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The rec room wasn't as busy as Ratchet thought it would have been. Only a few groups of Autobots were relaxing in the spacious room. Ratchet surveyed the room as he crossed it to the energon dispensers.

Brawn, Cliffjumper, and Gears were playing a card game, probably Blackjack or Texas Hold 'em, at one of the many tables the rec room held. It was too early to break out the high grade so they were most likely betting credits. Cliffjumper was obviously losing if the scowl and grumbling were anything to go by, but it was hard to tell out of Gears or Brawn on who was winning because Brawn had one of the best poker faces and Gears almost always had a frown on his faceplate.

Prowl was over at another table with a few datapads in front of him and a cube of energon. Red Alert was standing in front of the SIC making exaggerated hand gestures to help get his point across since he was talking near the speed of Blurr and as much as Bluestreak. Their second-in-command face was stoic and seemed to be listening to the paranoid security chief, but the slight drop in his door wings showed that the oldest of the Datsun three had resigned himself to Red Alert's drawn-out list of non-existent security risks and the SIC was indeed getting bored.

Trailbreaker and Hound were at the farthest table from the door with Amelia looking at a form of organic vegetation in a pot and a reference book. Hound was staring, optics wide in amazement at the little plant. Amelia then held out some tweezers with a one of those annoying flying insects and placed it near the top of the long green plant. The plant snapped the two ends together, enclosing the insect in them. Hound and Trailbreaker 'wowed' and looked closer. Amelia then preceded to show them how to feed this plant the insects and let the two Autobots try.

Mirage sat by himself at a table away from everybody else reading a datapad that, knowing Mirage, contained some genre of book. The blue and white spy was contently smiling and his optics moved about the page at a steady beat. He was happily enthralled in his reading.

Near the television was Streetwise and Blaster along with two of the latter's cassettes, Eject and Rewind. They were playing a videogame of sorts. Ratchet couldn't recall the name but it was a type of racing game where the players would race against each other on different types and levels of tracks. Streetwise was a short green fellow with a huge white 'L' on his hat while Blaster was the red version of Streetwise's character but with a white 'M' on the hat. Eject was a very cartoonified lizard and Rewind was a mushroom looking person. Rewind was winning, then Blaster, Eject and finally Streetwise.

Ratchet had drank what was left in his pervious cube on the short walk to the rec room, so he just refilled the cube from the energon dispenser and sat at the nearest table. He quietly sipped his fuel and continued to watch the bots in the room to occupy his time and give his processor a break from concentrating.

The doors to the rec room opened as Blades and Groove stepped in. They had their heads together, in deep conversation about something. Most likely another debate about the need for violence and at what times. The two never loudly fought about that subject, which Ratchet thought was weird for Blades to do because the helicopter-former usually preferred to physically beat someone in a fight and then boast about it all day, never verbally or quietly for that matter debate with someone, but the bot did so with Groove. Maybe it was because they were in a gestalt together, Ratchet mused and watched them continue to go back and forth on the subject, get their energon and what looked like some extra cubes, probably for the other gestalt members, then leave the room still in deep discussion.

Ratchet took a long pull from his own cube, feeling the energy charge his systems. He sighed contently. 'Yes this morning had been crazy but it…' Ratchet quickly cut that thought off. He'd almost said or thought the one thing no one, bot or human was supposed to say when things had gone crazy or bad. He hoped that it wasn't to late to take it back.

Three minutes pass by, nothing. Ten minutes, still nothing. Ratchet relaxes again but doesn't put his guard fully down. He goes back to observing the room, to get his mind off his almost serious superstitious blunder.

Gears had been the victor in the card game, by the slight smile on his faceplates and both scowls on Brawn's and Cliffjumper's, Ratchet guessed he won a hefty sum of credits. Red Alert was still talking Prowl's audios off, oblivious to the greater droop of the Datsun's door wings. Amelia just made Trailbreaker and Hound's day as she gave each of them their own fly eating plant. They thanked her repeatedly before picking her up so they could go find the right place for them in their rooms. Streetwise had made a comeback from his losing streak and was proudly gloating about how he beat all of them and his new high score. Mirage had looked up from his reading, scowling and glaring, at the loud interruption of the peaceful atmosphere that had settled in the room and in his reading. The spy sub-spaced the datapad and turned on his invisibility shield.

Ratchet assumed he left and drank the last of pink liquid from his cube, but didn't get up to recycle it yet. He was enjoying the break he was getting.

"Prowl? Are you listening?" Ratchet heard the security chief ask and Ratchet felt a stab of sympathy for the SIC since now that Red Alert thought that the black and white mech wasn't listening, the red and white mech would launch into another extensive lecture about proper conduct and subtlety drop hints about Prowl not taking him seriously.

"Yes. I was just calculating the measures that must be taken to resolve these matters permanently." Prowl responded.

'Wow, he's quick.' Ratchet silently commended the Datsun.

"Oh okay. Good. As I was saying…" Ratchet tuned the red and white bot out after that, not envying Prowl one bit.

Prowl didn't last being Prime's second, when the last one had just up and left screaming, by being stupid or slow. No, Prowl was observant and analyzed everything. His logic center in his CPU was his greatest strength when it came to remembering dates/appointments, keeping a cool head, being head battle strategists, and day to day life on the Ark, but it also came to be his greatest down fall like we something became illogical it'd stall and crash his CPU.

One time Amelia had been complaining about Greenland and Iceland. How one was named Greenland but was covered in ice and the other was named Iceland but was covered in green grass. Aiden and Amelia keep arguing over the reasons for the names and Prowl had over heard them. He'd asked what were they talking about, Amelia explained, and Prowl had tired to compute it but it instead crashed this CPU. That had scared the exhaust out of the teens, Amelia keep yelling that she broke Prowl while Aiden stood shell-shocked before going to see if he was okay. The scenario had been the topic of near all conversation for about a week and a half human time. Remembering that made Ratchet's lips quirk into a small smile.

"Prowl, I'm not sure you're actually listening to me." Red Alert stated, voice becoming annoyed and his hands going to his hips, but when the security chief received no answer he dropped his hands and frowned. "Prowl? Are you alright?"

That caught Ratchet's attention quickly, plus everyone else's in the room, and he turned towards the SIC and SC. Red Alert a little closer to the black and white mech, arms slightly raised and forward. Prowl optics were dim, his door wings drooped to were the laid against his back and he swayed in his seat.

Ratchet knew what was coming next and just as he sprang up from his seat, Prowl's optics off-lined and he fell from his chair. Red Alert caught the other by his shoulders and eased him to the ground while calling his name sounding a little panicky. Ratchet reached them and pushed Red out of his way to get to the fallen SIC.

'Armor's warm. Overheating. No new dents or scraps. So not an outward injury.' Ratchet went straight to medical mode, quickly trying to deduce what was ailing their second-in-command.

Ratchet pulled his portable medical scanner out of subspace, knowing that the downed bot was known for skipping rations. So Ratchet waved the device over Prowl's head and chest were his spark would be, then over his abdomen near his tanks.

The medic then looked at the scanner's readouts and he grimaced at the results.

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