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The sun was beating down on the empty road, the human Doctor had gotten the city to close the street.
It was a perk to being an actual government institution, that when an alien showed up he could just make a call and have the road closed, to stop the mass hysteria that always followed an alien sighting.

Another perk to being with the government, was that he could ensure that there wouldn't be anyone who was so thick, they wouldn't even consider anything coming from space being friendly. He looked down at the device in his hand "Any change?" asked Rose who was standing next to him.

"Not much they got a little closer, at this rate they'll get here in about, oh a year or so" he told her flashing her a boyish grin, he lived for days like this, though they came few and far between. He often found himself wanting his TARDIS, but then he remembered that, he and Rose still had their adventures even if they weren't happening every day like they used to.

He settled back in the chair he had commandeered from the little café, down the street, he figured that they would be there for a long time. Then down the street there was a huge explosion, that sent a shockwave that knocked him out of his chair, "Thought you said they weren't moving" gasped Rose from where she had landed.

The Doctor looked down, at the device once more "They haven't" he said as he checked the readings, the readings were steady. Up where the ship was slowly approaching the Earth, there hadn't been a single waver in the readings. The disruption came from just inside the Earths atmosphere.

He told Rose as much, then he gave her a grin and ran off in the direction of the explosion. Leaving Rose staring at the spot he had just been standing. She shook her head stood up and ran after him.

She found him, about halfway down the block, inspecting a hole in the street. "the explosion came from here" he told her. "But what caused it?" he said to himself, a moment later his question was answered as four men, climbed out of the hole and started to approach Rose and the Doctor. The Doctor took to his favorite mode of defense, and started trying to talk to the men walking towards them, "hello!" He said, enthusiastically waving at them, "I'm the Doctor this is Rose" this only seemed to make the strange men move toward them more quickly,

"Right then not big on the whole talking thing then. Can you just answer me one question though?" the men paused in their approach, "good right then Rose what should we ask them?" he asked Rose, but he didn't wait for her answer, before he carried right on talking, "Where did you guys come from? What were you doing in a big hole in the ground?" he asked, one of the men held up a hand, "That is two questions we only agreed to answer one" he said, "right sorry sometimes get ahead of myself can I try again?" the Doctor asked him, "no you had one chance our employer told us not to let you ask any questions Doctor" the man told them. "right then Rose new plan" he told her, Rose looked at him "Run?" she asked, "Run." he told her with a grin, then they took off down the street, away from the strange men who seemed to be after them.

They turned the corner, confident that their favorite plan would work, like it always seemed to, when they ran smack into the men who had crawled out of the ground, "Any other plans?" she asked the Doctor "Nope sorry plum out of ideas." he said as the men attacked them.

After the men had them subdued, one of them pulled out what looked like a communicator of some kind and said, "the first targets are collected" and then they were transported off of the small street that they had been in.


Jack was sitting at an intergalactic pub, doing what he did best, flirting with random strangers.
Tonight he found himself drawn to a young Silurian girl, who was sitting at the opposite side of the bar.
He walked up to her, held out his hand, and used the pickup line that always worked. Well almost always. "captain Jack Harkness. Who might you be?" He asked, giving her his signature smile. She returned his smile, and took his hand, "Selena" she told him, shaking his hand. Worked like a charm, as usual. He leaned on the bar, "Can I buy you a drink?" he asked, gesturing at the empty glass in front of her. Before she could answer, Jack was pulled off the bar stool by four men in business suits.

"Whoa hey what's this? Is she one of your girlfriends? If so I'm sorry. But hey we can work this out, right guys?" the men didn't respond, and Jack started to fight against the arms, that were pulling him backwards,
"Let's not be hasty" he said getting a little panicked. The men still said nothing. "C'mon guys can't we just talk about this?" the men were still pulling him towards the door of the pub. Once outside, the men threw him on the ground, pressed a button, and said, "second target collected" Jack was confused "wait second wha-" he started to say, as he was picked up by the transmat beam.


Sarah Jane was waiting for Luke after school let out.
She looked down at her watch, that doubled as an alien detector, it had been twenty minutes since school had let out, yet Luke an Clyde had yet to come out. Chances are Clyde had gotten them both in trouble again, she was getting ready to go in, and find them, when her watched beeped, announcing an alien roaming close by.

Sarah Jane opened the watch, to see the scanner inside it, so that she could find it. She looked up and it was then that she saw the four men in business suits, coming towards the car.

Sarah Jane got out of the car, and the men had gotten close enough to speak and the one in front looked at her, "Are you Sarah Jane Smith?" he asked, "I am" she said, her hand closing around her sonic lipstick. She was prepared to run at the drop of the hat. Then as one the men surged forward, blocking off all hope for escaping. The men started reaching for her one of them touched a button on his sleeve.

"Mum!" Sarah Jane heard Luke yell, and she turned to look at him, she locked eyes with him, and yelled, "Luke! Run!" just as she was picked up by the transmat beam.


