The Alternate Files: Reality 7

Side Notes: This reality has a character from the Season 2 episode of Motor Ed in a cameo, so please watch it if you haven't already before reading this fanfiction. It'll make more sense this way. Also, this is a reality where Kim is a bounty hunter and Ron is a private detective. So, they may or may not be the same characters known and loved from the TV show.

In Hockenheimring Baden-Württemberg, Germany…

On a race track with a S shaped road on one corner and a downward roller coaster like bend on another, six cars of the same American styled racecar model with differing modified parts and detailing are ready to race around the mainly green and grassy terrain. Surrounding the race track is an American styled stadium. On top of the stadium, there is a special box for a couple of sports announcers in mostly white clothes to watch over the upcoming action. One of the announcers announces in English, "and it looks like it's going to be a great race today."

The second announcer named Reno adds, "right you are, Anja: Especially with well known daredevil Bak Gamon and well sponsored Khet Kers still in the running." A few pictures of a medium black haired man next to a green racecar and of a short blond haired man on the hood of a yellow racecar briefly appear on many television sets across Germany.

Anja points out, "and of course quick learner Khine Sekh." A few pictures of a long brownish blond haired woman next to a violet racecar briefly appear across Germany.

Reno suggests, "but who will win in the finale race? Bak Gamon, Khet Kers, or Khine Sekh?" Pictures of all three favorites flash across Germany before they explode in red and white firework effects.

On the racetrack…

All six cars including Bak, Khet, and Khine's go off at the sound of a starter pistol shot, with Bak and Khine taking the lead. They try to nudge each other's cars off the racetrack, but neither is getting the upper hand as they head towards the roller coaster like bend. What they don't notice is Khet ramming them from behind, making Bak and Khine's cars jolt before they speed up fast enough to briefly lose him. Bak chuckles, "not this time." Bak makes his car's front wheels bounce, angling the car upward. Seconds later, Bak turns on three somewhat large nitro nozzles at the back of his car to launch his car over Khine's next attempt to knock his car out.

Khine mutters, "shit!" She barely gets her car back onto the bending track, with its wheels coming back from grinding the edge of the track seconds later. Bak's car lands hard on the other end of the roller coaster like bend below, but it absorbs most of the impact with minor damage on the bottom. Seconds later, Bak does a 180 degree turn with his car to keep going on track. Khet starts to get level with Khine's car at the same time, but Khine's car speeds up fast enough to get ahead of him again. Khine chuckles a little at what happened and keeps going.

Twenty laps later, at the pit stop…

All six racecars stop at the American styled yellow pit stop, where a certain figure with pale yellow mechanic clothes is waiting for Bak's car. He says to the rest of Bak's pit crew, "it's time." A long brown haired woman named Eise and several men in pale yellow mechanic clothes start to get to work on Bak's car.

Bak mutters, "just hurry."

Motor Ed implies, "you can count on it…seriously."

Several minutes later…

The six racecars are just about ready to resume racing, when suddenly a crash sounds from the opposite side of the race track. A bluish electric like force field bubble seems to ram itself through a race track wall and speed up towards the pit stop. At the same time, a seemingly misplaced blowtorch on the grassy terrain turns on. The grassy terrain around the race track starts to catch on fire thanks to a big trail of greenish gasoline, much to the horror of the fleeing and screaming crowd.

Security officials with white and red uniforms on call out, "everyone stay calm! And line up in an orderly fashion out of the stadium!"

Khet mutters, "no race is worth losing my life over." He heads off in his racecar, trying to escape the surrounding flames.

Khine concludes, "right behind you." She takes off in her racecar after Khet's racecar hurriedly.

Bak calls out, "come back with my car, you dirty son of a bitch!" In all the chaos, Motor Ed and his crew have taken off with the other four racecars towards the smashed in race track wall up ahead.

Motor Ed chuckles evilly, "later, grease monkeys! Seriously!" All four of the other racers have been left behind, including Bak. Khine and Khet's racecars with nitro nozzles speed through the same smashed in race track wall ahead of Motor Ed's crew to safety. The force field bubble speeds up towards Motor Ed's now stolen racecar.

