I bolt up in bed and feel sweat all over me. I use my hand to push me up, off the bed but as soon as I do it I let out a small scream. I look down at my hand and see a bloody bandage wrapped around my hand.

"You passed out from blood loss last night after you cut your self on the glass." I hear Jamie whisper. I whip my head around and I can barely make out his frame in the dark. He's laying on his side, a distance away from me.

"Probably shouldn't put much pressure on your hand." He said, flipping to his other side.

"Im… I'm sorry Jamie…. d-did Jared come back?" I ask with hope, creeping into my voice. Jamie sighs then says, "Yeah, he came back. He didn't say much. Just told me to wrap your hand then he carried you to bed. He told me to go to bed and make sure you slept then went out to the couch. Jared's pretty mad Mel.." I lowered my head. Of course Jared was going to be mad. Probably furious. I feel something wet and cold drip down my cheek and then slide off and onto the blanket. I furiously wipe away the tears and stand up.

"Mel, where you going?" Jamie asks.

"Its okay, I'm going to go talk to Jared and I'll be back."

"Mel-" "It will be okay. Just stay here Jamie. Okay?"

"Okay." He responds. I walk over to the door and freeze for a moment. What was I going to tell Jared? What if he started yelling and left again? I took in a deep breath and gripped the freezing door knob and turn it slowly. I take small, quiet, and slow steps and walked over to the couches. Jared looked so peaceful in his sleep but I know once I wake him thats all going to vanish. I got down on my knees and lightly shook his shoulder. He hardly even moved so I shook him again and a little harder.

"What?" He murmured. Now what do I say?

"Jared?" He opened his eyes quickly and sat up.

"Melanie, go back to sleep." He almost whispered.

"No. We need to talk ab-"

"There is nothing we need to talk about right now Melanie. Okay? Just go back to fucking sleep." His voice raised slightly and he had rage in his eyes.

"What the hell did I do? Huh? Your the one who just walked out!" I responded at him. I probably should of just gone back to sleep but now I was heated.

"Fuck all of this Mel! This whole plan to find some long lost cousin?! You can't just go wandering off! You can't just leave your brother! You can't just leave me!" He half growled half yelled. I quickly tried to stand up but Jared grabbed my wrist and pulled me back down harshly and he sat up straighter.

"Mel I'm so sorry. I didn't mean it, baby I'm sorry." he whispers in my ear.

"Yes you did. Im sorry. I didn't think of you or Jamie." I let the tears I was holding back fall silently down my cheeks. Why didn't I think of what this would do to them. He pulls me into his chest and wipes the tears away then strokes my hair.

"Baby what happened to your hand?" he ask me in a whisper. Shit. What was I going to tell him.

"A glass broke and I cut my hand." I say, noticing my voice getting higher.

"Liar." he whispers. "So how does glass just brake?" he asks me.

"When it gets thrown across the room." I feel him smiling as he presses his lips to my forehead.

"You should go back to sleep babe. Its 2am." Jared says pushing me up.

"Are you coming?" I ask with hope creeping back in my voice. I stand up and grab his hands, trying to pull him up. He rolls his eyes and follows me back to the bedroom. Jamie is still asleep on the edge of the bed so I pull Jared onto the other side. He wraps his arm around my waist and pulls me close. I sigh and close my eyes.

"Welcome back bro." Jamie whispers