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Landing in an explosion of red light, Terra fell to the ground on all fours, her breath heaving with pain. The ground below her was obscured in the swirling pattern of her tears.

This wasn't the way it was supposed to be! she cried smashing her fist onto the floor. In response to her turmoil a geyser of mineral exploded into the sky, only serving to make her uncomfortable position even worse as the sediment came crashing back down soiling her body in a rain of dirt.

It had been a matter of hours since she had been cast out, forced to flee from the very people she had once called friends. She had been lost, wandering in the form of dust and carried by the smallest of breezes. Until finally, she had found herself here.

In a short, gasping bark Terra's voice cried out in pain for the loss she had been forced to endure. Raven, Terra thought. It's because of Raven that Beast Boy had been taken from her.

In a flash Terra recalled the looks of betrayal on her friend's faces. Why couldn't they have just listened to her?! If she had just had a chance, surly they would have understood why she had been forced to get rid of Raven. It was the only thing she could have done to make sure Beast Boy remained hers. "It was the only way," she croaked through her dry, scratchy throat.

Lowering her head to the ground below her, Terra frowned in dismay. No, no it wasn't the only way, she corrected herself. Finding her, the rest of the Titans seemed to have already discovered her connection to Void. She was doomed to matter what she had done. Terra allowed that realization a moment to fully settle in.

What a joke it had been for her to think she could have made everything right. She had lied, lied again, and then added so many more lies that she hadn't been able to keep track of them. This had been her mistake, a mistake that will cost her for the rest of her existence.

And with that thought, Terra collapsed onto her side. Her existence… did she really even exist anymore? Just what exactly was she supposed to do? Her entire purpose, her destiny after achieving her second life had been to be with Beast Boy.

But he didn't want her.

Letting out a tortured whimper, Terra felt her heart shatter all over again. It couldn't be true what he said. It's impossible that he never loved her, he had to, Terra swore. But remembering the look in his eyes, the honest to god emotion he had been displaying for her, it was all the proof she needed. He never loved her. Every kiss, a lie. Every touch, forced. Every smile, fake. Every memory she been so carefully harboring, soiled with the truth of reality. She wasn't even allowed to dream anymore. It was just… over.

Opening her tear stained lids, Terra's dead lifeless eyes stared listlessly into the burning orange colors of a sun setting over the blue majesty of the ocean. She was on the beach, she noticed without emotion. Even the beautiful display of nature in front of her wasn't enough to stir emotion back into her broken heart.

Lying in this potion for a few moments Terra's mind was a blank slate, only recording the sensations of the rough wind and salty smell of the water whipping through her blond tresses.

How could such a beautiful world, be so cruel? She wondered. A flicker of emotion returning, Terra's face crumpled in pain. She would have done anything for him. If would have made him happy she would have done anything…

Terra felt that thought burn in the center of her mind. What could Raven have done that made her so special? She grimaced with new found irritation. What about her could have attracted Beast Boy so much? It just didn't make any sense. In a brief flash of insecurity Terra's eyes flashed down to her body. Was she… lacking in some area? Sure her bust could be a little bigger but surly it would take more than breasts to get Beast Boy… right?

Feeling a weight of depression settle over her, Terra curled into herself, desperate for any form of comfort. It didn't matter. Whatever it was she would have done it. If he told her to dye her hair, she would have. If he told her to get purple contacts, she would have. If he told her to put on a blue leotard and act like an emotionless bitch, SHE. WOULD. HAVE. Whatever he wanted her to do, whatever he wanted her to become she would have happily done it. She would have done anything, been anybody. If it was for Beast Boy, if meant she could have kept her world of happiness for even just a second longer, she would have done it.

If Raven was what he wanted… Terra would have spent the rest of her life molding herself in the purple eyed witch's form. She would have become her! but… that was impossible now… wasn't it?

Rolling onto her back, Terra watched as the last few rays of color began to bleed into the darkness of the night sky. And once the last rays of light completely disappeared the blond haired woman continued to stare, allowing herself to become lost in the darkness. And it was like this, she would remain.

For how long, Terra didn't know. A moment, an hour, it could have an entire day. But in the swirling emptiness that was her being, she became lost. Even more so than before.

As a foreign sensation crossed the threshold of her mind a deep feeling of irritation burned in her heart. In a burst of anger she lifted her body from the sand to cast a scathing glare to all around her.

Frozen for a moment, Terra's head whipped back and forth in confusion. Unfortunately, it seemed no matter where she looked the space around her remained empty. "Who's there!" she shouted into the night, shaking uncontrollably. This did nothing to summon anyone however as her voice echoed into the inky blackness.

