Phoebe Caffrey sat at her office quietly fingering through a manuscript that had been passed along to her, so far she liked what she was reading despite the fact that she was only sixty pages in. If it continued like this then there was a good chance that it may get published but Phoebe reminded herself not to get too ahead of herself as the rest of the manuscript could be an utter train wreck. Sitting in her office, the tranquil moon that surrounded Phoebe was soon disturbed by her telephone going off and interrupting her from the passage she was reading. Used to such interruptions Phoebe just stretched out her hand and hit the speakerphone button. "Phoebe Caffrey..."

"Hi Phoebe, sorry to disturb you but I have an Agent Peter Burke from the FBI here wanting to speak to you and he says it's urgent." Matilda Jacobs, the main receptionist on Phoebe's floor said over the phone.

"Send him in, thanks Matilda…" Phoebe wearily said as she ended the call and stopped reading the manuscript in front of her before proceeding to take a deep breath. Peter Burke. That was a name that Phoebe hadn't heard in three years and nine months, for god reasons and now he was popping back into her life. Standing up from behind her desk Phoebe straightened out her dress before making her way over to her office door just as her visitor arrived at her office. "Agent Burke, I would say that it's a pleasure to see you but we both know that would be a lie.

"Phoebe it's good to see you and I see congratulations are in order." Peter said pointing to Phoebe's stomach, which was clearly nestling a baby inside of it.

"I suppose so." Phoebe replied looking down briefly and placing her hand on her rounded stomach before turning her attention back to Peter. He still hadn't told her why he was her but there was only one reason or rather one person which would cause him to come find her and that was her older brother Neal; criminal extraordinaire. "What has he done now Peter?"

"Neal's escaped." Peter announced.

"Of course..." Phoebe replied, that explained why Peter unexpectedly dropped in to see her despite it being almost four years since he had finally got a charge to stick on her brother long enough for him to get sent to prison.

"Your not surprised?"

"This is Neal we're talking about, I'm rarely ever surprised by what my brother can do given his rather colourful criminal history, although I am surprised that it took him this long to do so but then again he was locked up in a supermax prison." Phoebe idly said to Peter as the two of them were both aware of her brother's talents and criminal history given how he was only convicted of bond forgery despite the numerous amount of other crimes he was suspected of.

"Where is he Pheebs?" Peter questioned.

"Every time you've gone looking for Neal, you always come to me and I tell you the same thing. I don't know where my brother is or what he is doing and I don't have a way of contacting him. Back when you were chasing him Neal always found me, he never gave me a way to contact him, just popped up. I don't know where he is. I don't want to know where he is. So you're wasting your time talking to me, I don't know a thing and I don't particularly care." Phoebe stated with a small frown.

"Neal's your brother."

"My brother's a conman." Phoebe retorted.

"You didn't answer my question Phoebe." Peter pointed out which just caused Phoebe to sigh. "Have you seen him? Has Neal 'popped' up in the last couple of hours?"

"Let me tell you something Peter, my brother is the smartest man I know, you yourself have seen that for yourself given that Neal managed to evade you for five years before you finally caught him. Even then my brother covered his tracks so well you could only charge him with bond forgery. But back to my point he could have become anything he wanted to and succeeded because Neal has it all, the intelligence, charisma and charming personality yet he decided to become a criminal. I've never understood that that." Phoebe wearily said, swallowing a small lump in her throat once she finished speaking.


"I haven't seen Neal since his trial ended, haven't gone to visit him once in prison and I don't plan on seeing him anytime soon given how he's not exactly the kind of person I want around my unborn child…"

"What about Kate? Have you seen her?" Peter asked.

Phoebe took a deep breath and pursed her lips together before she finally spoke. "I ran into Kate briefly about two months ago, we didn't talk as I kind of got spooked about the whole thing and I jumped into a cab to avoid her. I've told you before Peter, I've never had any involvement in Neal's career choices and I never will."

"I know that Phoebe, you've never done anything to suggest otherwise."

"Then why are you here?"

"Your Neal's sister despite the differences the two of you have and your personal estrangement from him, you know him better than anyone perhaps even myself and Kate. I figured it was worth a shot.

"Why are you so interested in Kate?" Phoebe asked, practically ignoring most of what Peter just said

"I'm not supposed to be telling you this but we think she's the reason for Neal's escape. She visited him in prison and breaks things off with him, just over a month later your brother escapes from a supermax prison by walking out the front door." Peter revealed

"It makes sense, if Neal was going to break out of prison for anyone then it would be for Kate." Phoebe replied with a quiet snort before yawning, her brother was such a hopeless romantic that at times it was actually sweet up until times like these when he broke out of prison when he only had four months left of a four year sentence to try and win his girlfriend back.

"Tired?" Peter questioned.

"Extremely. It's hard work reading these manuscripts for close to twelve hours a day whilst growing a small human at the same time. Very hard work but in a couple of hours I'll be able to go home–" Phoebe began said waiving her hand around in a lazy manner.

"–Home? You really think Neal would go there?" Peter interrupted.

Phoebe nodded. "Your tired and it's been a long day and you want to be with the person you love. It's the first place that I would go to but this is me we're talking about and that statement in no way reflects anything my brother may or may not do. It's just something I decided to put out there…"