By: Greenibandit94

I'm not sure what purpose I have to be in this life…or why I have my powers are they to protect others? Myself? What? I don't know…as far as I knew I just had to do what I had to and what I wanted… My story starts with me my name is Izari Higurashi I live in a little area near the town of Masterson a fairly good sized town. I was asleep in my mansion left to me by my late parents when they died about 13 years ago…I'm 18 now I was exhausted from training the night before when I got a call from my phone it was my friend Ian Michaels someone I've known since the sandbox I surprisingly woke up to answer it. "Hello?" I asked as answering the phone.

"Yo Izari what's up bro?". "Well I was sleeping…" I replied very tiredly. "oh sorry I was just wondering if u wanted to go my pool party tonight? Even though I doubt you wanna though". Normally he would be right I mean I sometimes go out but this time something inside me told me to go it was weird because it was something that rarely happens…I thought for a moment was it because something would happen before? After? During? "sure I'll go what time?" I asked sounding like I cared. "8'o clock" he said a bit surprised. I hung up and got up out of bed and got into my training outfit which was a black tank top and black sweats went downstairs and quickly made myself a breakfast burrito brushed my teeth I went outside and when I got out the sun was nice and bright, the view of the city was beautiful it was a beautiful September day indeed..However nothing was more beautiful than the large Cherry Blossom tree in the front yard that tree...was my sanctuary and I stood under and trained till 7 then I got ready for this party Ian invited me to.

I got in the shower and stood there as I washed my body I wondered about what might happen at the party. Was it some sort of premonition? Or something greater or worse? I didn't know but tonight I was going to find out tonight I got out at 7:20 and I got dressed I simply put on a white button up shirt short sleeved and my swim trunks and I grabbed my keys to my Lamborghini Reventon.

Even though with my powers I could easily teleport there or run at speeds that would make me invisible but it seemed pointless and stupid to use my powers for such purposes hence why I bought a car and a sexy one at that. I got in the car and started the engine which was powerful yet gentle and I rocketed out of my driveway and drove down the road and headed on my way to Ian's.