Kim within the force field mutters coldly, "come on! Come on!" She has on a mostly white and blue striped battlesuit on, which is generating the force field around her.

Reno and Anja try to get the accident on broadcast with a mobile camera, much to the great worry of security officials. A security official points out angrily, "you are putting yourselves at great risk! You have to get out of here now!"

Reno insists, "but we have freedom of the press! The public…!"

The same security official remarks, "you could exercise that right…but you won't be free from the flames if you do."

Anja sighs, "fine…but we have lawyers! Come on, Reno." The two reporters head out with the security official they were arguing with towards the nearest fire extinguished exit.

The security official sighs as they barely escape to safety. Minutes earlier, firefighters were starting to come onto the scene and put out the flames. The flames are still closing in on the four left behind racers, who are a few minutes away from being burned.

Motor Ed realizes uneasily, "Red?" He sees Kim coming right for him from the side.

Kim figures, "I can do this." She closes her eyes in deep concentration while charging as her battlesuit turns into one blue and gray gauntlet styled energy deflector suit. The force field around her discharges off of the battlesuit's energy deflector form, sending it crashing into Motor Ed's stolen racecar. It explodes in bluish electrical energy. Motor Ed jumps out of the racecar in time, but gets taken out by the explosion's impact anyway along with the rest of his crew and the stolen racecars behind the wreckage of Bak's racecar.

Meanwhile, at the time of the explosion…

Kim opens her eyes, realizing that her battlesuit has shut down from electrical overload. Kim exclaims, "damnit! Not now!" She continues towards the stranded racers nonstop at her more typical but very acrobatic jumping in between flames. The race track fire is being significantly extinguished by firefighters to the point of keeping the flames from spreading beyond the race track. Once Kim is in range of the flames around the stranded racers, she takes out a blue freeze ray gun and turns the flames around those racers into icicles for a brief time. She urges, "everyone out!"

Bak urges, "thank you…whoever you are. This way!" He leads the other three nearby racers towards the nearest extinguished exit as the icicles behind them explode into steam.

Kim chuckles a little exhausted, "haven't heard that one before." She aims the freeze ray gun at the flames in the opposite direction to help herself walk away from the scene, dragging the unconscious body of Motor Ed with her from behind.

A few days later, somewhere in France…

The bright bluish sky overlooks mansion styled city apartments mixed with skyscraper styled rectangular buildings, both of a varying pale like color scheme. Between them are winding black roads, aqueduct styled stone bridges across big rivers, and a particular restaurant with round black grid shaped tables surrounding its pale yellow walled exterior. At one of the tables is Wade, halfway done with a sandwich with French cheese in it. Ron in a pale brown overcoat comes to sit opposite of him. Wade wonders uneasily, "where have you been? I've been trying to reach you for a half hour!"

Ron whispers, "the croissant is on the rocks."

Wade sighs, "forget it. I was recently chatting to a member of the BRGE, who has a case for you."

Ron guesses, "of investigating important looking barges?"

Wade presses, "no. It's possibly something big…something super top secret."

Ron sighs a little, "Senor Senior Senior?" Wade slightly nods. Ron adds more seriously, "go on."

Wade points out, "I can't tell you here. But if you prove it to be true…even Senor Senior Senior's money won't keep him out of jail."

Ron figures without hesitation, "I'll take it."

Wade implies, "you might want to take this too…so that you won't get lost." He hands Ron a overcoat button that seems to match exactly with his overcoat's buttons, which Ron places in a small side pocket built into his overcoat.

Ron checks, "but what if I already lost the…?"

Wade assures him, "that doesn't matter. What matters is that you have it."

Ron figures a little uneasy, "okay."

Wade adds, "I know we have good reason to still fear him for what he did to us, but what would Kim do if she were still alive?"

Ron concludes with a sigh, "she would keep fighting for justice, no matter what."

Wade figures, "exactly."

