Dear Journal:

We've dealt with issues of jealousy and envy before, but none quite like we were subjected too, when Paul came to town. You are just seeing the first

glimps of what he put us threw and when this is all said and done, there is going to be a path of distruction miles wide and years deep, but with

the strength of Family and especially love, we all will persevere.

I have been a quiet force amongst a bevy of outgoing ones, but I am fierce, when push comes to shove and when push came to shove, I was the

victor, I flipped back the switch.

Recovering from horror,



Spending as much time as he could with Nate, Cas was becoming a regular fixture at the hospital. The Staff knew him by name and that was getting on Paul's

nerves. Why the kid had to hang out all the time, when he worked with Nate, was getting in the way of finishing the plan to get Sonny back into his life. Since the

investigation into Derrick's death was stalled due to lack of evidence and a plethora of red tape, Paul seemed confident that he was going to get away with murder,

that is if this kid would just stop being Nate's shadow. He was really becoming a pain in his ass and when he walked into the PT Room and saw Nate wasn't alone, yet

again, he let out what he thought was a silent groan. With reticent determination, Paul quickly made his way to the table and looked on as Nate worked his hand,

in mock food prep excercises, and he was actually impressesed with the kids knife skills. "Seems your fingers are doing what your brain is telling them this morning,

Nate." Paul said, as he took a seat next to his patient and looked at Nate's hand.

"It hurts like a bitch". Nate said, as he put the plastic knife down. "My knife set is much heavier than this, and I know that I'll never..." He started to say, when Cas

kicked his leg under the table and stared him down. "Or I mean, It'll be harded to use than the plastic one." Nate said, changing his tune.

"I wish I could give you permission to bring in your set, but with the security so high, it's more of a hassle at this point." Paul said, typing in some notes. "Besides,

when I let you go, you're going home right? So, work on it there. However, I don't want you going back to work in the kitchen just yet, or should I say in a prep

capasity. Let's continue with the work there and see what happens in a couple of weeks."

Nate nodded and massaged his hand. The pain of using the fingers he had burned so badly, was difficult at times, but he wanted, no needed to get his hand back,

like he needed his next breath.

Paul extented his hand to both young men and watched as they headed out of the door, hand in hand. He wished when he was young like them, he would have been

that confident in who he was, then maybe, he and Sonny could have been together, raising such an amazing family.

"More important things to worry about Paul. Will Horton-Kiriakis needs to be finished, and put away. Let's go see how close we are to making that happen." He said

to himself as he left the PT room and headed out of the department.


Back in Nate's room, he and Cas finished packing up Nate's things. "Are you sure you're okay with taking me home? Papa said he'd be more than happy to have

someone else take his business meetings. He wasn't expecting me to get released until tomorrow."

Cas rolled his eyes as he placed Nate's bag by the door, he wanted deperately to be alone with Nate, so hell yes, it was so okay to take him home. "Nate, I told them

I would, if they weren't able to, so don't worry. Besides, whom would you rather be with? Your hoverying parents or Me?" He said, lust in his eyes.

Nate looked way, ashamed at how he felt about the way he looked. He was thinking that Cas deserved better, far better than the likes of him.

Cas just shook his head, he didn't care for Nate's negative attitude and he wanted to do something to help get him out of it. He pulled his keys out of his pocket,

"Chris let me borrow his car, so lets go..." Cas said, and ushered Nate out.

They were met at the Nurses station by Will, who was signing the rest of Nate's release papers with the Duty Nurse. "So, I see you're ready to get out of here. "

Thanks again Cas, for taking him home. Sonny and I, really appreciate it." Will, said, put his hand on Cas' shoulder.

"It's not a problem." Cas said huskaly, a blush creaping up his neck, because he was hoping Will couldn't read the impure thoughts going threw his brain at the


Will nodded and Cas grabbed Nate's bag. Will hurried out as well, hoping that the powers that be, hadn't seen him enter the place. The last thing he needed is

anyone using this trip to get Nate against him.

