Phoebe thought she saw the last of Neal for good when she visited him prison but apparently not as four days after her visit, she saw him standing outside the front door of her apartment. Suffice to say she wasn't happy at all, Phoebe was beyond pissed off and honestly wanted to throttle her brother's neck for breaking out of prison and showing up at her apartment. Phoebe wondered whether her brother had lost his mind given that every time he was on the run the FBI came to her first to find him. If Neal was here then Peter Burke would show up in about twenty minutes time. "What are you doing here? Have you lost your damn mind Neal!" Phoebe hissed.

"I came to see my little sister and my soon to be niece or nephew." Neal replied with a bright grin.

"Neal you can't be here! You're supposed to be in prison! Why aren't you in prison!" Phoebe demanded as she pulled her keys out of her jacket pocket and opened the door to her apartment and motioned for Neal to go inside, once they were inside the two of them walked through the foyer and into the living room. "I can't believe you're here Neal, I'm surprised that you didn't break in!"

"Ah Pheebs, I wouldn't do that to you."

"Like I could ever possible believe you Neal, your entire career is based on lying and conning people! But enough of that, why are you here Neal? Why aren't you in prison!" Phoebe snapped.

"I'm out." Neal replied.

"Out?! You're supposed to be in prison for four years not four days Neal! I can't believe that you escaped again and you came here of all places! What is wrong with you? I tell you that I don't want anything to do with you anymore and four days later you show up at my apartment! I'm calling the police and the FBI, in fact I'm calling Peter Burke!" Phoebe said turning her back on Neal to grab her house phone.

"Hey… what's with all the noise and whose your friend Pheebs?"

Looking to her left Phoebe saw a dark haired man dressed in a Yale lacrosse t-shirt and dark pyjama pants and it just caused her to sigh. "Oh Si… I forget you came of work a couple of hours ago, you were sleeping and we've gone and woke you up with all this yelling. This day is just getting better with each passing moment."

"It's no problem Pheebs but you never answered my question about your friend and why you were yelling." Simon said as he made his way over to Phoebe.

"Simon this is Neal Caffrey, my conman brother who I never talk about for obvious reasons and Neal this is Dr. Simon Jennings, father of my unborn child although I don't know why I'm making introductions as the two of you will never see each other again because Neal is going back to prison where he belongs." Phoebe said making introductions.

"I'm not sure whether it's a pleasure to meet you as after all you did get my little sister pregnant." Neal began shaking hands with Simon before turning his attention to Phoebe. "You told me that he wasn't in the picture…"

"I never said that Simon wasn't involved I just said that we weren't together anymore Neal, you just jumped to the conclusion that Simon abandoned me on your own and who was I to correct you? Anyway despite the fact that we're not together anymore, we will be raising our child together hence why the two of us living together. It's easier and more practical this way not that any of this is your business

"So what kind of doctor are you Simon?" Neal began.

"Oh no, don't even think about getting comfortable as your going straight back to prison Neal. I told you days ago that I couldn't deal with you anymore and that was not a invitation for you to break out of prison to see me and convince me of my mistake like you tried to do with Kate! Just go back to prison and do your time already!" Phoebe said with an exasperate tone, it was hard enough trying to deal with Neal but with Simon being around and asking questions made things all the more harder.

"Wait… He escaped again?" Simon asked.

"I'll explain later once my brother is put back in prison where he belongs."

"But I'm not prison anymore Pheebs, I've been released into Peter's custody and I know work for him, well the FBI now. I'm a consultant for this on this work release programme, I help Peter out on cases and I work off my four years at the same time–"

"–Neal I'm pregnant not stupid, I don't have the words doormat and moron tattooed on my head. That is the most ludicrous thing I have ever heard Neal! There is no way anyone let alone Peter would let you run around New York unsupervised! For once could you spare me the lies and tell me the god's honest truth! Just admit that you broke out of jail yet again and we'll work from there, I'll call Peter and try and work something out if you promise not to escape again." Phoebe interrupted going into full on rant mode only stopping when Neal lifted his leg up to the arm of her couch and slightly pulled up his pant leg. "What is that?"

