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"Yes! I've waiting for some action to happen!" Sideswipe yelled excitedly when the klaxons sounded, bathing the brig rooms in harsh flashing lights of red, while the alarms continued to blare.

The red warrior sprang to his feet from where he was seated on the small berth attached to the side wall of the tiny cell room, eager smile etched onto his faceplate as he waited for whoever was on brig duty to come and unlock their cell doors so they could go kick some Decepticon skidplate.

Sunstreaker did the same and smirked as he gave a shout of, "Yeah! Anything to get outta here!"

Ironhide had been the one on brig monitor duty and he came down the few steps to where the Autobot prisoner/troublemakers cells were. Those cells were a lot nicer than the ones a Decepticon would have been put in, if one was caught. The two cell rooms right next to each other on the right side of the cellblock, the 'Sunny Sides Up' cells they had come to be dubbed, were where the twins had always came to be held in when they came to the brig. If another Autobot was sent here, the bot on brig duty out of reflex would put the accused in any cell but those.

As the bulky red security officer/weapons specialist quickly approached the twin's cells, he looked from one twin to the other. Their identical smirks, although one wider than the others for one had a reputation of being a cold narcissistic sociopath. so he couldn't show much outward emotion. Well minus near murderess anger or disgust when something got on his armor. But the look of starving eagerness shown on both identical faceplates.

Ironhide shared their eagerness to kick some decepta-creep aft and the addictive rush that surge though their fuel lines during a fight. So he stuck the data drive into the data port of Sideswipe's cell, cutting off the energy bars

Once the red half of the gruesome twosome was free, he took off running, not bothering to wait for his yellow counterpart, who yelled, "Hey! That's cheating!" And he nearly trampled Ironhide as he sprinted after his twin, once the power was cut to the yellow warrior's energy bar guarded cell.

Ironhide growled and after subspacing the data drive, he too ran after the set of troublemakers, but with the intent of getting the first hit to the back of Sunstreaker's helm before the Decepticons did so first.


Silverbolt had his gestalt and Skyfire fly in the standard V military flight formation, a mile above the ground Autobots, not just because he didn't like heights but because of the thick coastline fog that made it impossible to see more than two feet in front of themselves.

The fog had rolled in quickly and covered everything in dense ghostly white, making the aerialbot have to relay on their scanners. Until Fireflight got frustrated and bored with the slow pace of flying. The young reckless flyer surged forward with a growl, thinking Air Raid was more to the left and further in front of him than he was. Air Raid 'oomphed' as Fireflight collided into his right wing, the impact made Fireflight spiral into Sky fire and slammed Air Raid into Skydive. The domino effect then started.

*Ow! Skyfire! What was that for!?"* Skydive angrily and confusedly asked the larger plane that just rammed into him and making him in turn hit Silverbolt.

*Slingshot!* Skyfire yelled, ignoring Skydive.

*Air Raid, you glitch-head! Watch were you're going* Slingshot yelled the loudest as his anger flared.

*I can't because of this fog and It wasn't me that started it! It was Fireflight!* Air Raid shouted back as the aerial team attempted to reform their formation.

*Enough! Fireflight, stay in formation and that includes going the same speed as everyone else! Back in formation everyone!* Silverbolt commanded this array team, his audios were meet with a few grumbled complaints but the team did as told.

Prime commed Silverbolt asking what was going on. Silverbolt replied with 'eager youngling and tight flying formations'. Prime smirked and ordered Silverbolt and Air Raid to fly ahead to scout since the Autobots couldn't get visuals to try to identify which Decepticons had come to the raid for the energy rich resource.

After Silverbolt gave his own set of orders to Skydive on formation of the remaining four and to stay alert, him and Air Raid ascended higher into the clouds for cover and flew over to the designated set of coordinates.

*Right, you heard him! Tight diamond formation, now!* Skydive commed his three comrades.

*Yeah, yeah! We did!* Commed an annoyed Slingshot, assuming his place in the back.

*I wanna be up front! I can't fly fast on the side!* Complained Fireflight though his comm, hesitating in taking his position to the left of Skydive.

*No and don't ask again 'cause my answer won't change.* Skydive commed back. Sometimes he felt like the younglings mother with having to repeatedly tell him something or make sure he behaved himself. It annoyed the un-official aerial second commander.

Skyfire wordlessly flew into his position to the right of their temporary leader and even though it wasn't the most pulled together formation, they continued to hold it and follow to convoy of Autobots.


'Just don't look down. Don't look down. I'm a confident flyer and I've done this before. It will be fine. Just don't look down.' Silverbolt repeated to self-sooth his known irrational fear for a flyer to have, heights. He repeated it to himself every time they flew high. He hated seeing the safe stable ground so far below him. It made his processor spin when the thought of falling occurred to him and he would begin to panic.

Air Raid waited as patiently as he could get as his air commander talked though the same little speech he said when they exceeded the height of three miles above the ground. The red, black and white aerialbot had seen first hand what happened to Silverbolt when he gave into his fear. It made the leader's processor spin when looked down and the thought of falling occurred to him, then he would begin to panic, thus ending in him crashing.

Air Raid thought it was incompetent of a leader to have fears and still have to guide bots into battle where that fear could easily kill the afraid and the bots under their command. If Air Raid had a say he'd be the air commander or have Skydive be it. At least Skydive was an okay enough flyer for it. But Silverbolt didn't deserve it in his opinion.

Ratchet grumbled as he and the other Autobots attention was caught by the angered and annoyed shouts from the fog-hidden aerialbot team above them.

"Ghosts!" Came the startled yelp from Wheelie as he braked slightly, nearly causing an unknown repeat of what happened to the aerialbot.

"It ain't ghost! Now move it!" Ironhide commanded annoyed as he hit Wheelie's bumper..

"Yes, sir!" Wheelie yelped and drove to catch up to the rest of the ground bots.

The other Autobots snickered at the comments coming from the flying bots and what nearly happened to their line formation. Ratchet just grumbled about unnecessary goofing off causes unneeded pre-battle injuries.

As if on cue, a red followed by a yellow Lamborghini came speeding pass the medic and everyone else in the line. Ratchet just sighed, resigning himself to not getting a break to day and wondering if he polished his throwing wrenches. He knew he'd need them.

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