Luke was running, he had just seen his mum disappear, it appeared, she was picked up by some sort of transmat beam, the oddest thing was, just before the men had disappeared, in the same fashion they had said, "third target collected" he didn't know what to do, he had wanted to run to where his mum had disappeared, but Clyde said that they had to get some help before they could go after them, that was when Luke had gotten the idea, "The Doctor!" he exclaimed, The Doctor would know what to do. And he put on more speed as he ran home.


Martha honestly couldn't believe, that even after so many months, Jack was still treating her, and Mickey like rookies, right down to them having to go get the coffee or pizza, today they where sent to get fish-n-chips from a shop halfway across Cardiff. While he was no doubt off flirting again.

They where about half way there, when they saw the four men standing at the corner, watching them. One of them pointed at them, then in unison they nodded, and started toward them. Martha nudged Mickey, and pointed at the men coming towards them, the man in the front nodded, " Martha and Mickey Smith?" He asked them, Mickey and Martha shared a look, and Mickey nodded at the men, "Yeah that's us who's asking?" Mickey said trying to sound tough. The four men surged forward, "Uh Mickey" Martha said, "We should run" Mickey nodded, but they hadn't even finished turning around, when the men grabbed them and she heard one say "fourth targets Collected."


That morning Donna Noble had woken up, and it was like someone had thrown a bucket of water on her head. It was like she had been asleep for years, because for a couple of years she almost could have been. Because that morning, she remembered. She had gotten up, and gone through the whole morning listening to her mother blather on, about how she was wasting her life being a temp, even over the phone she could drive Donna insane. Telling her mother she had to go, she hung up the phone, and walked out the door.
It was about lunch time, when the men showed up. She had just finished talking to a customer, and was excusing herself, to go get some lunch. Walking out of the building, Donna saw four men, who seemed to have appeared out of nowhere, coming towards her she didn't pay them any mind, as she crossed over to the small chip shop, across the street. That is until a hand closed around her arm, "Oi!" she yelled pulling her arm away. "Keep your hands off of me Sunshine!" the man said nothing, but he pressed a button, and Donna felt a strange rushing sensation. Right before the busy London street disappeared, she heard one of the men say "Fifth target collected" Then she knew no more.


Jenny was doing the one thing she loved to do the most, she was fairly certain that she got it from her dad, and that was running. Not just running, but running from aliens. Her latest pursuer, was a platoon of Sontarans, or as she liked to call them potato men, in retrospect that was probably a big reason why they were so intent on catching her, and punishing her. "stop" they yelled. Jenny laughed, and ran around the corner, and came to a wall that she could easily get over, she sighed now climbing was not one of her favorite things in the world, but she could do it as easy as breathing, she took a step back, and took a running jump, and scaled the wall easily, once she reached the top, she heard her pursuers, turn into the alley and cry "Stop! There is no escape the Sontarans are victorious Sontar-Ha Sontar-Ha" she had already made it to the top, she stood on the top of the wall.

She turned and grinned down at them, "not quite potato boys you're forgetting that there is no more street on the other side of this wall. Honestly you call yourself war lords, yet you can't even catch one girl! Sontar Ha Ha more like!" she laughed as she dropped down the other side of the wall. And right into the arms of four men that were waiting on the other side of the wall "OI! Let go!" she yelled at the top of her lungs she had just finished aiming a very strategic kick, when she felt an odd rushing feeling, and heard the men say "sixth target collected." and then she blacked out.


River came into her room, and sat down heavily on her bed, she picked up the photo that she kept on her nightstand, it was a picture of her mum, Amy holding her as a baby, it was Rivers only baby picture, and one of the only pictures she had of her mother, there wouldn't be anymore, amazing adventures with her and dad.

Not now that they were trapped in the past. It hadn't really sunk in right away, but River probably wouldn't see them again.

She leaned back on the headboard, and sighed. Suddenly there was knock on the door. Getting up River grabbed her gun, and moved to the door, she kept the gun hidden behind the door as she answered it.
There standing in the doorway was four men, she had never seen them before, but the man closest to her looked at her, "Are you professor River Song?" he asked.

"yes I'm River Song are you here about the expedition to the Library?" she asked. The man didn't answer, but he, and the rest of the men moved into the room. The men hadn't taken more than two steps into the room, when River had her gun pointed at them.

One of the men paused at the sight of the gun in her hand, but then started forward with sure movements.
River shot at him, but he raised his hand and the bullet stopped in mid flight, and dropped to the floor.
River stared at it in shock, as the men closed in around her, then through the door entered a fifth man.
"River Song the woman that kills the Doctor. It's a shame you didn't actually do it"

The man smiled at her. "No it can't be your dead he told me you were dead." River said once she realized who he was. "yes well, we all know that even, the Doctor gets it wrong sometimes right River?"
She would have said more, but then the transmat beam came, and took her away.