"It's a GPS tracking anklet, it's part of the conditions of my release into the FBI's custody. It's so they keep track of me and If I go out of a five mile radius it activates and the FBI catch me and I go back to jail depending on the circumstances. It's state of the art and can't be tampered with. Neal replied.

"I don't believe you." Phoebe uttered.

"C'mon I'm being serious Phoebe."

"You're a conman Neal, I couldn't trust you as far as I could throw you!" Phoebe snapped.

"Stop getting so worked up Phoebe, it's not good for the baby." Simon urged placing a hand on Phoebe's shoulder, which caused her to nod slowly and take a deep breath.

"Your right, I need to keep level headed and get some answers and I clearly can't get there here so I think I'll pay a visit to Peter Burke. I can kill two birds with one stone, get the answers I need and get you locked back up so c'mon Neal." Phoebe began as she motioned for Neal to head out before turning back to Simon. "I'll be back later and I'll explain everything, hopefully…"

"So Simon? He seems like a nice guy not that I got a chance to talk to him but I suppose there's time for that later on…" Neal said as him and Phoebe made their way out of her apartment and over to the elevators where Phoebe pressed the call button several times as if it would make the elevators appear faster.

"I don't think so Neal, given that you are going back to prison whilst Simon and I go back to living our simple yet rather complicated lives." Phoebe nonchalantly replied.

"How'd you meet?"

"None of your business but neither of us tried to con the other one." Phoebe snapped.

"Remember what Simon said about getting worked up, it's not good for the baby and speaking of the little bambino/bambina do you know the sex? Am I going to have a little niece or nephew?" Neal questioned as the elevator arrived and the two of them stepped into it and Phoebe hit the button for the ground floor.

"Simon does, I don't."


Phoebe narrowed her eyes at her brother. "Because he was desperate to know and I wasn't. Besides it more practical for me to wait until I have the baby to find out the sex as I don't have to worry about buying pink or blue clothes or what colour the nursery is, instead I can focus on the important stuff. Also when I have my baby shower everyone will give me practical stuff instead of gender related stuff."

"So it's got nothing to do with you wanting it to be surprised and just wanting a happy and healthy baby." Neal quipped and he noticed the corner of Phoebe's lips twitch in amusement.

"It doesn't and the only thing that matter is having a happy and healthy baby, everything else comes second to that." Phoebe replied. "Why are you doing this Neal?"

"Doing what?"

"Pretending to care and getting invested in my life when we all know that you're heading straight back to jail for the foreseeable future so I don't see the point in telling you about my life." Phoebe stated.

"You wouldn't have to tell me about your life if you hadn't ignored me these last four years."

"Then you shouldn't have become a conman." Phoebe snapped. "If you hadn't have become a conman then none of this would of happen! You wouldn't be a liar, a thief and god know no matter what and we wouldn't be standing here having this conversation!"

"Look Pheebs, you want me to prove that all this is real and that I haven't escaped from jail? Then we'll go see Peter, he'll back me up on this and you'll feel bad for not believing me."

"No I won't especially if it turns out you are indeed lying." Phoebe retorted.

"Why can't you believe that for once I'm doing the right thing?" Neal questioned as the elevators arrived and the two of them stepped in.

"Do I really need to answer that given everything Neal? Lying is second nature to you in fact it's as natural to you as breathing is. I remember you leaving home when you were eighteen and every so often I'd get a postcard from you telling me about your amazing life but never going into detail. The whole reason I moved to New York was because you were here and I had missed you so much. I didn't find out about what your life truly entailed until the day of my graduation. Do you remember that day Neal?"

"I do." Neal quietly replied.

"The biggest and my proudest day of my life was tainted and ruined by the fact that I learned that my big brother, the person I looked up to the most was a thief and a conman. You want to know the reason I don't trust you and why I'm so hard on you and don't want you in my life?" Phoebe questioned.

"It's because I'm not the same guy I was when I left home." Neal finished.