Why did I do this? Rikki thought to herself. Why couldn't I think a little? If you're wondering what I'm talking about, then you are pretty confused by now I'm guessing. My life turned upside down, all because of my silly mistake. This all started about one month ago, the moon pool is back, and I was in it with Bella and Cleo...

We laid on our backs in the water, staring up at the top of the cave, "The full moon will be here in two days." Cleo sighed.

"It's almost that time of month." Rikki laughed.

"I won't laugh too hard, if the full moon hits you don't come crying to me!"

"Guys!" Bella yelled. "Let's just enjoy our day here."

"You're right. Sorry Rikki, I'm not having a good day."

Bella's tone became worried, "What's wrong?" She asked.

"I got fired from the Marine Park today."


"Because I couldn't feed Remi, he was out in the middle of the water. Lari told me to grab a suit and go over to feed him, we all know what happened after that."

Bella felt bad, "I'm really sorry."

"Ya," Rikki added. "If he knew why maybe he wouldn't of fired you."

"We all know that's not an option." said Bella.

"But why couldn't it?"

"Rikki, I can find another job."

"No!" Rikki yelled. She swooped down and floated in the water. "You don't understand! We are going to have to deal with this for the rest of our lives! What if you get a job one day were you actually have to go in the water. No matter what! Our lives will be a lot easier if we told them our secret."

"We can't do that." Bella said.

"I'm sick and tired of keeping all these secrets!" Rikki yelled.

Bella gazed at Rikki with fear, "But are you willing to pay the price of what this may cost?"

"I will do this, with, or with out you." She dove underwater heading back to the beach.

"You don't think she'll do it, do you?" Bella questioned.

"Na," said Cleo. "You know Rikki, always letting her temper get the best of her. Don't worry she'll calm down eventually."

Back at the beach...

After Rikki dried off she called Zane to meet her there. They decided to get back together a few months after the breakup, Rikki finally believed Zane's story and Zane was willing to forgive Rikki for...well... her rudeness about it.

They've been keeping their love life a secret for some time and they kind of like it!

Zane walked over to Rikki a few minutes after he got the text. They sat down on a towel together, far away from the beach.

Zane looked over to Rikki and asked her a question, "What's the matter?"

Rikki gulped, "I-want to expose my secret." She whispered.

Zane's eyes widened, "Why!"

"I-just do! But I need your help. I need a good full-proof plan I was hoping you would help me?"

"Sure." He half-smiled. "But why didn't you ask your 'mermaid club'?"

"They don't really agree."

"Ok then, let's go over to my house and think of a plan there."

"Great!" Rikki hopped up and they were on their way to Zane's house.

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