As he raced to his car, he hadn't realized he was being watched. A few floors above, Paul was watching with loathing, as Will headed home. to the home that

should've been his and the family that would be, when all was said and done.

"You head on home, for now Dr. Horton, you head home. Soon, there will be nothing left for you, but distant memories of a faded life." He said, walking away from

his window and sitting down at his computer he brought up the web page he had been looking at and clicked "purchase". "Soon, all will be right, and Sonny will be

happier than he ever dreamed."

He said, closing up his PC and heading to see his next patient.


At the H-K house...

Nervous energy floating around both of them, Cas unlocked the door for Nate. Knowing that Will was at work and that Sonny was busy with his own work, he and

Nate would have the house alone for a long while. He was shocked when Nate turned to him once they got inside.

"You don't have to stay. I know you have your own work you should be doing. I'll be fine until one of my parents come home." Nate said, hoping he didn't sound

as cold had he felt.

Cas was mildly hurt by Nate's statement, but he didn't let it show on his face. He wouldn't let it show on his face. "I wish you would stop with the self pitty. You

know how much you hated it when I did it?" Nate nodded, face flushed with embarracement. "Yeah." He said, and turned away. "So, don't do it to me, Nate. I'm

not going anywhere. I've waited far too long to be alone with you and I ache to be with you." He said, putting his arms around Nate.

He felt Nate cringe and it stung only mildly. "What? Why do you do that?" Cas asked. "Am I hurting you?" He asked, staring into Nates eyes. But, he could see

that he wasn't hurting him physically, and turning away Nate grabbed his bag and headed for his room. He raced down the stairs and to his room. Cas wasn't far

on his heels.

When they got to Nate's room, Cas slammed the door closed and locked it. Standing in front of it. He fummed and stared daggers at his Boyfriend. Nate started to

empty his bag and when he felt Cas' hot gaze on him, he turned. "What? Why are you just looking at me like that?" Nate asked.

Cas let out a low angery sigh. "For weeks now, I've been by your side, every single step of your recovery. Almost every PT and OT session, when they removed

bandages, you name it, I've been there. I held your hand when you've screamed threw the pain, I've dried tears and I've tried to ease your pain. You are not going to

push me away now, Nate. " He said, putting his hands around Nate's face. "I love you, all of you, no matter what. When are you going to learn that?" Cas said

trying to ease his clenched jaw.

Nate blushed. He was usually the one to take this role. The role of protector, the role of soother, and he found it nice that Cas was taking a leading role, and

consoling him.

Taking a breath, Nate turned, " Look, I'm sorry. I was feeling sorry for myself and I know, I know better. I was trying to give you an out, a chance to rethink..."

He said, taking Cas' hand. Cas lifted a brow, "An out? A chance to rethink what? That I love you like crazy and I've been aching inside, every single day, since you

got hurt. I am not going anywhere, Nate. I love you, get that threw your thick skull." Cas said, and framed Nate's face for a kiss.

Letting his guard down, and allowing his fears to be drowned away, Nate surrendered to the passion he had for the Young man in front of him. Cas lifted his lips

from Nates and stared him in the eyes. He watched as Nate's already dark eyes, turned darker and it tortured the places in his soul that only Nate could touch.

"We'll take it slow and easy..." Cas said as his lips found their way to Nates, and his hand found places to roam as well.


At GIFT, Will was getting ready to settle in for a night of work at his desk. Taking a sip of coffee, he smiled at the blend that was "his", the one that Sonny made for

him, many, many years ago. "You need to hurry home, Jackson." He said to the photo on his desk. He hated when Sonny was away, even after all these years. He

knew that Norah needed her Papa, but sometimes Will just needed his Husband just as much.

Turning his attention back to his PC, he logged into his notes for a new medical artical he was co-writing with his Grandmother. He pulled up the notes she had sent

to him on a few cases they were working on together and he settled into the rhytem of the work.

Smiling he was happy at the amount of work he'd get done tonight. "This is good Grandma, I think we are going to have a winner here." He said to himself as he

typed away.