When Luke got home, he dashed up the stairs, and into the attic "Mr. Smith I need you!" he said.
The music flared, and the Zylock came out, and asked Luke what he needed "I need to get a hold of the Doctor, can you reach him?" "yes Luke attempting to call, the TARDIS" Mr. Smith said. A moment later, the screen changed, and Luke found himself looking into the control room of the TARDIS. "Hello?" he asked carefully "Oh! Hello. Luke to what do I owe this pleasure?" said the Doctor, straightening his bow tie
"Doctor someone took my mum! Can you help me get her back?" Luke said, panic seeping into his voice.
"Of course Luke, but first can you tell me who your friends are?"

Luke turned slowly, and gasped when he saw the four men who had taken Sarah Jane, standing in front of the door, blocking the only way out of the room. The men surged forward, and grabbed Luke. "Luke!" he heard the Doctor yell, from Mr. Smiths screen, one of the men pushed a button on his wrist, and Luke felt a rushing sensation, as he heard the four men say "eighth target collected" A moment later, there was a rasping wheeze, as the TARDIS materialized in the center of the attic, and found it empty, there was no sign of Luke anywhere in the room.


Amy and Rory were walking through Central park, they had just watched the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, from the best seat in the house, they had been sitting right in front of Macy's, "how many people can say they've been to the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, fifty years before they're born?" Amy asked, grabbing Rory's arm, "well I can say with certainty, that there probably isn't many people who can say that, considering that most people aren't around, before they're born" Rory told her. Amy grinned at him.

"I love not being most people!" she said breaking away, and dancing down the street, leaving Rory, having to run to catch up, laughing and calling out, "Amy!" When Rory caught up with her, he grabbed her hand, spun her around, and kissed her. When they finally pulled back, Rory whispered, "God I love you." Amy grinned at him, and pulled him in for another kiss. When they finally started back on their way home, they turned a corner, and ran smack into four men, who had been coming from the other way.

Amy backed up after running into them, and muttered a quick sorry. But the men, where still walking towards them, and when Amy and Rory moved to the side, to let the men pass. The men followed. Amy and Rory exchanged a look, nodded, and turned to run. They got about a block, before they turned the corner, and they found themselves, up against the four men once again. Two of the men came forward, and grabbed Amy's arms, while the other two grabbed Rory, they felt a rushing and heard the men say, "ninth targets collected"


The Doctor stepped out of the TARDIS, just as the door, to Sarah Jane's attic swung open, to reveal a dark skinned boy standing there, "Luke?" he said softly looking around, jumping when he saw the Doctor, standing in front of him. "Who are you?" he asked the Doctor. "I'm the Doctor" the Doctor told him. "who are you?"

"I'm Clyde Luke's friend." the boy that Doctor now knew, was named Clyde said "uh? Where is Luke?" Clyde asked, confused as he looked around, realizing that Luke wasn't there. "that I would like to know. He called me, so that I could help him find his mum, but then four men showed up, out of nowhere, and took him" the doctor said, looking around "so this is Sarah Jane's base of operation, it isn't quite as nice as the TARDIS, But hey not everybody can have a blue box that's bigger on the inside. Can they Clyde?"
Clyde looked confused, like he didn't quite know how to answer the Doctor.

He whipped out his sonic, and scanned the room quickly, and read it, "hmmm. It looks like a transmat beam. That explains why you didn't see the men pass you downstairs." the Doctor was still looking around, trying to find a way to figure out why four men would have taken Sarah Jane, and her son. When it hit him he had heard the men say something before Luke had disappeared, "Clyde!" he said causing the boy to jump "did the men who took Sarah Jane say anything before they disappeared?" Clyde looked confused, "yeah they did, something along the lines of third target collected." Clyde told him "Why?" the doctor looked at him straightening his bow tie.

"because when they took Luke they said eighth target now the only question is who's targets, one, two, four, five, six, and seven" he said "okay Clyde, I'm fairly sure you'll be safe, but you better get home" "wait! What about you?" Clyde asked the Doctor. "well I'm going to find Luke, and Sarah Jane, and whoever else is missing" the Doctor said as he turned, and ran into the men who had returned, while the Doctor and Clyde, had been talking the Doctor, backed away slowly, he looked back at Clyde, "when I say so run" he whispered, then he grinned "Run!" he shouted, and he and Clyde took off running, down the stairs at the bottom of the stairs, Clyde froze the Doctor almost running into him, he was about to ask why Clyde, had stopped when he saw, what had caused him to freeze there, blocking the doorway was the four men that, they had just left upstairs, "that's just not fair!" the Doctor said, as he moved in front of Clyde.

"who are you?" the Doctor demanded. The men said nothing, "alright then who do you work for?" the man closest to him turned, and looked at the Doctor, "the identity of our employer is classified" the man said, "oh come on like I would tell anyone!" the Doctor scoffed. "it is you that it is classified from" the man told him simply, "can you at least tell me this much? Why are you collecting people? Why these people?" the Doctor asked, "it is our employer's orders and they have been selected because of you because of their connection to you." the man in front, took a step forward and said, "and now we will finish our job with the last target on our list" the man touched the Doctors shoulder, and said into the communicator in his other hand, "final target collected" then the Doctor felt the unmistakable sensation of a transmat beam, just before it pulled him away, he heard the man say to the others, "collect his ship our employer wants his ship."

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