Adrienne had been healing for well over 8 months now and she was well on her way. She had the new prosthesis and was learning how to walk and God willing she would learn how to run. She was watching the twins and Nate at Sonny and Will's place. They were out on a date with John and Jason. Those two were still going strong and most of the town and their family were hoping that those to would take the next step and get married. Sami had been hinting toward it every time they were together, and she couldn't have been more obvious about it.

Sami: Lucas, they are in love, just like Will and Sonny, why shouldn't they get married?

Lucas: Sami, I just think that this should be up to them. I have never even heard them taking about it. How do you John even wants to ever get married? He hasn't ever had a good example of what a marriage should be.

Sami: You are wrong, Sonny and Will are a great example for them. I think that John is seeing, just the way they are, that you can be gay and still be happy and in love. They have had a great marriage, with all the ups and downs as anyone else and they are still together.

Lucas: Well I think that Will is alot like any Horton and he wants the "Tom and Alice" of marriages and I think with Sonny, it's possible.

Sami: Well, I see that for our other son, too. I see the way those two look at each other and it's-Will and Sonny and Tom and Alice kinda love.

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

The guys are arriving at Chez Rouge, and they are seated. Sonny orders a bottle of their best white wine.

John: You two look weird without the kids. I am not used to this-Sonny and Will.

Sonny: Hey, sometimes we just need to have WilSon time.

Will: Yes, or we will go insane. It can't be barbies and tonkas all the time.

Jason: You two play barbies?

Will: If I have too, I have been known to play with a barbie or two.

Jason: What about Ken?

Will: I will not touch that question-Sonny do you want to answer that?

Sonny: Ken doesn't like Barbie at our house, he's a GI Joe, Spiderman kinda guy-(Will and Sonny chuckle)

Jason: Wow-ok. I will just pretend I didn't ask it in the first place.

John: Right-So do you guys know what you wan to order?

Sonny: Yes, I am having my usual

Will: same.

John: I'm having the Steak- I skipped it last time, and I was very sorry I did.

Jason: I had this amazing chicken the last time we were here, and I need to have that again.

The couples place their orders and have some wonderful conversation. The subject turns to marriage and Jason gets this look on his face, and John doesn't notice, but it was Jason's que. He excuses himself for a moment and heads out of the diningroom.

John: That was odd, I wonder where he went?

Sonny: Not sure-Will you see where he headed?

Will: Nope.

John: Ok, you two are up to something, you've been acting kinda weird all night.

Jason arrives back to the table and looks a little more calm. He smiles at John and takes a knee in front of him. John gets this look on his face like "all of his dreams are about to come true".

Jason: I have been going over this all day and I still have know idea of what I want to really say to you. I love you, John-I know that much. Ever since I arrived here in Salem, you have been in my life-and once I had you in my system-there was going to be no getting you out. I want forever with you, will you marry me?

John: I...I(he is tearing up) never in a million years expected this, ever. But, I would be so honored to marry you-yes.

Will: Hell yeah. (clapping) Way to go little brother.

Sonny: Toast-To John and Jason-(he holds up his glass) may you two have a wonderful life together.

Will: I am so honored to have been here for this, congrats you two.

Jason: Thanks, now I think I can breathe- (he leans in and kisses John) and do that.

John: Did you two know about this?

Will: I'll never tell (winking)

Sonny: Me either (smiling)

The pairs enjoy the rest of their dinner and the company. John is dying to go home with Jason, but he makes the best of the night with his brother and Sonny. All good things will come to those who wait, he says in his mind.

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Will and Sonny arrive home and smile, because Adrienne is on the couch with all the kids-asleep. Sonny wakes her up to let her know that they are home. She smiles at him-

Adrienne: Well, I should get going.

Sonny: Do you just want to crash here? I'd hate for you to have any problem driving home- it is pretty late.

Adrienne: Your probably right- I should stay.

Will: Come on, I will get the pull out ready down in the rec room.

Adrienne: I will call Justin and let him know.

Sonny: Good- I will check on our gang.

Adrienne: How did things go tonight?

Sonny: John and Jason are getting hitched.

Adrienne: Yes! I was hopping we'd get another Wedding-I am so glad.

Will: It was a great proposal, but not as great as ours. (smiling)

Sonny: Yeah, I know what you mean. (turning to his mom) Alright, come on Mom, I will get you set up.

Will checks the locks and turns out most of the lights, and heads up stairs. He goes in and changes. He grabs some papers off of his desk and pokes his head the boys room, all is good-sound to sleep. He goes down the all and pokes his head in Norah's room, She is awake and sitting up in her little bed.

Will: Norah, sweets what is wrong? (he comes in and sits in the rocking chair they rocked her in, when she was a baby)

She gets up and climbs into his lap.

Norah: I had a bad dream, Daddy. I wanted Ginny, but I didn't want to call her to come up here.

Will: Why, she can do the stairs. It would have been ok-to call her.

Norah: I was scared she might fall down the stairs, like Noah did at her house.

Will: Well, I am home now. What was the bad dream about?

Norah: The bad time, when me and Papa were taken.

Will: Oh, sweetie, you are safe, and loved,-very loved. No one bad will take you, I promise.

Norah: Will you sing our song?

Will: Sure, cuddle down into the covers. "sleep my child and peace attend thee all through the night..."

Will sings a few lines of the song and she is back to sleep. He doesn't know it, but Sonny had stopped at the door on the way to their room and listened for a few minutes. He hadn't any idea that Will and Norah had a special song. He smiled at that.

Will checks the boys and they are fine. He picks up Noah's stuffy and puts in back in bed with him. He then creeps to the crib and smiles. Nate is getting big and is almost too big for the crib, but he and Sonny are just not ready to "give up the baby" yet. Him getting a big boy bed will say that there no more babies in their house and Will would really miss that-but it was a step that needed to be taken-someday. He covered him up and touched his forehead, gently. He couldn't believe how big his little ones were getting. Where had all the time gone? And now John was getting married. He remembered when his Mom had the twins, and he was so excited to be a big brother-the memories made him smile. He thought as he was walking out of the room, he should take flowers out to Gabi and Allie-Maybe this weekend. Me and Vaeh.

He entered his bedroom and Sonny wasn't in bed like he expected.

Will: Sonny?

Sonny: Be right out-(he called from the closet)

Will: Ok, just wondered where you were. (he starts to undress, and climbs into bed)

Sonny comes out of the closet and climbs into bed. He kisses Will's shoulder and Will smiles.

Will: you know this is my favorite part of the day. I mean, I love our kids and being with them and I love our family, but being alone with you at night, it's-

Sonny: Special?

Will: yes, that's the word. And do you know what would make it more special?

Sonny: If I did this (and he kisses him).

Will: Ok, that's what I was going to say, but I'll take that, and anymore if you got them.

Sonny: I have a lot, to give you. But first, do you always sing to Norah?

Will: Yes, if she has a bad dream, and always the same song.

Sonny: All through the night-

Will: Yes, I was song that as a small child.

Sonny: So was I.

Will: I hadn't any idea. But I think that is cool.

Sonny: Me too. -So now can I-

Will: Can you?

Sonny: Finish what I was trying to start with you?

Will smiles and gets closer to Sonny-they end their night making love and falling a sleep in each other's arms.