About an hour or so slipped by, when he heard it. The smashing of glass and he rolled his eyes. "God damned jerks accross the street. When are those parents going

to do something about them?" Will said, as he took off his glasses and sat them on his desk. He saved his progress, and pull the chair out slowly. Grabbing the

phone, he went to window and looked out. The house where the youngmen he had referred to was dark and there were no cars in the drive. Scowling to himself, he

wondered what or who could have made that noise, when he heard more smashing of glass.

Angry now, he started toward the office door. As he touched the knob, the lights flickered and the power went out. Cursing to himself, he felt his way to the small

cabinet on the end of his built-in shelf and pulled out a flashlight.

"Okay, you wanna play? So let's play, Damn it!" He yelled and headed out of the door braced for battle.


Meanwhile, downstairs at GIFT, Paul is making his way inside. Dressed in black and keeping in the shadows, he heads down the basement stairs to find his way to

the furness. He was happy that he took the tour of the place while Sonny was in town, and on his was first there, he placed the receiver for the light jammer, and

was able to turn the lights off with one flick of the remote he stuck in his back pocket. "Okay, now with the next phase of my plan. Sorry, Will you leave me no

choice." He said, as he eased down the last of the basment steps and hurried to the furness room.

Once there, it was easy to understand the set up and smiling he was happy to see gas heater. "I know it's near 80 degrees outside, but maybe they'll think you did

this by mistake or maybe not, it won't'll be dead." He said and caused the pilot light to go out, but the gas to pour out slowly.

Turning to go, he heard the sound of foot steps coming down the upper stairs. "Oh, you heard me come in did you? No matter, come on Will, this cat wants to

play." He said and slid into a dark corner of the room. Smelling the effects of his destruction, he smiled to himself and raised the mask he had around his neck.

"Better to be safe, than sorry, Will. And you'll be sorry." Holding his joy inside, he waited for the man in his cross hairs to arrive in his den of death.


Hours later, at the H-K House, Nate rolled over and opened his eyes. A sly grin forms on his face as he watches his Boyfriend sleep. Cas finally looked peacefull, and

not as upset or as stressed as he had only hours earlier.

Not wanting to bother him, Nate, slid out of bed, and quietly crept to his desk, to start some of the work he was behind on. He settled in, and tried to log into the

GIFT School website. He waited for it to come up and got a message that the network was down. "That's weird." He said out loud. He tried one more time and got

the same response. "Crap, what the heck?" He said to himself. Getting up, he grabbed his phone, he punched in the number for his Dad, and waited.

When Will didn't answer, he wondered if his Dad was already home and he hadn't heard him come inside. Getting up he, went to the door and started to go out.

"Hey, where are you going?" Cas asked rolling over in the big bed. Nate smiled, "Going to see if my Dad is home. He's not answering his phone and I forgot a book

at GIFT and I was going to see if he could bring it to me."

"Okay. I could get it for you, if he is home or doesn't answer you." Cas offered. And started to get out of the bed. "Hey, hey, you just wait, I'll be right back." Nate

said, not wanting to end his night of fun with Cas.

He ran up the stairs and there were only the lights he left on in the kitchen and then headed up the stairs. "Dad!" He yelled, but got no response. He looked into his

Parents room and it was empty. "Okay, so I'll just leave him a message." He said to himself as he walked down the stairs.

Cas was in the kitchen with his clothes on and Nate was instantly disappointed.

"Stop poughting. I'll be back. What book do you need?" He asked, slipping his shoes back on. Nate jotted it down, and gave the paper to Cas. "Hurry back, I'll

make us something to eat, you know, to get our strenth back up for later. He said with lust in his eyes.

Cas smiled, "I have all the energy I need where you're concerned." And walked out the back door before he could change his mind. He was happy GIFT was

only a block or so away.


Will was half way down the stairs, when he felt the presents in the room. He knew he wasn't alone. "There isn't any money kept here, and I've already called the

police, so you can save us both some trouble and just go." He tried, but got no response. Creeping down the rest of the staircase, Will eased his way around the

corner, and into the entry way of the house. He used this flash light and found the light switch. He flipped it on and off and nothing happened. "Well, I'd better

take care of this first." He said and headed for the utility box.

