This story is mainly told in third person about Gaku and Luna. Luna is a figure and Gaku is a human. The story starts around the time Night started malfunctioning. Luna and Gaku are already together. But when Gaku gets a phone call for work, Luna blows up. She wants to spend time with her boyfriend but he leaves her all the time. So after their fight, Luna decides to leave and go home. But when she goes home, she is slapped in the face by memories. Then the story begins on how a dysfunctional, lost figure falls for a human who just can't catch a break.

I do not own Absolute boyfriend or any of the characters.

"…Et in hora mortis nostrae
Et in hora mortis nostrae
Et in hora mortis nostrae
Ave Maria"

The woman smiled finishing the song. The lady had very loose curls that stopped at her shoulders framing her pale face. She looked over at her pianist, her husband. Placing a boney hand on her stomach, she whispered, "The baby is relaxed now."

Naoki removed his hands from the piano and put them on his wife's stomach. He smiled warmly at her. "I'm glad."

Naoki is a famous pianist. He has dark brown hair that is about up to his ears stuck out at odd ends. His dark brown eyesscanned his wife happily. He stood up from the piano bench and stuck out a thin cool hand. Megumi, grabbed his hand and started standing up. He walked her to couch following closely behind. When they reached the living room, she sat down and frowned. The couch felt….wet?

"What's wrong?" asked Naoki.

"Either I wet my pants, or…."

Naoki thought for a minute then gasped. Megumi nodded.

"Quick! Everyone! Her water just broke! Call the doctor!"

All the helpers in the household ran to the living room. Two left, one to get the car, and the other to get the bag. Five were circling around the couple guiding them out the door. Megumi looked over at her husband and smiled.

"If it's a girl I want to name her Luna."


At the hospital, they were wheeled off to the private room they wanted. After ten hours of waiting, their doctor, Doctor Laurard, came in.

"Open, " she simply said.

Obeying, Megumi did what she was told.

"Congratulations. You are about to give birth to a baby."

"Are you asking us or telling us?" questioned Naoki.

"I'm telling you. Get the other nurses," she answered, whispering the last part to another nurse.


"Just one last push! Come on, Megumi! I know you can do this!" Shouted Naoki, with a very purple and sore hand (Megumi had been squeezing his hand for the past thirteen hours).

"I-I can't! AHHHHHHH!" She screamed. While screaming, she pushed her hardest. Resting her head, everyone started congratulating.

"Megumi! It's a boy!" Naoki cried out. The baby left to go get cleaned when a beep was heard. Looking over at his wife, Naoki was quickly being pushed out of the way. He ran over to her side, pushing hair out of her face.

"Megumi, wake up! Come on, open your eyes! Megumi? Megumi, answer me!" Naoki shouted.

"Please, someone get him out of here he doesn't need to see this. "

Naoki was forced out in the hall. He was pacing back and forth, trying to relax. He leaned against the wall and covered his eyes. Then all he heard was the sound of feet walking towards him. He removed his hands and was approached by a nurse.

"Is she alright? Can I go in?"

"Shirisaki-san, I'm sorry. She didn't make it. She probably pushed herself to hard and…I'm sorry."

Naoki looked down. He suddenly fell to his knees. He closed his eyes. When he opened them, he started overflowing with tears. He tried breath to calm himself, but it didn't work. The nurse waited patiently, and then stuck her arm out, to help him get to his feet. When he stood up, he quickly wiped his eyes. He was a bit calm now.

"I want to see my baby."

Naoki was informed that his son had blue baby syndrome which was caused by Tetralogy of Fallot. The baby had to stay in the hospital for the first month, and then it had to undergo surgery. Afterwards, when the baby seemed alright, they said he could take him home.

After the surgery, Naoki went to pick up his son. He was picked up by one of his drivers at the hospital. On the way home, he held the baby in his arms, just watching him. When they arrived at the house he brought the baby up stairs to the nursery and laid him in the crib, letting him sleep.