Shaking her head, Terra's brow creased in confusion as she attempted to lay back down and dismiss whatever it had been. This proved to be a mistake however as the cool sensation of a breath on her ear wracked through her system.

Just as before the young woman was quick to jump up from her bed of sand but this time wasted not a single moment as her hands exploded in display of yellow light sending waves of sand out in all directions. Again and again she thrashed, unleashing her powers to attack any that would dare disturb her. Continuing this onslaught of power, it would be several minutes before she would exhaust herself.

Landing face first into the sand her breath would come in deep desperate pants, staving for air. On her brow a fine layer of sweat sparkled in the moonlight, sticking to her blond tresses and stinging her eyes.

While her body was exhausted, her temper remained fierce as ever as she struggled to finish what she started and yet as much as she tried to force her body to move, even as that same breathy sensation flashed across her ear she remained immobile, barely able to even lift herself off the floor.

"Terra," a whisper slipped into her ear.

At this the blond haired girl's eyes went wide as she whipped around to confront the voice's owner. Yet as her eyes pierced the darkness of night she found nothing.

"Terra," it repeated, toneless and empty, but all the more frightening as it echoed through her head. In an attempt to block it out Terra gripped her head, crushing her ears under her hands. This did nothing to stop the phantom however as its slippery voice one again pierced through her defenses.

"You… have… failed," it hissed. Not bothering to hide its pleasure in the slightest.

Pinching her eyes closed, Terra couldn't block the smoke like words from invading her brain. This made it all the more hurtful as she realized how right it was. Unable to stop them, Terra cringed as full, over poring tears spilled over the rim of her eyes and down her sand smeared face.

"You're not real," she whimpered, her face pinched in tight concentration as if her will alone was enough to banish the voice. But that would not be sufficient as a cackle rang though her skull.

"Poor little girl," it hissed. "So alone, so sad. What will you do know that your love has forsaken you?" it continued all the while sounding extremely pleased. This was a stark contrast to Terra however as its words seem to slice her to the bone. And it showed on the young woman's face as it seemed to break her, leaving an empty and hollow face in its wake.

"I… I'm not alone," she whispered back, no longer even trying to locate the phantom as she tried in vain to reassure herself. "I… I'm not-"

"But you are," the voice interrupted, not even allowing the smallest of comforts to rest on the young woman. "Betrayed by your friends and scorned by your lover, everyone you have ever held dear has cast you aside to wallow to your death." This time the voice's words seemed to strike fear in Terra's heart causing her to lash out, erupting a geyser of sand to rain upon her.

"So what?!" Terra called back angrily, madness and fear swirling in her once beautiful eyes. In her panic her hair had fallen free from her clip, hanging like a curtain to cover half her face. This left only a single wide eye to stare into the night sky begging for peace. "So what if I'm alone?! I don't need them! I don't need anybody!" as if to prove her point she pushed herself onto her feet, raising her fists ready to take the voice on.

It was not impressed.

"So easy to give up!" it laughed at her, a mad cackle that chilled her bones. "One can't help but think you never loved anyone at all."

This seemed to suck what little bravado she had left as her arms fell to her sides. "N-no," she stuttered, a look of unyielding pain appearing on her features. "I loved Beast Boy, more than… more than anything." Cradling her hand over her heart, her words left her like a prayer, as if they were the only thing holding her together. "I still love him…"

For a moment all was silent in young Terra's mind, not so much as a whisper, but just as she began to think the haunting tone had left her her heart was broken yet again as its smoky words splashed against her brain. "And yet you remain here, burying your head in the sand…"

"Well what do you think is should do then!?" Terra shouted, her emotions flying too fast for her to even try to understand them. "He picked her, it's over, I lost!"

Panting for breath, Terra's eye scanned the scene around her as if daring the voice to speak again. She was fully aware that no one was there, and that at that moment she was most likely falling over the edge of insanity, and yet she couldn't force herself to calm down as her fury seemed to bubble at the open air.

Again, in the moments following all was quiet in the dead of night. All Terra could hear was the gentle wave of the ocean as it crashed against the sand ridden beach. It soothed her as her tears continued to fall down her slender cheek. But this time should would not be fool as she waited, anticipating for the voice to return.

She did not have to wait long.

"What if there was still a hope," the voice returned ominously. Its words froze Terra as she continued to stand silently.

"W- what do you mean?" she asked fearfully. And she was afraid. Afraid to hope, afraid that she had just gone crazy and this was nothing but her own mind playing on her wishes. And yet, as she took a stumbling step forward, she couldn't crush the single flickering flame still burning in her soul.

