I have no idea what I'm doing this is my first story. Any criticism is welcome. This is mainly a Beastboy/Raven, but it will probably have other couples like Starfire/Robin, Argent/Hotspot, Flinx, Cyborg/Sarasim, Jericho/Kole, Speedy/Cheshire, maybe more any suggestions for the pairings just pm or leave it on a review. I hate Terra so there will be bashing. Oh and its an AU in High school. Plus there will probably be some quotes from the show and some chapters will be based off the show.

Disclaimer: I don't own Teen Titans.

Characters: (Might Not Use All)

Raven- Rachel Roth

Starfire- Kori Anders

Robin-Richard Grayson

Cyborg- Victor Stone

Beastboy- Garfield Logan

Kole- Kole Weathers

Jericho- Joseph Wilson

Argent- Toni Monetti

Jinx- Ryan Luck

Kid Flash- Wally West

Hotspot- Isaiah Crockett

Bumblebee- Karen Beecher

Terra- Tara Markov

Malchior- Malcolm Null

Red X- Xavier Redd

Adonis- Adam Reynolds

Aqualad- Garth Hyde

Speedy- Roy Harper

Cheshire- Jade Nguyen

Billy Numerous- Billy Strayer

Control Freak- Mason Kenny

- Professor Light

Fang- Frank Parker

Johnny Rancid- Johnny Rancid

Kitten- Coral Moth

Kyd Wykkyd- Elliott Wykk

Larry- Larry Grayson

Thunder- Tavis Williams

Lightning- Gan Williams

Mad Mod- Mr. Powers

Madame Rouge- Ms. Rouge

Melvin- Melvin Roth (Ravens cousin)

Timmy- Timmy Roth (Ravens cousin)

Teether- Eric Roth (Ravens cousin)

Mas and Menos- Javier and Enrique Sanchez

Monsieur Mallah- Mr. Mallah

Mumbo Jumbo- Mr. Mumbo

Mother Mae Eye- Ms. Mae

Pantha- Rosabelle Mendez

Punk Rocket-Thomas Clark

Red Star- Leo Kovar

Rorek- Robert Null

Herald- Mal Duncan

Sarasim- Sarah Simms

SeeMore- Seymour Johnson

Slade- Slade Wilson

Blackfire- Amanda Anders

Angel- Angela Stewart