Several minutes later, in the capital of France called Paris…

A dark blue hexagon grid domed tower of a building with a matching pillar shaped body structure the height of one tenth of the Eiffel Tower's height, which stands ten city blocks worth away from the Eiffel Tower and the park area in between. Coming out from this tower's domed roof is a big billboard with the name Hive Unlimited in honey comb like blue hexagons being quickly assembled by cartoonish bumblebees in a programmed cycle.

Inside the top floor of this tower are blue hexagon wallpapered walls and Dr. Drakken with dark blue formal wear at a billboard sized bright yellow touch screen computer monitor. A mirror image of the same monitor is back to back to it. Dr. Drakken is looking at Hive Unlimited's current stock worth of money, when a young woman with dark brown eyes and shoulder length dark blond hair with a pink heart styled apron on over a full body black swimsuit comes into the floor sized room through a nearby camouflaged elevator. The young woman asks cheerfully, "Dr. Drakken?" Dr. Drakken looks away from the monitor in front of him to notice her.

He wonders, "what is it, my blindly bright Bebe?"

Bebe chuckles a little, "Kim wants to see you. Should I let her in?"

Dr. Drakken figures, "of course, Bebe." He steps away from his monitor to face Bebe, who with a long extendable robotic android like arm enters a complicated access code on the touch screen monitor opposite of Dr. Drakken's. Dr. Drakken comments, "but why do you have to keep asking me questions you already know the answers to?" A second camouflaged elevator opens to reveal Kim in her battlesuit, who walks into the giant floor sized room.

Bebe concludes with a chuckle, "because I want to make you happy, of course."

Dr. Drakken adds, "right."

Kim sighs, "what else is new?"

Dr. Drakken points out, "knowing you, I suppose you aren't here just to talk."

Kim deduces, "the new battlesuit form I requested your company to make has burned out my battlesuit! And I need a new one that works better by tonight to collect your bounty on Senor Senior Senior."

Bebe figures optimistically, "just tell us what happened to your battlesuit and we'll see what we can do."

Ten or so minutes later of Kim's recollection of what happened in Germany…

Kim realizes a little uneasy, "Ohh. I…guess the Hive Battlesuit 2.5's full deflector form wasn't designed to deflect its own force field. Sorry about that."

Dr. Drakken sighs, "we now only have three working Hive Battlesuit prototypes, and they're all being used by the three best military leaders in the world. Bebe?"

Bebe responds, "yes, handsome?" Kim just rolls her eyes in polite annoyance.

Dr. Drakken suggests with a small chuckle, "how about getting to work on a Hive Battlesuit prototype for our special friend here?"

Bebe adds happily, "yes, Dr. Drakken. I'll hold off on my other directives for this special directive."

Kim figures, "just let me know when it's ready." She comments bluntly under her breath as she heads out, "you sure know how to pick them."

Dr. Drakken figures a little uneasy, "that won't be necessary. You could make it in just under a few hours."

Bebe concludes, "understood. Resuming work on other directives momentarily."

Dr. Drakken wonders a little annoyed, "what now?"

Bebe points out a little concerned, "I didn't want to say anything bad in front of Kim, but isn't detective Ron also in France…going after the same person?"

Dr. Drakken explains darkly, "yes. But this time, Senor Senior Senior has gone too far by stealing our greatest project yet. And so to make sure that no one but Hive Unlimited puts it on the market, I have already hired someone with the necessary experience to take care of Ron and to secure the project at any cost."

Bebe expresses, "I don't doubt your judgment in that perspective…but what about Kim's perspective? What does Kim think of Ron?"

Dr. Drakken chuckles darkly a little, "you can't be serious."

Bebe remarks coldly, "I'm not laughing."

Dr. Drakken uneasily expresses as he tries to remain calm, "ever since Senor Senior Senior began targeting anyone with close ties to Hive Unlimited, Kim became a bounty hunter who takes the law into her own hands…and Ron is still a law abiding citizen. So don't talk to me about questioning my judgment of Kim's perspective…when it is as clear as glass that they'd hate each other's guts!"

A unfazed Bebe reasons, "so you're helping to protect Kim and Ron from each other. This directive of yours is now much more logical to compute."

Dr. Drakken sighs, "thank you." He starts to head back to his computer monitor.

