checks, "what kind of discipline are we talking about?"

The principal figures, "a month of detention…but it'll be worse if this happens again."

Shego insists, "why aren't those bullies being punished instead of me?!"

The principal tries to point out, "they are only bullies, Sera. It's what inside that counts."

Shego remarks darkly, "and you, the biggest terrorist in the whole school, wants to keep the status quo through violence."

Mr. Gronin urges, "Sera!"

The principal mutters coldly, "one more outburst from you, and it'll be two months of detention."

Shego mutters, "go ahead. You'll be doing me a favor."

The principal chuckles a little uneasy, "I…guess let's leave it at one month."

Mrs. Gronin checks, "except for one thing: How much worse would we be talking about here?"

The principal figures, "being expelled."

A few minutes later, in the university hallway nearby…

Mrs. Gronin calls out, "what were you thinking?! Beating up on other students…the very idea!" Mr. and Mrs. Gronin are walking out with Shego, towards the typically green campus school yard in the center of it all.

Shego urges coldly, "they were doing it first."

Mr. Gronin sighs, "look Sera: I know that it's tempting to beat up bullies…but you could very well become one if you're not careful."

Shego figures, "you're just saying that because you both hate violence…even when there's no other way."

Mrs. Gronin insists, "that's what you think. I'm sure if it was that bad, the teachers would have punished them by now."

Shego mutters, "if you don't have faith in your own daughter…who can you truly have faith in?!" She walks off teary eyed, leaving them behind.

Mr. Gronin calls out, "Sera!" Shego keeps going, not looking back.

That night, at a certain Middleton house…

Shego, dressed in solid black clothes except for a bright green coat, rings a nearby doorbell. A younger Mrs. Possible with somewhat longer hair than usual and a blue hairband on answers the door. Mrs. Possible suggests, "hello, Sera. Come on in." Shego follows Mrs. Possible into the familiar house of Kim Possible.

Across the hall, eight year old preteen Kim and eight year old preteen Ron are fighting each other with water guns and giggling while a Team Impossible cartoon kids show is on TV. On the TV, Dash Damon, Crash Cranston, and Burn Burnmen in their blue jumpsuits and yellow army belt like pouches are saving a island nation from a tsunami tidal wave by placing digging equipment around it in a race against time. On the living room floor is a big pile of paper towels covering the rug below.

A younger Mr. Possible with somewhat longer hair warns, "not the couch!" He tries to grab preteen Kim before she sprays the couch with water, but Kim is too fast for him as she tries to get Ron with her water gun.

Mrs. Possible checks, "you sure you'll…?"

Shego insists, "please! I can handle their whacky thoughts." She puts her coat up in the closet, then makes her way towards Kim and Ron.

Mrs. Possible urges, "I guess. It's just…they are a little more energetic than usual."

Mr. Possible calls out, "a little help here!" Shego tumbles towards Ron, stopping him before he can run away from her. Mr. Possible already had stopped Kim with a firm hand. Mr. Possible urges, "what do you kids have to say for yourselves?"

Ron uneasily points out, "we didn't mean to."

Kim sighs a little, "sorry, daddy."

Mr. Possible sighs with partial relief, "that's my little girl. Let's go, honey." He gets up. Mr. and Mrs. Possible get their coats.

Shego implies, "good luck on your date."

Mrs. Possible replies, "thanks. We'll be back at eight."

Mr. Possible adds, "be good little rocket rangers now." He and Mrs. Possible close the front door behind them as they head out.

After a few minutes…

Shego comes back down from checking on Kim's toddler brothers Jim and Tim. Kim and Ron have put their water guns away in exchange for some small black kung fu robes hidden under Kim's bed. Kim is changing in her bedroom, while Ron is changing in the nearest bathroom. Shego checks with a small chuckle, "ready for some hands on practice?"

Kim figures, "in a minute. Are you feeling ok?"

Shego tries to assure her, "don't worry about me. I'm still well enough to…"

Kim points out, "you sure don't sound so sure."

Shego mutters, "look! I've been having a rough week. It's my business to worry about it…not yours."

Kim sighs a little, "if you say so."

Ron urges, "can I come out now?"

Shego concludes, "yes. Now…let's review."

A half hour or so later, in the living room…

Now barefoot Shego is fight practicing with now barefoot Kim and now barefoot Ron across the rug covered floor where the wet towels and center table had once been. Kim does a spin kick, but Shego catches her spin kick and hurls her across the room. Kim easily tumbles back to her feet, jumping off of the side of the couch to do so. Ron uses this opportunity to charge at both of them, jump kicking off of Shego to spin kick Kim as she gets to her feet. They both exchange deflected punches and kicks across the floor, when Kim punches Ron in the gut. Ron coughs hard, trying hard to regain his breath. Shego chuckles a little more confidently, "not bad. Just give him some air."