"You have the answers," it responded without emotion. "All you have to do is remember."

Swallowing, Terra's eye seemed to flicker randomly as she searched her head for what the voice could be hinting at. "What are you talking about?!" she demanded after so many minutes of failure. "I- I don't understand." Her single eye wide with fear, her mind raced at the single strand of hope that had been dangled in front of her. She reached for it, desperately jumping as if it could disappear without a seconds warning. "Please," she begged.

"Perhaps… you need a little… help," the voice offered. And falling on his last word, Terra cringed as she felt it, entering her mind and invading her memories. Terra couldn't control herself as sharp bark of pain left her lips at the sensations cutting through her body. It felt like a worm made of razors had entered her ear and was working its way through to the other side. Thankfully, this lasted only a second as the feeling lifted, forcing the former Teen Titan on her knees and gasping for breath.

In her head a memory had been retrieved, buried under the trauma of that day and though to be long forgotten. But as she realized what the voice had been hinting towards, what it had been telling her to do, her breath stopped, frozen along with the rest of her.

"Who- who are you?" she questioned, undeniable fear leaking from every inch of her being. Unfortunately, as the voice once again fell silent this time, it did not return. For five minutes the ex-Teen Titan stood, waiting. Once this time passed she turned her head back to the sand, a wide and vacant look staining her features. Finally, with one last moment of hesitation, the young woman looked to collect herself as her face hardened, transforming into a look of crazed determination. This stuck with her as she brushed the last bit of sand off her body and took off, dashing down the length of the sandy beach.

With her hair billowing in the wind and the silver light of the full moon rising from the ocean, Terra's mind remained focused on one thing and one thing only. To once again feel Beast Boy in her arms. But unbeknownst to her, from that very same beautiful light, in her shadow a deep rippling disturbance broke the natural texture of her outline revealing a single blood red eye, sparkling with satisfaction.

"Oh, my little pebble," it cooed. "One day soon, I will be the one to show you true despair." And with that, the eye retreated back into the shadow and disappearing from sight. This left the frantic teen oblivious as no matter how fast she could run it would never be enough to escape her future.

To escape her oblivion.


Silent as a mouse, as Terra crept through Titan tower. She was a blur, moving from one spot to the next. Never stopping for more than a moment. It had been amazingly easy to sneak back in as it turned out. A simple surge of red glow and she had drifted back into the air ducts as nothing more than a cloud of dust. Once she reassembled she had been free to roam as she pleased.

But getting in had been the easy part.

This time Terra knew there would be no hesitation if she was caught. She would be beaten, arrested, and left to rot in a prison for the rest of her life. And yet, even with this knowledge in mind she continued to push herself farther and farther into the heart of her past home.

Stopping to catch her breath, Terra rested, pressing her back against the wall of the corridor as a bead of sweat dripped down her forehead. The anxiety of returning was affecting her in more than just one way. In her chest she could feel her heart hammering, thumping in her ears with the force of a drum. Even worse her need for air seemed to have tripled since her return forcing her to gasp and pant no matter what the pace she was traveling.

Shaking her head, Terra summoned up her courage and forced herself to forge on.

Like a shadow she dashed the halls, silent, invisible. Finally, as she neared the Titan's kitchen her eyes seemed to glaze over.

Frozen for the smallest of moments, Terra moved as if in a trance as she stepped into the room. Taking a deep breath, her eyes moved around the room remembering all the warm memories she had been able to experience in its walls. But right then, in the dead of night and with fear poisoning her veins, the rooms seemed to have become twisted, warped into a cruel gothic image along with the rest of the tower.

Instead of feeling comfort, all Terra could take in was the same heart pounding anxiety that she had entered with.

With another deep breath, Terra's wide eyes scanned the room before falling on one of the room's many drawers. Stopping on it, Terra's became still, almost alarmingly so as she forced herself to move toward it.

This state continued all the way to the drawer as she opened it, only to pull free a large, dangerous looking cooking knife. With this in her hands, Terra seemed to have shaken herself free from whatever had been afflicting her. Instead, her entire frame shook with emotion as she brought the blade to eye level, examine the sharp edge.

In her head Terra's mind was a whirlwind of fear. The blade felt cold in her hand, frozen under the impossible implications that it was about to be used for. It stung her hands, as if urging her to release it and let it fall to the floor. Adding to this was a strange, unexplainable weight that seemed to be affecting the weapon in her grip. It seemed to weigh thrice what was normally expected. Even still, with all of this screaming at her in the face, Terra pushed all of this away and focused only on what she was here to do.