Bebe creepily sweetly inquires, "do you want me to get you some cocoa moo now?"

Dr. Drakken figures in a tired tone, "sure, Bebe. Sure." He heads back to his monitor to go back to overseeing Hive Unlimited's resources.

Bebe adds cheerfully as she heads towards one of the camouflaged elevators, "yes, Dr. Drakken."

That night, on a certain European island…

A familiar looking group of mountains and trees surrounding a mostly gray and classic supervillain complex. Dark blue security cameras with self activating lasers and spotlights are lined up around the complex's walls inside and out. Patrols of henchmen dressed in full body purple and gray clothes and masks are scattered around the windowless corridors between rooms. One of the henchmen turns to another across from him, "you new to guard duty?"

The second henchman adds, "I was working for Professor Dementor in recent months."

The first henchman wonders, "then why are you here?"

The second henchman remarks, "a bigger paycheck. What else?"

A few minutes earlier, in a certain control room in the same complex…

Senor Senior Senior is sitting in a green wheeled armchair with a big blue grid computer viewscreen and a standard sized keyboard coming out of the wall in front of him, with Hench Co's short black gray streaked hair CEO Jack Hench and Senor Senior Junior sitting beside him in matching armchairs. Senor Senior Senior is checking the security cameras across the complex through the viewscreen in six windows at the same time. Jack Hench figures, "as you can see, my henchmen have followed your orders to the letter."

Senor Senior Senior concludes, "and coming from you, I am sure they are the best that money can buy."

Jack Hench starts to point out a little uneasy, "actually, I offered you the Intensive Care package. But, you turned it down."

Senor Senior Junior comments a little uneasy, "it sure doesn't sound like the best."

Before Jack Hench can say something else, Senor Senior Senior sighs, "you have to excuse my son. He is a work in progress."

Jack Hench remarks with a small chuckle, "well, who am I to stand in the way of progress?"

Senor Senior Senior concludes, "I know you will not…but people like Kim and Ron might. And so I welcome them to try and stop us from making history."

At the same time…

Ron in a mostly white and blue motorboat is being driven by Wade to the walled up shores of Senor Senior Senior's private island. Wade urges, "just remember: The microchip network in your overcoat that I made will mask your biological readings."

Ron figures, "right. What does that do again?"

Wade sighs a little, "it'll make you invisible to sensors. You keep forgetting." Ron starts to step out of the motorboat and onto the island's shores.

Ron adds nervously, "got it. Wish me luck." He starts to take out a purple electric hairdryer grappling hook from his overcoat.

Wade implies with a small chuckle, "like you need it." He heads away from the island while Ron uses his grappling hook gadget to start climbing up the complex wall in front of him.

Ron remarks to himself, "here's hoping."

Not long after, back in the complex…

The first henchman chuckles a little, "got me."

The second henchman chuckles a little, "actually…" Suddenly, a familiar bluish electric force field comes out from the second henchman and knocks out the first henchman against the concrete wall behind him. The second henchman then revealed as Kim in a working Hive battlesuit prototype starts running further down the corridor she is in, leaving the scorched remains of a henchman's outfit on the floor. Kim remarks darkly, "I got you." Self activating lasers fire at her, but she is faster than them and zigzags in between them in the direction of the control room. Some more henchmen are around the corner up ahead on either side of the nearest doorway to the large living room of the complex.

One of them sighs, "I guess I'll have to look around the corner…when we could just trip the intruder."

Another henchman remarks, "not if you don't want to get paid."

The second actual henchman mutters as he turns around the corner, "the things I do for…!" He along with the third actual henchman get blasted by lasers being deflected by Kim's blue and gray battlesuit deflector gauntlets along with a fourth actual henchman one by one, who all go down all too easily.

Simultaneously, in the control room…

Senor Senior Junior points out, "but what about where we are?"

Jack Hench chuckles, "I'm sure it won't be as easy as…" A classical gray air vent gets kicked open by an incoming Shego from above, who fires green energy blasts at Senor Senior Senior with Senor Senior Senior and company running for cover. Jack Hench mutters in an annoyed tone, "that." Shego lands on her feet, quickly hurling chair after chair at most of the self activating lasers in the control room to make them explode with flaming chair cushioning. The control room begins to go aflame.

