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It was hella awkward.

She stood right in front of me, getting ready for war. She hasn't laid an eye on me, or even face my direction.

She was loading up her shotgun. It was weird saying 'she'.

A day ago I thought of her as a HE.

God was I such an idiot. No scratch that, I was a fucking moron. All that stuff I said to her I instantly regretted. How could I be so dumb and say that to a lady. My ma taught me better.


I decided to grow a pair and try to talk to her, or well. Apologize.

"Uh.. Hey there B. Look, I just wanna apolo-" She didn't even look up, and shoved me aside with her shoulder. I stared at her dumbfoundedly.

You know what? Fuck it. I'm not going to even bother. Women are so hard to deal with. You say something, and realize that it was stupid, and go to say sorry and they just give you a nasty look and not bother talking to you for a month.

I feel guilty, I mean hell. This chick saved my life countless times, and even took a hell of a beating from the BLU team for me. But, if she isn't going to bother listening to me. I'm not going to bother.

"3 MINUTES BEFORE BATTLE, MEN. " Soldier cried. I just cocked my gun and walked up ahead in front of Back- Up. She stared to the side, waiting for the countdown to finish. Oh whatever, I don't need her or anything.

5... 4... 3... 2... 1

As always I was ahead of everyone, and crept inside the BLU base not being seen. Thank God for my speed, otherwise it would be a hassle getting to the Intel.

I saw Back Up not far from me, smacking the BLU Demoman up the head with her shield. It was funny seeing how a someone tiny could go against a rather large man shooting sticky bombs.

Not wasting anymore time, I ran ahead deep into the base, closing in onto BLU's Intel room. I stood on the bottom of the staircase, and peered from the corner to see if anyone was lingering around. No one so far.

Back Up came up right behind me, panting from the brawl between the BLU Demo.

"I'll stay here and watch. Go." She huffed between breaths. That was the closest I got to her talking to me. Fair enough.

I sprinted into the hallway that connect to the Intel room. I gave a thumbs up to Back Up, she looked around, and did the same.

I snagged the Intel and smiled. Good, nothing so far. And no BLU's yet coming after us. Catching up with Back Up, she smiled and turned to go back up the stairs.

Just as we got to the top, there was a sudden force that pushed us both off the ledge and onto the courtyard floor.

"Hmph, jou don't thzink that it would be zhat easy, non?" The BLU Spy smirked, tossing a used up cigarette at our feet.

"You dickwad..." I hissed through clenched teeth. Back Up held her ankle, groaning in pain.

"Cazzo I think I sprained my ankle..." The BLU Spy walked up to her, and held her ankle.

"Oh? You mean this?" He pulled on her ankle, making her scream in pain. I winced at her scream, I was used to men screaming as they were in pain, never a woman.

Getting up, I pulled out my wooden bat and smacked the creep across the head. He fell onto the dusty ground, and I continued to bash his head in.

"And fucking stay DOWN." Back Up got up on her feet.. Well barely, and gave a huff.

"Lets get going before anymore BLU show up.." But it was too late, a blue grenade made it's way near up and went off. My face slammed into the edge of the stairs.

"Think ya c'an get away?" The BLU Demoman slurred. Beside him was the BLU Sniper. Back Up pulled out her shotgun and cocked it.

"I'll take care of these two, go. You have to capture that Intel."

I couldn't possibly leave her like this. I felt bad, it was one thing dealing with Spy, but it was two against one. I was going to take my chances.

"Naw toots I got ya." I jumped and slammed my bat on the back of the Demoman's neck. There was a sharp crack that rang through my ears.

It was such a really sweet and sick melody every time I hit someone with my bat. That's one of the things you start getting used to here in Teufort.

Once I got the Demoman out of my way, I turned to see Back Up struggling against the Sniper. It was probably her ankle that was getting to her.

I ran up beside the Sniper and smacked him on the back of his head, knocking him out cold.

"C'mon, lets go before some more BLU come here." I took her hand and pretty much dragged her through the area, nearly popping her shoulder. Our Medic came by and took her off my hands as I retrieved the Intel.


Ahh... Such a sweet sound to hear. The cool wall I leaned beside was so relaxing, I didn't realize how nice it was to just sit and take a break. Glancing down in my lap, my hands were covered in bruises and scrapes. My wrappings were a mess, pretty much loose and undone.

I wonder how B's holding up.

"This vill only hurt fovr a vit..." Medic held her arm and shoulder, getting ready to pop it back into it's socket.

"Just... Do.. It.." She hissed through clenched teeth, her eyes shut. I had to hold her down, incase she started to struggle against Medic.

"Eins... Zwiel... DREI.." A loud pop echoed through the room, along with B shriek. She gripped onto my arm painfully, nearly ripping off my skin. Medic sighed, and patted his handy work. Her visit was over with. He stitched her up and healed up her up as much as he could.

"Vill then, rest your arm and you vill be all right." He wiped whatever blood remained on his hands.

"Grazie dottore... I don't know what i'd do without you."

We left his office.

So now it was just me.

And her.

It was a quiet walk down the hallway. Usually i'd be happily chatting away, but it just felt different...

"So. Uh... Hey B I just wanna say-"

"Thanks." I stopped and looked at her.

"Wait.. What?" She turned to me, her golden hazel eyes staring right at me. Oh God how long has it been since i've talked to a girl.

"I'm saying thank you. For saving my ass more than enough times. I shouldn't have blown you off like that. I'm just tired of how people expect me to stay home and be the 'typical' housewife. But even after putting up with my shit, you managed to help me. So.. Grazie messere Scout."

I felt weird having her call me by my class name. At this point we should kinda know each other more.

"Uh... Hey, tha' name's Tyler." I sheepishly rubbed the back of my neck. God I was awkward around women. No wonder everyone here called me a virgin.

There was a tug on the hem of my shirt. B smiled at me, it was the first time she looked actually happy.


Well.. Looked like a fresh start for a friendship.

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