Kim realizes, "I knew that." She backs away from Ron in understanding. Suddenly, a dark red portal opens up before Shego. Three Bebe robots wearing bright green and black jumpsuits very similar to Shego's jumpsuit and a Shego with some grayish hair and a dark green cape come through the portal. Kim stands beside Shego, alert and ready. Ron is still returning to his normal rate of breathing.

Shego asks, "who the hell are you?"

The older Shego reveals, "I'm you…from the future."

Shego mutters, "I hate time travel." Ron is breathing normally now, who is cautiously staying at Kim's side. The older Shego has a mostly yellow upgraded pan dimensional vortex inducer in her belt and a remote control like device with one button on it in her hands.

Kim concludes, "you sure you couldn't pick a better time to…?" One of the Bebes grabs Kim and Ron with its extended arms before they can react, pinning them to the ground. They struggle to get out, but the spaces between them and the Bebes' arms are too thin to crawl out of.

Ron calls out, "no fair…stinky robot…!"

Shego calls out teary eyed, "you sadistic bitch! They've done nothing to you."

One of the Bebes mutters, "you will address the Supreme One with the proper respect!" The other two Bebes restrain Shego with their extended arms around Shego's arms and legs, but not for long. Shego blasts several extended arms to pieces, but the Bebes' blasted arms regenerate with help from nanotechnology.

The Supreme One chuckles, "ironic…that you'd defend your greatest enemy."

Shego remarks, "I'm looking at her right now." She spin kicks off of several incoming extended arms, letting them get tangled while the Bebes try to catch her. As the tangled Bebes try to untangle themselves, Shego charges at the Supreme One by jump tumbling out of the way of several green energy blasts from the Supreme One. Small holes are formed in the walls behind Shego.

The Supreme One urges, "even if it means letting your precious students die?" The Bebe with its extended arms wrapped around Kim and Ron gradually tightens its extended arms around them, slowly crushing them.

Shego uneasily wonders, "what is your deal?! Do things get that worse for me?"

The Supreme One figures, "what I'm offering you is my place as the Supreme One…as supreme ruler of humanity and the Bebes."

Shego chuckles a little, "you're afraid of losing…aren't you?"

The Supreme One urges, "decide quickly…or your young friends will die tonight on your conscience."

Shego figures, "I already have. Bebes, attack your former Supreme One!"

The Bebe with Kim and Ron as hostages concludes, "conclusion: The current Supreme One is unfit to command." The other two Bebes that recently get untangled come to the same conclusion.

The Supreme One mutters, "you know what would happen if you disobey me!" Shego though blasts the remote from her hands, taking advantage of the Supreme One's shock at the Bebes turning on her. The explosion knocks the Supreme One backwards onto the ground from the impact.

Ron realizes, "guess you're out of a job, Supreme One."

Kim checks, "should we let the Bebes…?"

Shego chuckles a little, "sure. Why not?"

Kim chuckles a little, "just reality checking." Ron, Kim, and Shego back off as the three Bebes close in on the Supreme One.

The Supreme One uneasily figures, "Shego…you can't just let your future self be killed!"

Shego reasons, "I may have been close to the breaking point…but I'll never be like you!"

The Supreme One darkly reasons, "you already are." She takes out the upgraded pan dimensional vortex inducer, using it to travel back to the future. The portal takes with it the three Bebes around her as they chase after her with their extended arms and super fast legs. Cries of pain sound off from the other side of the portal, but disappear seconds later before an uneasy Shego. Shego, teary eyed, turns away from where the portal was.

Ron checks, "are you…?"

Shego reasons, "some things are best left unsaid."

Kim wonders, "what about the damage?" The TV had apparently been smashed in the middle of the fighting, but Shego had turned it off beforehand.

Shego remarks, "with a rocket scientist and a brain surgeon for parents…this is a question?"

Kim sighs a little, "I guess not. But are you…?"

Shego insists coldly, "just drop it. Now, where were we?"

Ron points out, "but even in that fight, we weren't…"

Shego insists, "all you need…is more time."

Ron concludes, "fair enough…but what about you?"

Shego figures, "I've been through worse." Inside though, that is a lie. What is clear though is that in this reality, Shego is back on the path of a hero...thanks to the Supreme One.