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She was free. It was the only thing the young girl could think as she lay in the fetal position, gasping for breath. They said it would work. That they could bring her back. she had laughed at them of course, thought she was finally losing her mind, her sanity, the only thing she had left, but here she was, and it was all thanks to them, the voices in the mist. "I'm free," The girl wheezed. She could hardly recognize the sound of her own voice. How long had it been since she last heard herself speak? How long had it been since she was trapped in that horrible place? She shuddered at the memories. The girl assessed her surroundings as she tried to stand, dust and stone falling off her skin, only to find herself in a dark cave. Sore and confused she searched for anything that could explain where she was, only to find a gleam in the darkness. Walking shakily toward it she discovered a plaque imbedded in stone. "TERRA, a Teen Titan. A True Friend," she read out loud. The memories all came flooding back. The Titans, her betrayal, Slade, even her death. It all came rushing back at once in a flash of blinding pain. But one collection of memories stood apart from all the rest. "Beast Boy," she whispered. Even after everything she did he still tried to be her friend. He was the only one who never stopped believing there was good in her. She smiled at the memories of their date at the carnival. Things will be different this time, she promised herself, a new look of determination crossing her face. The voices had done more than give her a second chance at life, they had her given power, knowledge, but most importantly they had given her hope. Terra lifted her hand and watched it glow dark red. She marveled at the eerie color surrounding her hand, gone was the earthy yellow that once held its place. The voices taught her many new abilities, and she intended to use them. "I won't let anything stop us from being together this time," Terra swore as the glow engulfed the rest of her body in a flash, leaving nothing but a cloud of dust in her wake….

"Worst villain ever," Raven drawled in her usual monotone voice. The Titans had just gotten back from fighting their overweight self-proclaimed "arch-nemesis", also known as Control Freak, who, for some psychotic reason, felt the need to trash entire movie theaters grand opening of Warp Trek 7, all because the cardboard cut out of commander Wolx was sky blue and not light blue.

"You just don't like him because he likes to send all the wicked scary cutouts after you," Beast boy snickered. This earned him a trip into the ocean, courtesy of said purple haired witch, and caused a joyous giggle to erupt form Starfire, who was watching her friend's conversation.

"He's got good taste in movies though, I'll give him that," Cyborg said, as he was punching in the security code to enter Titans Tower. "Hold up gang, security records are saying someone entered the tower while we were out."

"Any way to tell who it was?" Robin asked.

"Naw sorry Rob, looks like were going in blind," Cyborg warned.

Robin immediately shifted into his role as leader "Ok team, everyone stick together, this guy could be dangerous. Cyborg, keep trying to get video of the intruder, Raven and Starfire, stay ready, and Beast Boy I want you to- BEAST BOY!" Robin yelled after realizing Beast Boy wasn't back yet.

"WHAT DUDE?" Beast Boy yelled back, now finally rejoining the group after his abrupt but well deserved launch into the ocean."And by the way, thanks for checking to see if I was ok guys, really shows how much you care," Beast Boy continued as he gave his group a grumpy stare while seeming to dump three gallons of water and seven different aquatic life forms out of his ears.

"Beast Boy I need you to get serious, there's someone in the tower and I need you to change into something small so you can scout ahead," ordered Robin.

Beast Boy, completely forgetting his waterlogged state at the chance to prove himself useful, shouted, "Oh yea, you can count on me!" He shifted into a large rat and charged into the entrance of the tower with his fellow Titans in tow. All was quiet as the Titans crept through the many corridors of the tower. With both girls flying and Robin's many years of stealth instilled by Batman, the only sounds that could be heard was the pitter patter of rat claws and the beeps of Cyborg trying to get video of the intruder.

"Robin, I got something." Cyborg reported. "There's movement in sector 39."

"The kitchen?" Robin asked incredulously.

"Guess he got hungry waiting for us," raven remarked sarcastically

"Man if that dude touched my turkey he's dead meat." Cyborg threatened while arming his sonic cannon.

Beast Boy shifted back to his human form shouting, "Dude! My tofu!", and dashed off as cheetah.

"Beast Boy, wait for us!" shouted Raven. But seeing him long gone was left muttering a soft annoyed "idiot"

"Come on guys, let's make sure he doesn't end up an actual grass stain," chuckled Cyborg as he started to chase after the green changeling, the rest of the team following shortly after.

Raven seethed as she flew through the many hallways leading to the kitchen/living area. If that little green moron got hurt rushing off to fight an unknown intruder alone all because he thinks someone's actually going to touch that disgusting tofu, she was going to kill him, she silently promised herself. "I mean sure he was annoying but he was her annoyance," blushing slightly at the thought, she flew faster, finally seeing that green color she's become so used to.

Beast boy dashed through the halls as fast as his current body could allow, sure he yelled out something stupid like ''tofu" but he just couldn't wait to get to the kitchen to beet up the bad guy and save the day. He was tired of being everyone's comic relief. "I mean sure I might not be as strong as Starfire, or as smart as Cyborg, or as tactical as Robin, or as focused as Raven… where was I going with this?" Beast Boy thought to himself. With each team mate his ears drooped more and more in depression. "Oh yea, just because I don't have any of that doesn't mean that I can't be just as strong." Beast Boy smirked at the thought of being the hero for once "Beast Boy, that was amazing!" fantasy Robin would exclaim. "I think you should lead our mission from now on," he finished before bowing.

"Totally dude you were awesome!" yelled fantasy Cyborg. "Booyah!"

"Truly, friend Beast Boy, it was most magnificent! I have never seen such a display of earth manliness and power!" fantasy Starfire continued with hearts in her eyes.

"Oh Beast Boy," fantasy Raven cooed as she put her arms around his neck, "I've always thought your jokes were hilarious," she admitted as she pulled his face closer and closer to hers, until he finally felt her warm breath on his lips…

BLAM! Beast Boy flew right into the wall lost in his dreams. "Cruuud" Beast Boy groaned as he shifted back. "Ok maybe that last one isn't very plausible, but the rest is totally going to happen when they see how bad I beet this guys butt." He swore to himself. Dusting himself off, he noticed he'd run right into the door leading to where the intruder was hiding. "Ok Beast Boy, get ready to shine," he said smugly. Comically rolling up his sleeves as he strolled into the living room, Beast Boy announced, "Prepare yourself, evil do-…er…" Beast Boy finished in shock. "Terra?"

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