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She surprised to say the least when his name appears in her inbox. She'd forgotten she even had his number, and her stomach drops when she skims the message, a familiar ball of guilt developing inside of her. This is exactly how it started last time.

It was a simple text, an address of a restaurant and a time, and she couldn't help but let a small frown form, he's always been blunt and direct, and her had rarely crossed her mind since the Newsnight 2.0 article.

She sits at the kitchen island for a while, playing with the second ring on the third finger of her left hand, her breakfast abandoned, uncertain how to respond.

She jumps slightly as lips brush lightly against her neck. "Hey, what's wrong?" She's debating how to tell him, brow furrowed, and he can read her like a book. He helps himself to breakfast and he takes his seat across from her when she doesn't respond. She slides her blackberry across the counter, she tries to gage his reaction while his eyes repeatedly scan the message.

"I've already made this mistake. I don't need to make it again. I already know how much I love you." Her voice is determined and serious, as if she's giving herself instructions. Will smiles brightly, pleased with her statement and leans across the counter to press a brief kiss on her lips, and she can't help but smile too.

The message plays on her mind throughout the morning, and she's unable to concentrate fully on the 11am rundown, and promptly excuses herself at 12, running quickly into her office to grab her coat and bag, hoping no one sees her run towards the elevators.

He hasn't changed much since she saw him last, hair slightly greyer, but in a sexy kind of way. She mentally scolds herself for even thinking that, and considers turning around and leaving, but it's too late, he's just caught sight of her and is beckoning her over. Crap.

She takes the set opposite him and fiddles with the hem of her coat.

"You look good." Brian says with casual confidence, and the guilt rises again. She returns the compliment and shrinks further into her seat.

"Friday, my place, swing by after the show."

"That's not a good idea Brian."

He pulls a face. "Why not?"

"The first time was a mistake. Our relationship in the first place was a mistake. I'm not going to make the same one again." She flashes him the rings. "I'm not going to cheat again. I don't even want this, whatever this is."

"You're not going to hurt someone again?"

"I'm or going to cheat on Will again. We've come too far."

"You married Will. I never would have taken hm for the sort to forgive and forget." Brian pauses for a moment, planning his words carefully. "Does he know you're here?"

She swallows the lump in her throat and sighs. "No." She says slowly. "I wanted you to know that this won't happen again. What happened in 2007 will never happen again." She picks up her bag and stands up. "Goodbye, Brian."

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