"Why did you come back?! I told you to never ever come back!" "Look I'm sorry I had to come back Dad!" "Why?! What was so important that you had to come back?!" Shaiden's eyes welled with tears as she told him "Thorne died! That is what's so important!" Louis protectively put his arm around Shaiden when her father raised his hand but it caught Shaiden off guard when he dropped his hand without striking her. Later that night she slept in her and her old twin sister's room. She looked at the pictures felt more grief than amusement. She remembered that she would still have her twin sister, who was her best friend, if she hadn't have gone to gymnastics that night. Oh how she wished Thorne was wished she was home at the castle, splatting kids and taunting them with witty comments right next to her brother and her friends. She wish Crocness was here so she could talk to her again. She almost wished Kook was here to make her laugh. Apparently when she wishes for something it comes true. She heard a hard knock on the door so she got up and opened the door. As soon as she opened it she banged her head. On thick blue chainmail. "Ouch! Wait OH MY GOD! THORNE!" Thorne actually smiled when he saw her and gave her a big hug. "Don't you ever make me come back here again. Wait, how are you alive?" "I know a thing or two about medicine too Shaiden!" Crocness beamed at her when she walked in. Next came Kook who looked exhausted. "Just- flew- to-England-with-two-people-on-my-back!" He stated wheezing with each word. His face was red from the cold but became crimson red when she kissed him on the cheek. "Who is he?" Louis asked when he came in and pointed to Kook not noticing Crocness standing behind him. "Who is he?" Kook asked looking more angry. "Um thats Louis he's my boyfriend." As Louis turned around satisfied with that answer he ran into the Crocness monster and he screamed. Crocness's eyes widened and she covered her ears until he was done screaming. "Who...what is that...that beast?" Croc's eyes widened more then she turned on her heel and left. Shaiden looked over at Thorne and Kook who's eyes were both widened and jaws were hanging open. She then glared at Louis then followed after her.

Thorne followed after her but got intercepted halfway there. He rammed into Shaiden hard and she went down. When she got up she glared hard at him then rubbed her head. "Yeah I know how that feels!" Thorne said while smiling feebly. He expected to have an eye roll and an annoyed little sister look, but the look her got was pure ferocious anger and a furious growl. He furrowed his brow and took a step back. "She ran off into the woods, I was picking up on her when you ran into me, now I can't pick her up and you know she'll blend right in! I'll never be able to find her!" With that she stomped her booted foot and stormed off leaving Thorne there still confused. He looked off at Kook who was peacefully drifting in the air while sleeping. So he followed after his sister. He may not be telepathic but he could tell she was there. There were little footprints and her favorite hair tie was lying in the dirt. He knew something was off because she never leaves obvious clues like that. So he ran. He ran until he couldn't breathe anymore. He got to the edge of a shallow clearing. That's when he saw a sight that made him turn more red than blue. He saw his dad yanking Shaiden by her hair through the woods. He looked for her eyes to tell her a plan but they were winced shut. He noticed her clothes were bloody and dirty. The adrenaline pumped through his veins and he took on his dad. He dropped Shaiden in a haste because he was surprised then he ran but when he turned there was Crocness. He had been on one side and Thorne on the other they attacked. "You are too late! She won't remember any of you by the time she wakes up! I gave her a few good whacks with a tree in the head. Thorne you and I both know that you can't cure memory loss no matter how hard you try. Isn't that right Crocness?" His father said. "What-what are you talking about?" She answered. Then Thorne realized that Crocness's past was not only a mystery to everyone else but to herself too. "Oh maybe you'll recognize me like this my dear, Sydney Lawrence." Then it hit Thorne, He had dated this really pretty brown haired, brown eyed,tan, australian girl named Sydney Lawrence

Oh. Oh.Oh! He realized this pretty girl was his he looked over at his dad, he was... he was... green. He was the same brutal man that had killed him only hours before. Then he realized more, he was always aiming for Shaiden because she killed his mom by accident. He did a quick roll of the mace and scared his evil father away. Then he heard a rustling followed by moans and little gasps. He turned around to see Shaiden holding onto her head. She was looking at him and Crocness like they were the situation got worse. Kook came trampling through the forest while arguing with Louis. "Shaiden! Louis won't leave me alone! He keeps asking questions and being mean!" Kook shouted so loud that even Thorne flinched and he wasn't the one with the supersonic hearing like Croc or Shaiden. He looked over at Croc and she had her eyes closed tight and her hand went up to her ears. Kook motioned sorry to her then went to do it to Shaiden but she was looking at him like he was a dinosaur. "What's up with her?" Thorne shrugged then kneeled down to her level but she scrambled backwards. He looked up at Croc and she just shrugged. "Shaiden what's wrong? You can tell us." "I can't tell you anything until you tell me who you are." Thorne's face went slack when he looked at the top of her head. It was strewn with large bumps and cuts. "Shaiden it's us." "I don't know who you are!"