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"That was a very good circus. I cannot believe some of those beings exist. And that Fire Tamer, I wonder if that was magic. It sure did seem like it. And the two headed girl, I wonder what it would be like if Elladan and I were like that," Elrohir said, chattering to Legolas who wasn't listening as they left the tent. They two of them had stayed behind because Elrohir had wanted to see if they had any food left and Elladan insisted he had to get work done. Not wanting to go alone the twin had dragged Legolas along.

The pair got to the place where the circus had been selling food when they heard a roar and a shriek. They ran to where the clamor had come from and stopped in their tracks to see the Chimera throwing the man who regrew limbs into a stack of boxes. The two elves moved to run forward and help the man, but he stood up, apparently unhurt, and ran off. A moment later he returned with the Fire Tamer and she ran to the beast. It had been chained to a metal block, unable to move, but as the woman moved closer it started to thrash wildly. In the process its chain broke free, enabling the beast to move freely.

"We must help," Legolas said to Elrohir, who nodded in agreement. They made to move forward, but before they could do anything flames erupted from the Chimera's mouth, engulfing many objects in flame. The two elves could barely dodge the flames, much less help stop the beast's rampage.

The Fire Tamer the whole time was doing her best to bring the flames down to an ember and calm the creature. Finally, she got close enough to the beast to grab its chain and tie it back up. "Shush, it is alright, I will not allow them to hurt you anymore," Legolas heard her whisper. The Chimera calmed down and pressed its big head against the Fire Tamer's body.

"What is the meaning of this!" they heard a voice shriek and saw the tall woman rush forward. Her movements were awkward as her legs were too big for the rest of her body. "I am sorry the Chimera got loose. Do not worry though, I have tied him back up and stopped him from doing too much damage," the Fire Tamer told her. The elves gasped as the tall woman grabbed the back of the woman's hair and pulled her off the ground up to eye level. "You know the consequences for doing damage or failing to stop damage to the goods. You will end up in The Cage while the Chimera gets his own punishment," the tall woman snarled. "No, please, he did not mean to do it. Something must have spooked him. Give me his punishment as well as what I deserve," the Fire Tamer pleaded. "Fine, punishment is punishment, no matter who receives it. I will leave you in The Cage and you will receive the rest in the morning." The tall woman dropped her and stalked off.

"Let us go help her," Elrohir whispered. "Wait, she is returning," his companion responded and just a few seconds later the tall woman came back with a small cage. It was barely big enough to fit a small child, much less the tall woman who was about to be put in it.

As soon as the tall woman was gone, Legolas led Elrohir over to where the cage was. "Are you alright?" Legolas whispered to the woman. She looked up in surprise and as soon as she saw the pair fear filled her eyes. "You must leave, now. Go before they capture you!" she warned them quietly, trying to turn to face them. She twisted her body painfully and Legolas winced as he heard one of her wrists made a cracking sound. "We must help you, now what is your name?"

"I have no name other than my title, the Fire Tamer, and you must leave!"

"Not until we help you escape."

"You cannot help me, no one can. Now go before I scream."

"Why would you want to bring them to us if you are warning us to leave?"

"As a threat." Legolas looked at her with a questioning look. "If they see you here they will catch you, if you are lucky. Now for the last time, go!"

"Not without you!"

"If I leave no one will stick up for the others." Elrohir started to tug on Legolas's tunic as a sign that someone was approaching. "We will come back for you, I promise," Legolas whispered before getting up to leave. "Do not, I beg of you. Leave and never return!" she called softly after them as they left.

As soon as they were safely inside the city walls, Elrohir turned to his friend. "What are you going to do? Going back would be the right thing, but she seemed like she really did not want us to return to help her." Legolas shrugged and slipped back up to his room.

As he layed in his bed, thoughts ran through his mind. What did she mean by she had no name? Everyone has a name. And what did she mean stick up for the others? Why would the tall woman treat her like that? It seems as if it happens often, but that still does not make it acceptable. Am I going to go back or respect her wishes and never go back? The circus does not leave for another few days. Yet I have the feeling if she is caught with me she will be punished terribly. The ellon stayed up all night with these thoughts bothering him. As the sun rose the next morning he sighed and realized he had made up his mind. He was going to help the Fire Tamer, no matter the consequences he would receive because of it.