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The house on Lot Street had been empty for as long as I could remember. Hell, I was pretty sure it'd been empty my parents' whole lives too. It had become so much of my background - I saw it every time I walked out the front door, every time I checked the driveway to make sure Eve had made it home safely, every time I gazed out in the distance with my guitar in my hand - that when it was finally torn down, it felt like a piece of me was missing.

Not that I had ever cared so much about it. It hadn't had any special meaning to me. It had been a house, and not a very attractive one at that. Over the years, it had begun to look less and less house-like, and more like something I saw in the zombie video games Shane and I were so often playing.

When Eve had gone through her "I'm going to become a photographer" phase, she had spent a few days taking photos of the old place. And she was talented enough to make them look like something you'd see in a magazine. I loved how she could take something that I took for granted every day and turn it into something beautiful. It was one of the many things I loved about her.

It was Shane who first noticed it. I woke up that morning with Eve's still sleeping form warm beside me. We had been married for three months now, and it was still the greatest feeling in my life when I looked down at the white gold ring I now wore on my left hand. Things had been changing here in Morganville since the destruction of the draug and their leader Magnus, and they hadn't been for the better. But when I looked down at my hand, things always seemed just a little brighter.

Eve murmured sleepily as I got out of bed in the room we now officially shared, and I rested my hand on her head as she drifted back to sleep. I dressed quietly in the bathroom we now shared, and left the bedroom, shutting the door softly behind me. I made my way to the fridge and got out one of my sports bottles, heating it in the microwave for a few seconds just to get the chill off. I drank my breakfast, rinsed out the bottle, and headed into the living room.

I was always the first one up in the morning, so I was pretty shocked to see Shane standing at the front window staring out into the front yard. "Dude, look," he said, stepping aside to give me a view. Human construction workers were in the yard across the street, demolishing the house that had been the backdrop of so many memories.

"Huh," I replied. Like I said, the house wasn't something important to me, but it was a strange feeling, watching something in Morganville be torn down. "I wonder what's going on."

"They probably finally realized that place was an accident waiting to happen," Shane commented. And I had to admit he was probably right. As a matter of fact, a lot of buildings here in Morganville had been damaged irreparably after the battle with the draug. As I understood it, the draug had a tendency to destroy buildings much more quickly than normal wear and tear. It wasn't a new thing to see houses being torn down or remodeled, not anymore, but still - the houses that had been repaired so far were all actually lived in. The rulers of this town weren't the sort to waste time and money better spent elsewhere just to keep a few humans safe - at least, they weren't anymore.

I watched the destruction for a few more minutes before sitting down and turning on the television. There had to be something good on tv, or at least on Netflix. And if not, well I could always pop on a video game and count on Shane joining me. Shane still stood by the window, as if he was wondering if the demolishing of the house across the street had some sort of meaning. He'd had these moments since his encounter with the draug. We didn't talk about his time in that place too much, but Claire had confided in me that the monsters had taken all of Shane's hopes and dreams and perverted them into something that poisoned his very soul. There were more reasons than one why I was glad we had killed the bastards.

I flipped the TV to some Discovery Channel show about survival and relaxed into the couch. Soon, Shane left the window and went into the kitchen, presumably to make breakfast for the others. I thought back to the photos Eve had taken of the old house, and wondered what would be going up in its place. Turned out, I didn't have to wait long.