Chapter five! Thank you to all who have been following this story and reviewing it. Sorry if the dialogue sucks, I'm not very good at writing it. Here is the fifth chapter! Enjoy!

Ratchet ran ahead into medbay as Streetwise and Blaster carried an unconscious Prowl in after. "First Aid!" Ratchet called, "Place him there." Ratchet ordered, pointing to a berth and the two bots did as ordered.

Ratchet then ran into the med supply room to grab what was needed and quickly returned to his patients side, "You two can go. I'll inform everyone when I have the diagnosis." He told Streetwise and Blaster. The two bots left quickly and quietly, not wanting to get in the way.

Once they were out of medbay Streetwise commed Optimus Prime to tell him of the situation.

*Streetwise to Prime* The 'street-savvy' bot's tone was serious like the one he got when he along with Hot Spot had to stop Blades from getting into a physical altercation with another bot.

*Prime here. What's the problem, Streetwise?* Prime asked, catching the dead serious note in the other's tone. Optimus may not be able to spend time with his soldiers or get to know them as much as he should or wanted, but he was an observant mech and could tell subtle changes in his troops voices' or body language. It was part of what made him a great leader, although he'd argue that he was.

*There's been a situation* Streetwise started, not sure on how to explain that Prowl had been talking to Red Alert then just collapsed. *Prowl has collapsed, sir. We've taken him to medbay and Ratchet said he'll let us know we he knows.*

Blaster motioned that he was going to leave and Streetwise nodded his head, acknowledging the cassette-carrier bot as he left.

Prime was shocked to hear what happened to his second-in-command, although he was concerned for his friend, Prime assumed Prowl hadn't re-fueled or recharged in awhile and collapsed from one or the other.

*Thank you for informing me, Streetwise. Did Ratchet give any suggestion on what might be wrong?" Prime asked.

*No, sir. Just mumbled some curses and a few mild insults about Prowl.* Streetwise reported, tone still dead serious.

*Alright. I'll meet you down there.* Prime said as he put down the datapad he was reading down and stood up from his desk.

*I'll be here. Streetwise out* And the comm channel was cut.

. . . . .

First Aid came out of the lab area, "What happened?" He asked, concerned and he joined his mentor by the patient's berth, already analyzing his next step of action.

"He just collapsed in the rec room. He's overheating and the med scan shows spikes in his firewalls." Ratchet relayed the info he gathered as he set up an IV in Prowl's main energon line that flowed though his right arm.

"You think it's a virus?" First Aid asked as he grabbed the bulkier but more thorough med scanner and he waved it over the SIC. The younger medic made sure to stay out of Ratchet's way as he hooked Prowl up to a spark monitor.

"Yeah, that seems the most likely." Ratchet answered, not looking up from where he was attaching the sensitive wires to the outer casing of the Datsun's spark. "Stupid slagger didn't get an update on his anti-virus programming and on top of that he hasn't recharged in over 72 hours."

Just as First Aid was about to confirm what Ratchet had already guessed and give his opinion on the next course of action, when the alarm tones sounded. Signaling that there was a Decepticon attack some where and all able Autobots were to report for battle.

Neither medic flinched or stopped in what they were doing, they were both used to the alarm sounds and red flashing lights. They had been at war for millions of years and had a superstitious paranoid security chief on aboard, plus they were trained to focus solely on the patient once they were put into their care. The life of the patient came first, if they weren't already too far gone, the medics were to do everything possibly to save their patients. It was drilled into their processors even before the medical knowledge of how to save them was. So neither medic stopped their work or missed a beat.

"Yep, right as always. A virus. Similar to the human influenza virus." First Aid reported his findings, before hopefully asking, "You think it's just Red Alert overacting again?" First Aid already knew the answer, but he still asked and hoped.

"No, he was with Prowl in the lounge and he wouldn't hit the alarms on a hunch if the head battle stagiest was down. It would contradict what he was trying to accomplish." Ratchet said, quickly finishing hooking Prowl up to the monitor.

Ratchet would leave once Prowl was stable and go be the field medic/medical transport once the battle started, leaving First Aid and Jolt to handle triage until the battle ended. So the younger medic placed the large medical scanner back on the wall and looked towards his mentor as he relayed instructions to his apprentice, listening intently.

"I'm giving Prowl a small dosed sedative and an inhibitor, they'll both slow the virus down. The sedative will slow his system workings down to help slow the virus' progress and the inhibitor will slow the virus itself, but the lack of recharge will interfere with his firewalls and the time it takes to defeat the virus. So if he starts to wake, sedate him again. He shouldn't though but keep monitoring him. Set up for triage and wait for incoming wounded. I'll be back with the wounded or once the battle's over." Ratchet instructed as he injected Prowl with the said medications and snatched a portable medic kit, then ran out to join the other Auotbots as their battlefield medic.

While, First Aid went about getting the medbay set up for battle injuries; setting up surgical trays which he placed in both OR rooms and some extras next to the triage berths, he arranged known needed spare parts, he filled syringes with pain-receptor blockers and charge just in case a bot needed a boost to keep them stable, he also set up energon and lubricant IVs along with some transfusion pumps, he prepared armor/line patches for quick fixes, and finally he wheeled out the crash cart, just in case they might need it but First Aid prayed to Primus that they wouldn't.

First Aid head shot up as he heard the medbay doors swish open, thinking it already was an injured comrade, but to his relief it was Jolt.

Jolt was Ratchet's newest apprentice, only just started training to be a medic about a human month before they crashed on earth, but the young blue and silver bot had a laid back personality with a strong will and quick mind for new knowledge that needed to be learned quickly. Which is what someone needed to be a good medic, that and the want to ease any bot's suffering.

"Hey." Jolt said as he ran up to First Aid, his vents cycling air fast as if he'd been running or driving over his frame's limits, "Sorry, was out on patrol and I came driving as fast as I could back. So, let's get the rest of this set up and hope we have to put most of it back when were done."

Jolt went to setting up more supplies and First Aid helped, but after a few minutes he went to check on Prowl. The older bot was still sedated and after a quick vitals check, First Aid went back to helping prepare for the worst.

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