He reached the basement stairs and opened the door. He could smell the slight tinge of gas in the air and got a quick surge of fear as he eased his way down the

first couple of stairs. "I've always hated these." He thought to himself, and has he was about to take another step, he felt hands on his shoulders and a solid push.

He braced for impact as he tumbled forward and bounced down the stairs, with one hard knock on his head, he landed on the icy cement, and was out cold.

Paul crept out of the shadows, and went down the stairs. He knelt down and checked for a pulse. It was faint and smiling, he pulled Will closer to his death.

Will could feel the pressure of hands under his arms and the cold of the basement floor under him. Fighting to surface from his knock on the head, his eyes fluttered

open. He was shocked to find Paul hovering over him. "" He said, pain singing through his brain. Paul bent in, and whispered into Will's frightened

face. "Because Will, you have something or should I say someone I want. And by the end of this, I will be consoling Sonny, over losing you, and after that, I will be

one having him in my bed, and you will be a distant memory." Paul said, with impressive control. Will knew that he was dealing with someone completely on the

edge of reality.

"And what makes you think that he'll turn to you, once I'm gone?" Will said, defiantly. He tried to sit up, but the room swam from the effort. Paul was pleased to

see the pain on Will's face. And he laughed in response to Will's question. "Because you fool, you were just a subsitute, he loved me first, he wanted to marry

me first and because I was stupid enough to say no, he settled on you."

Will tried not to cringe at the words that Paul was spouting, because he knew that the younger version of him would have felt that way, but he knew better. Sonny

loved him and he loved Sonny, and their love was strong and real. "Paul, Sonny got over you along time ago and if you think that he'll just pick back up where you

two left off, THEN YOU REALLY ARE CRAZY!" Will spat, angry at the situation he was in, seeping out of every pore.

Paul knelt and shook his head, "No Doc, I was told I'm certifiable, and I'm going to prove it to you." He said with a grin, which sent chill's down Will's spin. And as

he watch Paul in horror, he began to think his time was about to run out.

"Sonny, know I love you, know that I have loved you since I can remember and I wouldn't leave you, unless I had too." Will said to himself. "tell the kids and grand

kids, I love them and I'm proud of them." He continued.

"JUST SHUT UP! YOUR PRAYERS WON'T HELP YOU NOW WILL!" Paul screamed and threw the first match and watched in glory when a pile of old dust rages

Will's Great-Grandma Alice used to polish her house, went up in flames. He knew it was just a matter of time before the flames would reach him.

"Paul, don't do this, please! My Children, Grandchildren, they don't need..." Paul raced over and kicked Will in the gut. "THEY DON'T NEED YOU! Sonny and I

will be there for them, don't you worry Will, don't you worry." He said in a manincing tone, that left ice on Will's heart. He was going to die and Paul was going to

takevover his life.


Cas parked on the street and hurried up the walk. He went around back and pulled out his key to open the back door. "He said the book should be upstairs in the

room we were in earlier, I guess I made him forget all about it..." He said with a naughty grin on his lips. "And he'll be forgetting it, when I get back too, for a little

while anyway." He said an impish grin on his lips. He raced up the stairs and headed towards the work room they had been in. He found the book and picked it

up. He stood for a while remembering that after noon, how intense the feelings he had for Nate, flipped a switch for him, each and everytime Nate touched him or he

touched Nate. It was like he could feel the love and the lust right down his to his very soul. He skin was so hot with the rememberance of touch right now, he had

to shiver.

And then he felt the hairs stand up on the back of his neck. He could feel eyes on him and he turned aroud slowly. Paul was framed in the door way. And the sound

of thunder, bolted through the house. He scenced it was going to rain, when he was on his way over and how omionus this was at the moment. "Paul, you here to

see Dr. H-K?" Cas said, with quiet compossor.

Paul grinned, and it iced it's way up Cas' spine. "In a way, yeah, I was here to see him..." he said, stepping into the room. "Die." Paul continued. And stalked in

toward Cas.

