Had this idea for awhile. Gonna try out another TF2 story. I official gave up on my last one, because honestly, I would rather start fresh. So yup. I'll be writing this until I get my inspiration for my other story. Or just going between both of my stories. Okay enough of this.

This story is in Scouts P.O.V


It's been a week since that new guy showed up. Now, I wouldn't care about the guy... He was just fresh meat out there.

All I know was that he belongs to a new class, called 'Back Up' or something like that. And that was it.

The guy was like a freaking ghost, going back and forth between War, Medic's Office, and his room. I tried to strike up a conversation with the fella after War one day as we were putting away our weapons and what not. He just gave me a quick glance, closed his locker door and walked away.

It annoyed the hell outta me how this guy wasn't going to say hi to his teammates or something! My ma always taught me to always introduce myself to people whom I meet.

It doesn't matter, i'll probably never meet the guy. Oh well. Big whoop. The closest I got to a conversation was when we were on the field running. All he said was 'Watch out!' or 'I've got your back!', guess I could consider that a conversation.

" 'Ey there Scout." I turned to see Engie sit down across from me holding a newspaper and mug of coffee.

"What's up hardhat?" I asked shoving a forkful of pancakes. God I love Pyro for making them.

"Well, got finished cleanin' my workshop. Just goin' ahead and workin' on some blueprints so that ole' Blu Spy's zappers won't ruin my sentries." I let out a low chuckle while poking at my pancakes. This guy never stopped working, always a busy bee.

Pyro came by and offered more pancakes. "Oh hell yeah!"

Breakfast was pretty peaceful until Demo and the Spook came by gossiping like a bunch of women in a hair salon.

" Did'ja hear 'bout tha new lass? Heard tha' boyo is a runaway from a prison." He slurred. Spy snorted.

"Please, that twig? Pfft... I heard that ze boy iz nothing more than jour typical BOY. Nothing so special about him."

I clenched my fork a bit, annoyed. No one knows who the hell this guy is. I want to get to the bottom of this and know the guy a bit. Maybe Ms. Pauling will know something about this guy. Time to pull out my charming abilities and make this lady swoon.

Getting up and leaving the little tea party Spy and Demo formed, I was off on my own mission to get to know this mysterious ghost wandering around.

Determined, I was basically sprinting, before harshly running into someone. We both toppled over, on the floor.

" Yo, watch where ya goin' dumbass!" I hissed as I rubbed my head. That was gonna probably ache for a bit. A soft groan came from the body staggering up.

It was the new guy.

"Oh! Uh.. 'Ey there... I uh... Whoops..." I awkwardly shuffled around the guy as he rubbed his nose, trying to find Pauling.

"What is it Scout?" She huffed my name, which I loved. She was scribbling some stuff down, as always, making sure we were getting ready for battle.

" 'Ey there toots, I was just wonderin' if you could gimme some scoop on tha' new guy? Just so I could, yanno... Get ta know the fella betta." She scuffed before turning on her heel, still scribbling.

"Sorry Scout, but you see, that'd be giving out personal information, something against my guidelines. Go talk to the guy or something, don't make a big deal out of it." She bluntly responded. I figured it'd be rough.

"Oh c'mon! I mean, the guy won't talk to us or anything! I tried! I'm pretty sure so has everyone else! Just tell me somethin' 'bout the guy. Like where's he from, or some shit like that." She let out a long sigh before harshly glaring at me.

"Aren't you suppose to be getting ready? You have 5 minutes before battle start." I gave up, there was no point going on with this lady any longer.

"Yea yeah.. I'm gettin' there." Going to my locker, I grabbed my weapons, and went for a Crit-a-Cola. Just another typical day for us heartless mercenaries. Going to go out there, take the intel, and kill some BLU assholes. Sounds just about right.

Back Up arrived at his locker pulling out his shotgun, and some small shield looking thing. It was part of his job description. That's all I know about the guy, he's suppose to defend whoever has the intel. For me, he's pretty much a meat shield, taking whatever damaged i'm suppose to be. Sounds harsh, but trust me, that's how it is.

I remember the first day he came here, man... The guy was lost. He stood around like a lost puppy and trying to get through the day. By the end of battle, I had to nearly drag him to Medic's office. He's gotten better, but still so quiet as ever. Annoyingly quiet.


I let out a huff and began jogging in place, the usual thing to let the adrenaline pumping. Back Up got behind me, holding his shotgun. Maybe I could start a conversation before running off.

"LOOK ALIVE MEN!" Solider screamed as he adjusted his rocket launcher on his shoulder. Everyone began shouting as Admin started the countdown. Forget about small talk, time to smash heads in.

3... 2... 1...

Everyone ran out, with me sprinting in front of them. I checked behind me to see Back Up not that far from me. I smirked a bit before running ahead, inside the BLU base. Not hearing a beep of a sentry, I realized that probably the BLU Engineer was either roaming around to find a spot to settle down.

Awesome, time to take this opportunity. I ran across the courtyard and jumped up to the backstairs of their base. Back Up got behind me, covering my back incase if anyone came in. So far no one, thank God.

Coming down the stairs, there was a muffled conversation that echoed through the empty halls. It sounds like a Spy and Engie.

"Pyro will take care of anyone who gets close, while I go and zap zhe other's team sentry. Trust me." Footsteps echoed off, and there was silence.

Back Up looked around ahead of me, and gave a thumbs up.

"Go on ahead, i'll stick around here for awhile until you come out." He whispered. I nodded and ran into the room where the intel was.

There, in it's glory was the Blue briefcase. Ah victory tasted so sweet...

