I was just a kid. It wasn't my fault. Shaiden told herself that night like she did every Christmas. Christmas is supposed to be everyone's favorite holiday full of cheer and pure innocent joy. Not for her. Only Thorne knew why she hated Christmas and he knows that its a subject to never touch. That night Shaiden promised herself not to fall asleep but fatigue took over and she passed out. She had only been asleep for minutes and the screams filled the air in her dreams she saw the car crash and kill her parents, brothers, and twin sister. She knew they were dropping her off at gymnastics and that if she hadn't have gone that night they still would have been alive. Only Thorne and herself made it out of that accident on that Christmas Eve so long ago. Shaiden had a double whammy because Christmas is also her birthday but she never celebrates and Thorne always forgets. She got out of bed and paced a few times. She jumped and landed hard on the ground but knew she wouldn't wake the others because afterall she is a ninja. She then plopped herself down on the ground and realized that since she was infact alone she could do something she hadn't for a while. She just let her emotions out. She sat and bawled her head off silently. After a bit she ran out of tears and her head hurt so she stopped crying but that thick feeling of grief still hung in her stomach. Merry Christmas she said to herself. "And a happy birthday to you." Shaiden jumped at the voice and swung around. Her brother was standing there smiling until he saw her face. It was bright red and tear stained. His face went from amusement to sympathy in about three seconds. "You know it wasn't your fault that was ten years ago and you were only six!" She didn't really believe that and did something just as rare as crying. She ran to her brother and just held him tight. Thorne was taken aback but hugged her back. Suddenly Shaiden and Thorne both heard a noise and turned expecting to see an attacker and pulled out their splatana and mace. "WOAH! Um I was just going around to everyone saying Merry Christmas you don't have to kill me!" Kook looked at them with a fearful smile as they both lowered their weapons then noticed Shaiden's face. "Shaiden what's wrong you look like someone died. Sheesh it's Christmas cheer up everyone loves Christmas!" Thorne gave Kook a seriously look then face palmed. Shaiden just looked at him hard then her big brown eyes welled up with large gemstone sized tears and then she sprinted out of the room. Thorne glared at Kook and Kook said "What! Was it something I said?"

A/N I know it's kinda short but I have wondered about her past. Also why would they replace her on splatalot with 3 new people?!