Cas backed up and putting his hand in his pocket, gripped his keyring. "DON'T COME NEAR ME!" Cas yelled and moved back towards the side door that lead to

another room and the back staircase.

"Where do you think you're going?" Paul said, reaching for Cas, who move again out of the way. Cas scowled and said, "Why are you doing this? " Paul laughed.

"I'm talking over for Will, taking over my family. He's had enough time with Sonny, now it's my turn." Paul said and Cas smirked. "Oh, is that so? And what all

the time they've had over the years and the family they built, it doesn't matter? Man, you really are crazy...or STUPID!" He screamed, as Paul lunged forward and

as he moved toward Cas, Cas pulled out the keyring he held in his pocket and struck out with keys between his fingers.

The wild scream that escaped Paul's lips was primal and the pain was in every aching tone of it. It sent joy to Cas' heart. Paul stagered to his knees and gritting his

teeth, he pulled his hand away, to find it full of blood. "You...will" He raged, "YOU...WILL...PAY..." He said again, stagering up on his feet.

Cas held the key ring in his hand and actived the defense spray. Never knowing he'd actually have to use it, he was preparing to defend himself, at all costs.

When Paul lunged forward again, he waited until he was facing his ememy and emptied the canister into Paul's, rageful face. "YOU WILL NOT TAKE OVER MY

FAMILY! Cas said with rage. "YOU WILL NOT KILL A LOVE THAT IS MORE POWERFUL THAN YOU WILL EVER BE!" Cas screamed, pushing past Paul,

raced down the stairs and through the house to find Will.

He saw the smoke first, then he heard the fire. The crackle and pop of breaking glass, and then he heard it, the faint "help" coming from the basement. He pulled

his shirt over his face and raced down the stairs. The sight was horrific. There was fire trailing around the room and he could smell the faint order of gas. He

Will over in a corner of the room and rushed over.

"Dr. H-K!, It's Cas." He said and knelt down to him. He checked for a paulse. Finding it faint, he pulled out his phone. Calling 911, he relaid the information as

best he could and disconnected the call. Sliding his phone in his pocket, not realizing he pushed a call into Noah, as he did so. He grabbed Will under the arms and

started hauling him to the stairs.

The effort was stagering, but he wasn't going to let him parrish, not on his watch. "Oh, God. The fire is spreading" Cas said out loud and pulled harder. Will stared

regaining consciousness, as the air around them got clearer. He started to struggle under Cas' hand and Cas got him to the stairs.

"WE NEED TO GET OUT OF HERE, WILL!" Cas yelled, as he tried to pull him up the first stair.

Focused on the room around him, Will saw the fire and eased up the stairs, backward on his butt. "I...I..can't walk". Will managed. "I think my leg is broken." He

continued and coughed as the smoked continued to fill the room.

Cas grabbed him under the arms and said, "then I'll pull you up, but we have to go, before the house blows." Will nodded and they started the painfull journey up

the stairs.


Pacing around the kitchen, Nate was wondering what was taking Cas so long. He pulled out his phone and dialed him one more time. It rang a couple of times and

finally someone picked up.

"Hhhhello?" Cas said. Still saking from narrowly getting Will out of the GIFT House.

"Where are you? I thought you were coming right back?" Nate said. Letting out a breath. Cas shut his eyes and steadied his hands. "TTThere wwwas aaaa..." he

studdered, not able to form a complete sentence in his mind, let alone from his mouth.

Noah came across Cas, who was hold his phone, with tears falling down his cheeks. Understanding the situation, he pulled the phone out of Cas' trembling hand

and said, "Nate, you need to meet us University Hospital, it's Dad."

Nate sat down hard on the chair next to him and said, "What happened?"

Noah sighed, "Someone tried to kill him and Cas saved his life. I've already called Papa, and Veah, so just get down there, we're about to leave GIFT, now." Noah

said and disconneted the phone. Turning the Cas, he said, "you too, come on, the EMT's want to check you out too."