She chuckles to herself, "if I only had a camera."

Back in the living room…

Through a great stroke of luck, Ron is able to run across the living room and towards the control room with the henchmen and the self activating lasers only noticing Kim. That is, until Ron notices Kim.

He realizes in shock, "Kim?" Kim also briefly pauses at noticing Ron, but jump flips over some henchmen and self activating lasers in time as those henchmen in burning pain catch on fire. Senor Senior Senior, a screaming Senor Senior Junior, and a getting more and more annoyed Jack Hench are coming down the set of black stairs to the control room above. Ron quickly turns to the sound of them coming from behind.

Jack Hench argues angrily, "do you realize what you let happen? You just let Hench Co's return to marketing doomsday weapons go down in flames, you old school dumb ass villain!" Senor Senior Senior just keeps screaming as he runs for cover from the self activating lasers under the table, being deflected by Kim or otherwise.

Senor Senior Senior argues back angrily as he stops running in the middle of the chaos, "what I let happen? What I do is what all world class villains do: Tradition!"

Jack Hench calls back, "then I'll do what all world class CEOs do best: Sue!" He starts running towards a side corridor. A series of explosions happen from within the control room, including an explosion that breaks the automatic double doors to it to pieces. Kim gets close enough to Senor Senior Senior to try to take him out with a descending kick from above in the midst of a growing inferno of flames. Most if not all of the self activating lasers and henchmen are gone. Senor Senior Junior is already running out in the same corridor Jack Hench was running through.

Ron interestingly calls out, "this way!" He grabs Senor Senior Senior and leads him in the same direction that Senor Senior Junior just went, much to the great frustration of Kim. She tumbles onto her feet and speeds after them.

Senor Senior Senior adds, "you are too kind, Stoppable."

Kim angrily calls out, "nobody gets in the way of Kim Possible!" Jack Hench takes off on a motorboat in a familiar looking grotto to escape the inferno. Senor Senior Junior is in a floating motorboat. He calls out worriedly, "father!"

A minute or so ago, in the control room…

Shego is trying some password attempts with a dark blue flash drive plugged in through a small port, until she realizes that the password is simply bookofevil and she can access the main computer. Shego sighs a little, "that was…short lived." As she finishes downloading the blueprints for the project into the flash drive in a matter of seconds, she notices Kim trying to take out Senor Senior Senior and Ron helping him escape from her. She realizes in hidden unease, "I was supposed to take Ron out: Not let him get away with Kimmie's bounty!" Around the same time, Ron has let go of Senor Senior Senior to let them both dodge the flames better.

Ron mutters nervously, "this works a lot better in the movies!"

Kim angrily cries out as she hurls mini-force fields with her battlesuit gauntlets as energy projectiles at him and Senor Senior Senior. However, Ron and Senor Senior Senior are too fast for her in the midst of the flames.

Shego cries out in frustration as she fires a built up green energy blast ball at the automatic door between the flames and Senor Senior Senior's way out, timing it so that the explosion of that door would knock Senor Senior Senior and Ron against the floor. As the main computer explodes, so does the rest of the electrical systems. Only the flames give off light now across the entire complex, including the corridors.

Kim turns to Shego with a small chuckle, "thanks, Shego. I can take it from here." Shego jump flips off of the doorway to the destroyed control room to land a short distance away from Kim.

Shego adds, "anytime, sister."

Simultaneously, as the electrical systems go out…

Senor Senior Junior uneasily calls again as he gets off of the motorboat he was just on, "I'm coming, father!" He starts to run into the corridor, but the smoke and flames in front of him make it impossible to see anything but shapes. Senor Senior Junior goes to the side to avoid getting burned by the flames, pausing many times to wipe sweat over his body.

Ron and Senor Senior Senior find themselves coughing hard, beginning to be surrounded by quickly spreading smoke and flames from above. Ron suggests, "in case…we join Middleton's dead…what is the big secret?" They both barely get up.

