This story is mainly told in third person about Gaku and Luna. Luna is a figure and Gaku is a human. The story starts around the time Night started malfunctioning. Luna and Gaku are already together. But when Gaku gets a phone call for work, Luna blows up. She wants to spend time with her boyfriend but he leaves her all the time. So after their fight, Luna decides to leave and go home. But when she goes home, she is slapped in the face by memories. Then the story begins on how a dysfunctional, lost figure falls for a human who just can't catch a break.

I do not own Absolute boyfriend or any of the characters.

Gah! He will be home soon and I haven't made him dinner yet! Sigh, why did I take that nap? Luna buzzed around the kitchen looking for something quick and easy to make. Finding her ingredients, she buzzed around once more to cook the meal. She decided today was a good day for ramen. When she finished, she walked over to the couch and collapsed. She started breathing heavy from all that running, but stopped when she heard a familiar sound. With her excellent hearing, and the stillness of the apartment, she heard feet walking up the steps. They stopped and then the sound of rattling keys was heard. She counted the amount of keys he slid down the key ring. Using the second key, he stuck it in the lock. She heard a sigh. Stifling a giggle, she heard the right key sliding perfectly in the lock. Wanting to surprise her boyfriend, she ran as fast as her heart was racing and practically flew to the spot right next to the door and sat down.

"Luna! What are you doing there?!"

Luna looked up at the black haired love of her life. His blue eyes, showing a hint of fright at the welcome, soon relaxed. Being greeted by the usual the scent of the town mixed with a strong cinnamon, she smiled. Gaku smiled back and got down on one knee in front of her. He took off his hat and laid it next to his foot.

"Luna wanted to wait until Gaku got home. Gaku took too long. Luna decided to wait by door to greet Gaku. Is Gaku okay?" Luna asked, tilting her head.

Gaku nodded. He moved his face closer to Luna's and tilted her head up. He brought his lips down on hers slowly. Luna reacted fast by bringing her arms around his neck. As he slowly stood, using his hand as a guide to pull Luna up by placing it on her back, Luna followed not wanting to break the kiss.

Gaku placed his hands on the low part of her back, pushing her closer to him. Luna opened her mouth wider to allow Gaku to slip his tongue in. He moved one of his hands down lower and pushed her closer to him. Now their tongues touched. She tasted him, all of him. The taste of cinnamon filled up her mouth, but she craved him all day. Lifting herself up on the tip of her toes, She pushed herself closer to his lips-


Luna and Gaku froze. They both looked in the direction of the sound. Across the hall, through their wide open door, the neighbor smiled.

"I don't mean to interrupt but if you are going to have sex, you need to close the door. We have kids on this floor."

Gaku nodded and closed the door with his foot. He let go of Luna and placed his back on the door. He closed his eyes and sighed. Luna walked up to him.

"The food is probably still warm…"

Gaku looked at her with hungry eyes. "The last thing I'm thinking about is food."

…?...Oh…OH! Luna smiled wide now that her face was red. She raised her eyebrows and bit her lip. She ran in the bedroom and was shortly greeted by Gaku.


Gaku was silent. His eyes were closed, which gave his face a peaceful look. Like an angel…with very spiky hair. Luna closed her eyes trying to put herself to sleep. Then she remembered about the food. Climbing out of bed and quickly putting on a shirt, (as quietly as she can), she tiptoed down the hall to the kitchen. She saw the pot on the stove. Thank goodness the stove was off. She went over to the stove and removed the lid from the pot. She reached for the cabinet door and pulled it open. She grabbed a bowl from there, rinsed it and started putting the ramen in the bowl. She walked over to the fridge and placed the bowl inside the fridge. When closing the door, she overheard a conversation.

"Now? But…I understand. Okay, okay."

She leaned her back against the fridge and rolled her eyes. She waited. Gaku hopped past the fridge trying to put his pants. He looked up at Luna.

"Have you seen my hat?"

Luna move her head in the location of where his hat was. He walked over to it and grabbed it off the floor, then walked back over to her.

"You're not mad, right?" Gaku asked.

"Oh, no. You finally come home early, sleep with me and have to leave. What. Is. There. To. Be. Mad. About."