Cas nodded and they headed to see the one waiting for him, in the front of the house.

Another Fireman, walked up to Noah, "Officer, we found a body inside the residence. It looks like he had too much smoke inhalation."

Noah nodded, "That would be Paul Norita. Cas said that Paul tried to kill him, and my Dad too. He set the fire, but I'm not sure if it was accidental or..." The fireman

held up a hand, "just on first look, there is no way that was an accident. In my opinion he wanted your Dad dead, plan and simple, Officer H-K." Noah nodded and

turned to Cas. "Can you tell me what happened?" He asked. Cas took a breath. "Hhhe, um...I came over to get a book for Nate. IIIII, I called for your Dad, and

he didn't answer. I went up to look for him and grab the book. While I was upstairs, Paul must of heard me, because he was just in the door way. He came at me

with all this rage, I've never seen that much rage. He said how Sonny was his and he was going to kill your Dad and take over his life...all of his life." He said

shaking his head. He stood and paced a bit as he talked. "When I knew I was in trouble, I dialed you, hoping you would just hear what was going on and get us

help. Yyyyour Dad wwwwas out cold and it was murder just getting him to the stairs, but all that smoke and ffffire..." He said with tears brimming his blue eyes.

Noah placed a hand on his shoulder. "Cas it's okay, I..." "No, Noah, I have to say this. I flashed on every moment I have ever had with your Dad, every

conversion, every look, every understanding, and just couldn't let him die. I care about you guys way too much to have ever let that happen. I'd like to go now

and make sure he's okay. " He said, tears finally escaping his eyes. He wiped one away and followed Noah to his car.


A few hours later...

Cas is a sleep in a chair, inside the private Family Waiting Room. Nate is sitting next to him, reading a book. He looks up, when Noah and Sonny walk into the

room. "He looks amazing considering. Now where is that Hero, you were tell me about?" Sonny said, as they rounded the corner.

Before another word could be spoken, Nate was up and out of his seat and into his Papa's arms, and the tears were pouring out of both of them. "You, um saw him?"

They won't let me see him, they keep saying I'm too young for the ward he's in." Nate said, full of worry.

"He's going to be okay, Nate. A broken leg, a concussion and some minor burns. A bit of smoke inhalation, but he's going to be okay. Cas saved his life, if hadn't

come in when he did..." Sonny broke off and choking up he turned away.

"He'd be dead? Is that would you were going to say, Mr. H-K, a, um Sonny." Cas said, as he wiped the sleep from his eyes.

Sonny turned around and smiled, "yeah, but thanks to you and your bravory, I get to take him home in a few days. I'll never be able to thank you enough." Sonny

said and gave the youngman a hug.

Cas, wiped a tear away and said, "you guys will never know what you do for me everyday, your my family, I'd do it again in a heart beat." And knowing this was

true, Sonny pulled Cas in for another hug.

Nate sat back, and rubbed his hand over his heart, and thought that this must be what it felt like, when you really loved someone.


A few hours later, after Sonny convinced them to go home, Cas and Nate were in Nate's bed, talking softly. Nate turned and was watching Cas, with deep affection.

Cas turned and looked at him, "What?" He said, embarassed.

"I love you, and I think I always have and will." Nate said and went in for a kiss. Cas returned the kiss and looked Nate in the eyes. "You are the best thing in my

life and I love you too."


At the hospital, Sonny is in Will's room, and holding his hand. The doctors said that Will would be out for a while, so Sonny eased in for a long night. He watched

this man he has love since he could remember and shed a tear for the idea that in a blink of an eye, he almost lost him, by the had of someone he had also loved.

"I am so sorry this happened to you. I am so sorry that he flipped out on you. Oh, God, if anything would have happend to..." He said and broke down.

He pulled himself onto Will's bed and held him tight. He felt Will's arms go around his, and he could feel Will's breathes steady as he held on.

"I love you, Sonny." Will whispered.

Sonny smile and bending his head into the back of Will's neck, he cried like a baby. "I love you too." He whispered in a choked sob. "I love you, too."