Senor Senior Senior sighs a little, "it was…only tradition…against Dr. Drakken's hometown. I did not…think those missiles...!"

Ron presses as he shakes Senor Senior Senior in anger, "tell me!" The floor in the corridor begins to light up in flames.

Kim urges, "why can't we just…? Ohh."

Shego points out, "exactly." She and Kim just noticed that one false move could make the support for the ceiling collapse on all of them. Ron lets go of Senor Senior Senior.

Senor Senior Senior reveals, "Project Hive Mind…is mind over matter. Hive Unlimited…was just going to market it to soldiers. I and Hench Co…were going to make billions…with Project Hive Mind and…kickback money to…every space program." He starts coughing even more, falling to the flaming floor.

During the second big reveal…

Kim figures with a sigh, "I'm going in." She starts to generate a force field bubble from her battlesuit.

Shego in partly held back shock points out, "you know I may not be able to save you this time."

Kim adds uneasily, "I do…but I'd rather have them both alive." She begins running towards Ron and the fallen Senor Senior Senior.

Shego sighs, "suit yourself." She kicks off and jumps off of falling debris behind Kim, tumbling through the big shattered window to the side of the remains of the living room and into the evening air. The ceiling of the corridor starts to rain down on Kim, Senor Senior Senior, and Ron in fiery pieces.

Ron sighs, "I should…finish you off…but I can't." He starts to cough a lot more, clutching the floor on his knees.

Senor Senior Junior calls out again, "father!"

Senor Senior Senior mutters, "easy…to say…now. Junior, I…!" He falls unconscious before Ron, Senor Senior Junior, and a flame protected Kim.

Ron gasps for air, "KP?"

Kim assures him with unexpected tears, "I'm here, Ron. No bounty is worth losing you again." Ron falls unconscious himself.

Senor Senior Junior points out very nervously, "but we'll never make it in time! Why did I even…?"

Kim tries to assure him, "I'll buy you some time. Just make sure they get to safety."

Senor Senior Junior wonders, "but…?"

Kim presses, "now!" She quickly changes her battlesuit to full deflector form as Senor Senior Junior picks up Ron and his own father with his bare arms. Kim's force field is launched into the debris in front of them, clearing the way to the remains of the grotto. Senor Senior Junior runs to the grotto and jumps back onto the motorboat in time. Kim says bittersweetly to the flames closing in around her now disabled battlesuit, "goodbye…Ron." Seconds later, the corridor to the grotto explodes along with most of the complex. Several white motorboats arrive through the only way out of the grotto, with French search and rescue teams in army green and Wade on them.

One of them shouts over walkie talkie, "we have found survivors! I repeat, we have found survivors!"

Wade mutters to himself, "please be all right. Please be all right." No one notices Shego on her drifting motorboat, in tears.

Shego mutters to herself, "I didn't think you would actually…!" She stops herself before she can finish the sentence. In Shego's hand is a family picture of Team Go, their parents, Kim, and her immediate family. She adds sadly, "I'm…sorry."

Late in the following morning, in a hotel room in France…

White walls and mostly red and gold classic Victorian styled furniture surround Ron and Wade, who are both uneasily sitting on the edge of the same fancy bed. Ron expresses in mixed feelings, "why didn't you tell me Kim was alive? With you having the world wired and all…!"

Wade sighs, "I was only trying to protect you, Ron. If it wasn't for me and that one way BRGE audio transmitter, you wouldn't even be alive."

Ron mutters coldly, "well, you sure as hell weren't trying last night."

Wade comments, "even with something as dangerous as Project Hive Mind, I can't have an eye on everything. No one can!"

Ron sighs, "I guess not. But what the hell was up with that project…that was worth dying for?"

Wade points out with a sympathetic hand on Ron's shoulder, "Project Hive Mind was capable of advancing the average brain cells to the point of being able to read and control minds and bodies by tapping into the subconscious thoughts of others…and the only thing worth dying for about it is that it is often necessary for protecting the world from such corruption."

Ron concludes, "Kim's sacrifice will not be in vain." Wade retracts his hand away from Ron.

Wade chuckles a little, "not if we can help it."