I quickly grabbed it, surprised how easy it was. I turned heel and was getting ready to make an escape.

"Alright B, lets- " Before I got out to the hallway, heavy shuffling and grunts warned me that he was in trouble. Running out as I put the intel on my back, a bullet grazed the wall next to me.

"Bonjour Scout... Looking for him?" Back Up was pressed up against the wall, one arm twisted against his back. I was stuck between running away or helping the guy. The Spook gave a harsh tug at B's arm, which caused him to groan loudly. I slowly reached for my bat to knock the guy out, when someone on my headset started yelling at me.

"What are you doing? You have the Intel, RUN!"

B just stared at me, and I wanted to help.

"Why are you standing around... Go! You got the Intel!" He screamed at me before his arm was tugged again. There were shouts from the other side which signaled to me that there were more BLU creeps coming for me. Not giving another thought I ran off, hearing a couple of shots ring and footsteps echoing.

God I hope I made the right choice.

Everyone back the base celebrated and rejoiced at today's victory. Engie, Sniper, and Demo gave me a pat on my back for the flawless victory. We all drank, and laughed. In the middle of it, I realized someone was missing. I got up and left to look for B who has been missing for awhile.

Last time I saw the guy was after we won, he was walking towards Medic and left with the guy holding his arm.

In a sense, I felt bad for the guy. I probably should've saved him, and then maybe he would be here with us laughing and getting drunk. But nope, duty got in the way and I ended up leaving the guy behind with that BLU creep and who knows what the guy did.

I ended up wandering the hallways for awhile before ending up at Medic's office. I gave a couple knocks, hearing a flap of wings, and papers dropping on the floor. There was a shuffle and some German cursing, before the doorknob rattled and opened.

"Oh, Herr Scout. Vhat can I do for you?" I rubbed my head a bit before wondering what the hell was I doing standing in front of the guy.

"Urr... Heya Doc. I was wonderin' if.. Back Up came 'round here?" Medic raised an eyebrow at me, wondering if I was being serious.

"Uhh... Vell ja... He Vas serviously vounded... I healed him and he left." I sighed and ran a hair through my frustrated. Great, the guy is once more locked up in his room. I turned and left without a word, thinking that maybe sleep is a good idea.

"I vouldn't stick my head into places I shouldn't be if I ver you. Herr Scout." Medic whispered as he shut the door. I stopped in my tracks wondering what the hell did he mean? I was just trying to get to know this guy. So far I know nothing from him.

Oh forget it, it's not even that important.

I woke up sometime around 2 in the morning having to take a piss. Walking down the hallway, half asleep, I heard tiny feet near the locker room. Usually no one was awake this late unless it was the weekend... Which it wasn't.

I decided to do a tiny investigation and check around the room.

I turned on the light switch to see nothing really changed, there was no open lockers or anything like that. A clang caught my attention, and I grabbed a stray baseball bat lying next to my locker. There was a small shadow casted from the awful lighting in the room.

For a second, it looked like a girl. Ms. Pauling? What the hell is she doing in here? It's late and she should be away from here.

Looking closer, the figure was more petite. I'm not gonna take any chances, time for lights out.

When the figure turned around, I took it as my chance to run up and attack. Just as I rose my arms and was ready to swing, the figure turned around and kicked me to the ground.

"Agh! Hey! What the hell was that crap!?" I looked up to see a girl, looking a couple years younger than me, with choppy short brown hair and hazel eyes. She has a black eye, and bruises from the corner of her mouth and cheek, to her neck and shoulders.

"Whoa... Alright... Who the fuck are ya? And why ya goin' through B's stuff?" I got up, and swung my bat on my shoulder to look menacing, maybe this chick will go ahead and be like 'oh have mercy on me' or something.

"Oh, well.. I... Uhh..." I rolled my eyes.

"C'mon sweetheart. I ain't got all night." She bit her lip, which I found pretty cute, and fidgeted with the rather large shirt she was wearing.

"O-okay.. No more beating around the bush. I'm Back Up. There, satisfied?" I gave this girl a long hard stare before bursting into fit of laughter.

Back Up? A girl? No way, what a joke!

The girl glared at me for laughing. "What? What's so funny?" She scowled at me, annoyed that i'm taking this as a joke

"Listen here toots, this here ain't no woman's land. You? As Back Up? That's a joke. Little girls like ya are suppose to be home cooking, cleaning, and sewing."

Okay, so maybe what I said was a bit harsh. But it couldn't be possible that a woman could be on the battlefield. The girl was so fragile, one small flick to her head and she can shatter like glass.

I looked at her smirking, thinking I won a race or something. What happened next I didn't expect.

A fist came flying to me, and hit me square in the face, nearly breaking my nose. I fell with a thud holding my nose, which I couldn't tell if it was bleeding or something.

"Ow ow OW, what the FUCK was that for? Aww jeez!" She glared down at me, the light hitting her from behind which gave her a scary and threatening glow.

"Is that any way to thank someone who takes beatings for you? A simple thank you is enough after what I had to deal with from Blu Spy today you prick." Before I had a chance to let all of that come to me, she stormed off furious.

Oh my God. I can't believe it.

The person who has protected me all along was a woman.

And what I just said made me look like the biggest, most douche-baggiest, prick ever in the entire history.


I screwed up big time.

[A/N] So i'm not going to really focus much on the Back Up class. It was another class I took from another fanfic, which I hope you don't mind since coming up for stuff with the Decoy class wasn't that easy for me. I hope this is okay so far... It's been awhile since I wrote anything really and all this began as a drabble on quizilla which I decided to expand. I really liked it and thought 'why not?'

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