Part of her couldn't believe it. What it was, what she was here for, it just seemed impossible. This only made the presence of the knife all the more intimidating as it seemed to cement the reality of it all. Only the thought of Beast Boy was enough to pull her from her mind and give her muscles the strengths he needed to move forward.

In her stomach, Terra flinched at the sensation of a boulder in her belly. She felt sick, but she knew that this was the only way to get Beast Boy back. Whether that voice had truly been a figment of her imagination or the devil itself, she knew what it had told her to be the truth, to be the only way. And so, holding the edge of the blade to her thumb, Terra tested its cut, wincing as its metal sliced her finger.

Watching the drop of blood spill out of the wound and down her hand, Terra watched, transfixed. Finally, turning her attention back to the weapon she nodded her head, sheathing it carefully into the waist of her shorts and returned to her crouched position. With this step completed, she returned to her stealth, dashing out of the room and towards her next destination.


Once again the young woman felt her stomach heave. Afterwards a fresh wave of bile crashed against her tongue making the situation that more disgusting. With every step the knife grew in weight. With every breath, Terra could feel her emotions taking over.

She was scared. She was so scared she felt like wetting her pants. But if it as for beast boy, if this was what she needed to do to get him back… she could carry the world. And so with that fueling her, Terra continued to run, dashing along the many long and complicated hallways before finally appearing to her destination.

It took mere minutes before she once again stopped.

All around her the hallway was cast in the thickest of darkness. It played tricks on her mind, making her flinch at apparitions she knew were not real.

With a shake of her head she peered up at the door in front of her and stared, frozen in the moment. The darkness seemed to strangle her, clutching her throat in an iron tight grip and refusing even the smallest bits of oxygen to reach her lungs. And yet even still, with beads of sweat dripping, burning her eyes, Terra's hand shook as it reached back to retrieve her stowed blade.

Being honest, Terra didn't actually believe that she would make it this far. Being even more honest, part of her hopped she wouldn't. But she had, and now she couldn't deny what she was about to do any longer.

Remaining frozen for a few more moments, Terra stared at Raven's door in silence, actively trying to force her body into action. But as much as she wanted it, she was unsure of how to go about her plan. Contemplating her options for a moment, Terra shook her head before deciding the direct route would be the easiest.

'Knock Knock'

It took a bit but finally she managed to lift her hand from her side and reach for the door. Two quick raps, that was all Terra could manage before she flung herself against the corridors opposing wall, fleeing like she had just lit a fuse. Just as quick as her speed was her breath as it began to rush in and out of her lungs. With her presence finally announced, panic and fear flooded her system leaving little room for anything else. And it was those very emotions that let her hear past her own breathing as the sound of footsteps appeared approaching from the other side of the door.

In her hand she gripped the sweet drenched handle of the knife, feeling her pulse as it hammered under her wrists. She could feel adrenalin rushing through her brain making every detail stand out, making her hyper alert. This proved to work against her however as this only seemed to prolong the insufferable time it took for Raven reach the door.

When the door had opened, Terra had planned to be quick, decisive. She had meant to leave not even the slightest of chance for the purple haired witch to respond. And yet, as the electric door slid open and Raven's form appeared on the other side, she found herself unable to move, standing in utter stagnation as her muscles locked tighter than any prison.

"Beast Boy, if you don't want see the inside of a black hole, go back to your room," Raven mumbled, not even bothering to open her eyes as she greeted her visitor.

In response to her words, Terra remained stopped, watching her with wide panicked eyes.

The presence of Raven did little to inspire Terra's anger, a fact that surprised the blond haired girl greatly. Whereas she suspected herself to act on sight, the weight of her weapon only seemed to increase. She should be merciless. She should be able to strike without regret. And yet in that moment Terra's will faltered.

In the silence of Terra's indecision, Raven roused herself from the haze of sleep and began to actually look for her late night visitor. Stepping out of her room her eyes were winced, squinted in suspicion and useless as Terra remained protected under the guile of night.

As Raven walked out of her room, Terra watched from the shadows, gripping the knife in both hands and holding it ready to strike. From the moment Raven had appeared even her breath had halted, frozen under the fear of discovery. She knew she had to hurry before Raven could notice her. But she was afraid.

Flashing back to the image of Beast Boy Terra's mind was locked in turmoil as her hands shook uncontrollably. Under the stress she was breaking down, even the most basic of thought capability was failing her. Like an animal, her mind was instead driven by images, each one compelling her to action, and yet each one pulling her in different directions. One to sink her weapon into flesh, and another to flee and forget this night ever happened.