Gaku looked down and scratched his head. "I have to go to work."

"I'm busy, too, so leave."

"You understand that the only reason we are still living here is because I pay for it by working."

Luna rolled her eyes. She looked around the room for something to hold. As if on queue, Gaku's cell phone rang. Luna's eyes widened, as well as Gaku's . They raced each other to the bedroom for the phone. Luna, being a figure, was able to get to the room as if she grew wings and flew. She slammed the bedroom door closed and locked it. A few seconds later, Gaku bumped into the door. She went over to the phone, and just watched it ring. The caller ID said 'Boss'.

"Luna, pick it up at least," he pleaded through the door.

"No," she snapped.

""C'mon! Then can you open the door?"

She grabbed the phone when it stopped ringing and walked over to the door. Holding the phone behind her back, she unlocked and opened the door. Gaku leaned against the doorframe. He stuck his hand out.


"What makes you think I have it?

"You raced me to the room to get it."

"I could race you to the room for a lot of things."

"Phone, now."

"Stay with me."

Gaku was silent. He walked closer to Luna. Looking her straight in the eyes, he moved one of his hands behind her back.

"Lo siento."

Luna soon realized he took the phone from her hand behind her back and he was already halfway to the door. Shaking her head, she followed, and quickly caught up. When he attempted to open the door, Luna tried to push it close but Gaku held it open.

"That's how you leave? I never see you anymore. All I see is either you going into the bedroom to sleep, or dashing out the door for work. It's not fair."

"It's not like it's my choice," He answered.

"Then make it your choice. Me or work?"

Shaking his head, he replied, "You know I can't answer that. "

"Is it really that hard for you to decide?" she questioned.

"No, I just have to go now or I will be late."

"Then go!"

"Are you kicking me out of my own house?"

"Can you even call it your house when I live in it more than you?"

"Of course I can! I bought this place!" he shouted.

Luna rolled her eyes. "I helped pay, remember? So it's my house, too! And I cook and clean here, so technically it's more my place than yours."

"Whatever," he muttered under his breath and started stepping out the door.

"But, I guess it is your place, since all your stuff is here. So I'll just leave!" She screamed. Gaku turned to face Luna, his blue eyes piercing her dark brown ones. He stuck both of his hands up, closing them in to fists.

"It's not like I said 'leave'. I just need to go to work. Why are you so moody right now?"

"Because I can be!" she spat out before grabbing the phone out off Gaku's hand. She stared straight into his eyes and opened it up, then broke it in half with a quick snap. She threw the two pieces in the hall, pushed him out and slammed the door closed.

In the hallway, Gaku looked down at his separated phone and sighed. He bent down to pick it up and heard a whistle. Looking over to the source, it was his neighbor.

"Damn man…One day you guys are all kissy-kissy, and the next day you are breaking phones in half? Kids live here, man. Watch what you do!"

"Shaddup!" Gaku yelled and stormed down the steps to go take care of the situation his was informed about.


Inside the apartment, Luna had her back leaning against the door. She was breathing heavy and made her hands into tight fists, making her knuckles turn white. She stomped away from the door, and sat on the couch. She ran her fingers through her hair, and using her rubber band on her wrist, she tied her mess of curly hair in a messy bun. She walked quickly into the bedroom and walked over to the closet. She grabbed two suitcases off the top shelf and slammed them on the bed. Placing her hands over her eyes, she let out a shaky breath and sat on the bed. She felt a few tears slide down her cheeks, and quickly wiped them with the back of her hands, stopping her tears before they never end. She cleared her throat and stood up. Luna walked over to the bedside table, grabbed her radio and walked over to the bathroom. In the bathroom, she placed the radio on the table near the bath, put the CD in and let it play.

Turning on the water in the tub, she checked to make sure the water was warm. She added bath salts in and waited for the water a little more. When that was done, she got undressed and stepped in the tub. She laid her head on the edge of the tub and closed her eyes, dozing off listening to the music.


Luna checked her bags, which was two in total. Putting them in her car, she closed the trunk and walked over to the driver's side. Once she got in the car, she began her long drive to her original house.