So first of all, this is my first fic. I've had it hanging around on my computer for like forever and even though I haven't finished it I really wanted to get it out there. Anyways, I'm British so if I spell things weird I'm sorry... unless you're Canadian... then my spelling's good and I'm not sorry :P. I'm accepting any type of critique including flames, unless you just wanna butthurt. Soooooo on with the show I guess.

Disclaimer: I do not own or can take any credit for the making of the following things: Danny Phantom, Iron Man, Superman, Fantastic Four, Jessica Alba, Toasters, The Empire Strikes Back, The Phantom Menace (thank god), Attack of the Clones and Johnny Depp (unfortunately).

An Explanation

6:30. Seriously, who gets up at 6:30? Apparently the Fenton's do. Apparently it's necessary to start every single second of our lives the same. Teeth, shower, you name it. But you don't want to hear about that so let me tell you the basics. My dad is a superhero.

Sounds cool I know but you kinda wanna imagine if your dad was a superhero. If your dad laughed at danger in the face...pretty literally. Okay so he's not so much a super hero, I mean... he has ghost powers, making him Amity Park's own 'Danny Phantom'. Well his ghost powers are hard to explain. He can go invisible, fly, shoot rays outta his hands and a ton more. He's like a ghost version of a mixture of Iron Man, Superman and that girl from Fantastic Four. The one that Jessica Alba plays? I don't know comic books but basically he can do a lot of shit. That's still pretty awesome you gotta admit.

However, no matter how cool my dad would seem, he's still my dad and the rest of the world seem to rely on him to save them from sudden attack. That's why I never ask for help with my homework.

You see few people know Danny Phantom's true identity. These few include a whole federal organization known as the Guys in White. After discovering Phantom's secret, the Guys in White took him as their ally and not their enemy. Now he works for them, day in day out, tracking and kicking ghost ass where ever they tread.

So what you might be contemplating is why I'm thinking about my daily routine instead of the fact that my dad is a freakin' superhero. That would be because my family live like anyone else. In suburbia, under different names and sworn to secrecy. This means that despite my family's typical appearance, parents go to work and kid goes to school routine, there will always be something more to the Fenton family.

Though this means that I can't tell my friends anything. Not a word. It's true that my friends have noticed my keen interest in a particular ghost. I fear though, that they believe I have a crush on this public figure. Ew. However they are none the wiser and I don't think I'll ever let them be. It's for their own good I know, I just wish I had someone to talk to about it...

I 'fessed to you right? It doesn't matter though you're the reader, you can't tell anyone. Sooooooooo... today was gonna be like any other day. I was gonna wake up and embrace my exceedingly beneficial education once again. Nah, I'm just kidding. I go to Casper high.

What I wanted to do today was make sure that my dad was out of harm's way like I try to everyday. I have a tracking device that I keep with me and it beeps every time my dad gets into a fight. It's like my own ghost sense. I know, I know, I sound like an overprotective mother who won't let their kid leave their house in fear they'll catch the result of a deadly plague. But you gotta realise my dad gets into a lot of trouble. So much so I have to go to school and live my life while knowing that the majority of the time some random ghost is attempting to make his pelt their trophy. My mom was always with my dad back in their heyday and she was always with him when he fought ghosts. She is now as well, as she too works with the Guys in White. I don't know where he is; I don't know what he's doing or what's happening to him.

They insist, however, that I go to school and do what is expected of me. When I say nobody knows I mean nobody. Not the teachers or school councillors or even those closes to me. Nobody knows. They never will.

I trudged downstairs anticipating my mundane school day, but was welcomed by affectionate parents. This was something I greatly appreciated. 'Morning sweetie,' my dad greeted me, then kissing my forehead. Most teenage girls would squirm at the love he showed me, but too many times had I witnessed my dad's near death experiences. It was comforting to me. I hugged him back but when walking to the toaster groaned irritably. 'Wow, she really is a teenager now huh?' he looked at my mom. I turned around, catching his gaze and light-heartedly gave him evils. He just laughed at my attempt to make his brain explode.

'Did she even say anything?' my mom asked while reading the news.

'No, but you used to be like that.' My dad grinned. Now it was my mom's turn to scowl, but she couldn't hold it for very long.

'Whatever you say, Inviso-bill.' She giggled.

'Hey, you swore you would never repeat that!'

'What?' I asked

'Never you mind. Ready for school?' I raised an eyebrow at him. 'I'll tell you some other time.'

'I suppose that's better than "I'll tell you when you're older",' I shivered, remembering when they had finally told me those things. That was an uncomfortable afternoon. Anyhoo, I waved my parents goodbye and on a small amount of sugar to keep me going, I trekked off to the place I least wanted to be right now. Well, any kid would least want to be right now.

Upon arrival I met with the people I knew very well, but who don't know the whole truth about me. As usual Greg was passionately ranting about... something and Charlotte just had the look of 'I think you're totally wrong' all about her.

'You're seriously telling me that Attack of the Clones is a better movie than Empire Strikes Back. You're actually telling me, that George Lucas's money-grabbing prequels are better than the effort and attention they put in back in 1980. Are you kidding me?' his face now turning red with disbelief and anger. (I don't really know if you guys even like Star Wars, you may do. I just wanted to make an accurate portrayal of a boy. I like Star Wars if no one else does :D).

'Yeah, but the old movies don't have Hayden Christensen in them,' Lottie said, making it sound like Greg had asked the most obvious question in the world, while overly chewing her gum. Greg responded with an intense, and I mean intense face-palm. I could see the red mark slowly forming on his forehead afterwards.

Looking at me he asked, 'You agree with me right?'

'Undoubtedly.' I responded.

'Thank you,' he said while throwing his hands in the air.

'She's lying. Her favourite movie is Phantom Menace for... obvious reasons.' She started smirking at me for this.

I scrunched up my face exclaiming, 'There is no justifiable reason why anyone should like Phantom Menace,' (sorry guys but it's true) 'and I don't like him! He's like...forty,'' And he's my dad!' I screamed in my head.

'Johnny Depp's like forty,' Greg smirked.

'Johnny Depp doesn't age. It's like... scientific fact.' I argued.

'Well while Kelly has a taste for older men, I've set my sights on a more,' she paused leaving us in fake anticipation, 'suitable candidate,'

I sighed. Greg teased. 'Oh goody! Who is it this time?' he said sarcastically, his tone dropping to clearly uninterested.

'I'll tell you at lunch,' she said smiling and walked off.

'Oh the suspense, I just can't take it!' Greg grabbed my shoulders and shook me while over-dramatically stating this. Though slightly surprised by his actions, it was a very Greg response. It amused me.

'Get to class!'The voice of an out of shape, elderly teacher startled me but angered my companion. Greg always had an irrational hatred for Mr Lancer. I think it was the F in history though.