Years passed. The father decided to name his son Kazuhiko. Seeing as his son got older, Kazuhiko had to keep returning for checkups on his heart and had the worst luck with finding friends at school. On Kazuhiko's 16th birthday, Naoki asked what Kazuhiko wanted.

"I want a girlfriend…" whispered Kazuhiko at dinner. He messed with his food on his plate,and then stood. "Excuse me, dad. I think I'm going to go to bed now…"

"Kaz-" Naoki was cut off by the sound of a door slamming shut. Naoki stood up, walking away from his food as the butler came out. "I'm done Takahashi. Thank you for the meal."

Naoki continued walking in the main hall. He faced the stairs and walked to a door underneath the steps. He opened it, to darkness. He walked down the dark steps, reaching the bottom. The lights turned on automatically. He smiled at the sight. Naoki was a famous musician because his father only supported his music side. Naoki also had an interest in engineering, but when he told his dad, his dad refused it immediately. So when his father passed away, and his mother soon after, Naoki inherited the house and the money, meaning he can do whatever he wishes.

He turned his basement into a lab. Not scientific, more machinery. He had an empty desk, with a plain paper on it. He walked over to the desk, grabbed a pencil and started a rough sketch.

As months started passing, day after day, Naoki stayed in his lab. Sometimes he even pulled all nighters. He rarely ate and only went upstairs for a shower.

It has been two years. Today was the 18th birthday Kazuhiko. It was another time to eat at the table. Smiling to himself, Naoki looked down at his work table. Today was also the day that Naoki's creation was finished.

"Master food is…Is it done?"

Naoki turned to look at his trusted servant. His eyes had bags and were streaked with red veins, which cause the butler to widen his eyes. He was the only one who knew of Naoki's 'Project'. But from the looks of it, it seemed like his master made a death wish.

Takahashi smiled. "Then let's get him."

Upstairs, Kazuhiko waited at the table. When he spotted the butler entering the room, he called him. "Takahashi-san, where's my meal and my father?"

"Sir, your father requests your presence in the basement," the butler answered with a bow. Kazuhiko stood from the dining table and walked towards the basement door.

Entering the room, he could see the lights dimmed. He cautiously continued, then called out to his dad.

Around a corner, he appeared. Behind him, on a table was a….computer.

"I've programmed it to be a simulator. Now you get to talk to someone other than the people in this birthday, Kazuhiko."

His son walked up to the computer and stared at it. He didn't smile.

"All that time, and all you could do was this? What happened to your passion for engineering?"

"What do you mean? I worked hard on this for you! Are you saying you don't like it?"

"I can't believe this. It's nothing. Just…move, dad."


"Your old brain can't work on the technology we have today. We need more power….Hand me that cord."

After hours of some hacking and lights flickering, the pair had their power. They just needed a body. So Naoki went looking for a gift that he made years ago for his wife (who passed away). It was a mini robot of a girl. He even covered it in the material they used for dolls to make it look realistic. The only problem was, he never powered it up.

So taking the doll and placing it on a clean silver table, he attached a pair of electrical cords to the doll that was hooked up to the computer.

Naoki's son, Kazuhiko was setting up the inside parts, like the brain.

"Should I give her a brain?"

"Of course! Then you can play music together!"

Rolling his eyes, he replied. "I'll just give her a brain."

After a few key clicks, magazine/book/music score scans and a doll hook up later, they were ready.

"If my calculations are right, it will just take a few shocks to wake it up…" Naoki was over by a switch awaiting his son's approval. Kazuhiko nodded. The father pulled down the switch and…the lights went off.

Though, the doll lit up with blue lines of electricity running all over the skin. This caused her hair to form into crazy curls. The computer made a dial up sound and the lights started to flicker on and off. Naoki grabbed his son and took him to closet. They slammed the door shut and locked it. The door frame lit up blue and then a big gust of air blew through the door. Then it was all black.

Naoki dug around for a flashlight. Finding one, he opened the closet door. The room was filled with smoke with his son clinging on his arm, he walked over to the table where the doll was. But lying there with eyes closed, was a…girl. The pair gasped. That was when the eyes opened.

"So what would you guys like to do first?"