A.N. I hope you guys enjoy this. This is my first fanfic and I hope it's at least decent. Enjoy!

You know how in kindergarten you can just walk up to someone, not knowing anything about them or their past, and become instant best friends? My school is no different. My best friend is this really nice girl, Angela, and she absolutely means the world to me. Now I know this is a bit pathetic, but my only other best friend is my brother, Emmet. He is a big bear a boy, even since he was 4. He might come off as a mean tough guy, but that's just not him. He is a big teddy bear and gives the best hugs! Anyways, they are my best friends, and honestly I don't think I would be here today if it wasn't for them.

In my tiny little town called Forks, everyone knows one another. Carlisle is the town doctor, and with my lack of hand-eye-coordination and balance, it seems I basically live at the hospital. I greeted all the nurses by their first names, and they greeted me by saying, "Bella? Again? You should be more careful…" I knew Esme, because when I was younger and would scrap my knee by falling off the monkey bars she would read me a story and give me a lollipop to help me feel better. Since my dad was chief of police, and my mom lived in a different state entirely, I never got to see my real parents much, so Esme and Carlisle became my new, "parents" and they loved me just as much as they would their own daughter. I felt special when I was by them, they actually would care for me and take time to make sure I was comfortable.

So obviously, when they adopted four kids in 2nd grade, I really felt jealous and left behind again. The kids the nice couple adopted turned out to be worse than monsters in a horror movie, or even worse than those dinosaurs you would see in Jurassic Park. The kids they adopted, Edward, Rosalie, Alice, and Jasper, they were my tormenters, the banes of my existence, my enemies, quite simply, they were sent from hell to be my bullies.

The things they would do to me. The pranks they would pull. The humiliation I suffered throughout elementary and middle school. You know, its shit like that that drives many teenagers to suicide. Including me. I remember that day with such vivid details; it's as if it happened yesterday.

Flashback to 7th grade:

I had just about had it with Edward. Some people have all the luck. Not me of course, I was ugly with frizzy hair, giant metal headgear, giant, red bumps all over face, and I always had my face buried in a book. Basically, I made myself a target without trying. I was an all-around nerd. Edward Cullen and his "followers" unmercifully bullied me nonstop. One day it went just WAY too far. Alice was usually the two faced bitch, that spread rumors and talked shit about me behind my back, while also pretending to be my friend. Rosalie would usually be a triple threat because she was EXTRMLY popular, very hostile with her words, and she was one girl that could hit like a guy. Jasper was a bit odd. He had strength and planning on his side, and yet every time he hit me, he winced as if my pain caused him pain. I didn't focus on him too much. And last, but definitely not least, Edward freaking Cullen. He was violent and got other students to join in while beating me up. So anyway, today had not started off horrible; it just progressed as the day went on. I got up in the morning and we were out of all things breakfast, so I just chocked down a cold slice of pizza and chugged down a glass of spoiled milk. I thought to myself, "Ok I guess it could be worse." And still I just carried on. It was pouring outside and I missed the bus. So my dad had to drive me in my police cruiser. Humiliating, but small compared to what happened next. At lunch, Angela and I were in line for food and Rosalie and Alice "accidently" dumped their spaghetti and apple juice on me. Gross and humiliated I surrendered my lunch period and cleaned I off and spent the rest of lunch in the library. Edward was waiting for me when the bell rang to signal the end of lunch. He dragged me off into a corridor that was under construction and no one was there. He then proceeded to pin me against the wall and managed to bang my head against a sharp metal edge. I winced as I felt the warm thick blood ooze down my neck. He didn't care. He punches me and kicked me reminding me that I was "a worthless piece of trash that needed to be taken out forever." It broke my esteem down. The crappy day I had, the crappy five years he had been bulling me, it just crashed down on me like a fifty ton weight that was just waiting to fall and smash me. Then he did the one thing that pushed me over the edge. He took a pocket knife out of his jacket, and sliced it slowly across my forehead. It hurt like hell. I ran home then, despite the rain that was pounding down. I ran inside and grabbed the butcher knife that was in the kitchen and ran upstairs to the bathroom. I locked the door and stood in the tub. I grabbed the knife and tore it down my arms and legs repeatedly. It almost worked. I passed out and welcomed it with open arms.

End flashback

My dad found me in there. He was horrified, and shaken. He was forced to kick down the door, and stopped dead in his tracks when he saw me. He thought I was dead and immediately panicked. He called the hospital, and nurses and doctors rushed in and took action. I was dragged off to the hospital, heavily drugged, got my deep cuts sewn up, and blood pumped into me. I was out cold for more than week so the doctors tried to convince my dad to cancel the life support, but my wonderful dad would not give up on me. To him, I owe my life.

After a period of two weeks, the nurses allowed people to come and visit me. First Angela visited. She brought me candy, balloons, and my favorite book. It really helped. Next my dad and Emmet came in. They gave me a "very stern talking to" as my nurses called it. Finally, the last visitor was Edward. I was beyond shocked he showed up, because I thought that he was there to apologize or something. But he didn't. He came to tell me how everyone was laughing at me, and no one would care if I died.

That was it. I wasn't stupid enough to try to kill myself again, so I decided to move in with my mom, Renée. I told Charlie and it was difficult at first, but he saw it my way after I threatened to run away and never come back. Though he did make me promise to come back for my senior year. I agreed hastily, and booked the next flight to Phoenix, Arizona. Charlie called Renée and told her that I was coming home. I was out of there as soon as I could. I was looking forward to a fresh start. But one last thought of the past, flew into my head as the plane was taking off. 'When I come back Edward, there's hell to pay for what you did.'