Letting out an almost inaudible whimper of confliction, Terra's eyes widened as Raven's enquiring gaze seemed to zero in on her exact position.

For but half a moment Raven's gaze lingered, inspecting the darkness around her as if she could tell she was there. "Who's there!?" her voice demanded in a firm tone.

Fear seizing her heart, Terra eyed the witch in undeniable panic only to feel herself stop as her blue orbs caught sight of Raven's neck. All along the slender appendage small but defined marks littered her flesh exposing herself and her activates. Eyeing them with disbelief each mark was another dagger piercing her fragile heart.

Terra wasn't a fool. As much as she liked to call Raven the slut that she is, she knew that there could be only one boy that could have left those types of marks. It was a boy who knew only kindness, a boy whose actions were of the purest possible, a boy… who she once called her own. Beast Boy.

Feeling a new, numbing emotion surge through her system, Terra's turmoil slowly bled from her veins leaving her with a calm determination she had found oh-so unattainable just moments before. Seeing those hickies were just the thing she needed to be remained why she there, of what kind of woman Raven really was. There would be no more hesitation, no more guilt.

Stepping forward, Terra's expression was empty and hollow. Anyone looking at it would only be able to see a woman with nothing to lose, a woman with a mission. From the shadows she appeared, like a phantom come to haunt Raven for her sins.

The hallway remained dark in all but one place as the full moon's pail light shown through Raven's open door illuminating the space in a single moon beam. It was here Terra appeared, cast in a pail light leaving her complexion colorless and even more haunting. It took but a moment, but as Raven's eyes focused on her form her eyes widened in obvious surprise.

Terra left to time for her to react.

With a quick surge of her muscles the blade flew through the short distance between it and its target before meeting the warm surface of a living flesh. Terra would never forget the sensation of the blade as it slipped past flesh and bone alike. Of how it felt to slip through one's body as easily as butter.

Unwavering, her gaze held Raven's, staring into their purple hue and savoring the shocked, confused expression practically glimmering inside. Terra could see she wanted to say something, But she would never get the chance.

Staggering back, Terra's stare never left Raven's even after the blade slipped from her fingers and remained lodged in its place. This had been her mission, this had been her purpose. It was the only way to get back Beast Boy, to get back what had been stolen. The voice had told her, led her to this and it was because of it that she would succeed.

Tearing her eyes away from Ravens for the first time, she turned her gaze down to the knife… lodged in her own chest.

The voice had shown her, reminded her of Void as he explained his reason for attempting to kill her. with this, her spirit would be free and she would be able to take Raven's body.

She had said on the beach, how if it was for beast boy, if it was for him she would become Raven. At the time she was unaware of how far that could go but nevertheless the outcome would still be the same. To destroy her own body, so that she could have Raven's.

Stabbing herself with the knife, she had cut through her own skin slipping through the space of her ribs and all the way to her still beating heart. Even now as she stood on her own two shaking legs she could feel the sharp tip tearing away at her pulsing muscle, cutting it again and again as it tried in vain to keep her alive.

Once again Terra looked up to meet Raven's questioning gaze, silently begging to be told why. But as a metallic taste filled her mouth, Terra found her throat unable to respond as it filled with blood.

She had been so afraid, so nervous for this moment. Her fears had almost made back out. But seeing the proof of Raven and Beast Boy's relationship had given her the push she needed to do what needed to be done.

If Beast Boy wanted Raven that was fine, she just needed to be her. Simple really.

Terra could feel her life coming to an end. Warm sticky blood was now falling freely from her wound. It was funny, in the time of Raven opening her door and now, it had felt like an eternity, but in reality it had been moments. Moments that had stretched on and on. But now, those moments came to an end.

Feeling her heart finally still in her chest, Terra's now lifeless eyes bored into Raven's as a bright, blinding light exploded from her body. And as it turned out, Void had been telling the truth. Instead of returning to oblivion just as she had feared, her spirit had been thrust from her body and out into the night.

Remaining in this state for only a moment, Terra's expression turned desperate as her enthrall limbs shot forward, engulfing Raven entirely. Allowing a single cry to escape her lips Terra's world exploded as she invaded Raven's body, stealing her control and wearing her like a fine suit.

And as for Raven, all she could manage was a silent gasp before Terra's will engulfed her own, sealing her fate as well as her control. In one last cry for help only one thought remained as darkness threatened to drown her in its pits.

Beast Boy!

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