*Sigh* Dang, okay, I can't seem to write anything for my current fics so I have decided to toss this one out here. I figure a new project will get the old juices flowing again. This is a story inspired by a friend of mine… and alcohol.

Disclaimer: I do not own My Little Ponies, or my friend's dreams. Damned if I am not going to write about them though.

Chapter One: Never Again.

Celestia's sun lit everything in the path of its unforgiving rays. No nook or cranny was safe. The purifying spears of light jabbed down into any weak point they could access.

"My eyes!" Shouted a high pitched voice before groaning and holding it's now pounding head.

"Oh, my head." The voice whined. The voice was revealed to belong to none other than a small foal. He had a mint green coat, and a brown mane. Slowly, the foal opened his bloodshot eyes, and began to look around.

"What happened? Last I remember Suzy convinced me to go drinking and…" He trailed off as he stared intently at the hoof in front of his face. It was his hoof. The problem here though, was that he didn't have hooves, he had hands. For you see this was Soral, who went to visit one of his online friends for a fun weekend. He was human, not an animal with hooves. Slowly, he made his way onto all fours. Turning his head to the side to look at the rest of himself, he saw that his body was that of a small horse, and oddly colored at that. He had long legs, and a thin body. Swinging his head to the right he found that he was not alone. There was a large lavender horse lying on the ground near him. She was much bigger than he was, and she had a horn.

"Great, so not only am I now a horse, I am a runt." He groused, the pounding headache from the hangover making his mood that much worse.

"Soral, be a good pony." The lavender unicorn muttered in her sleep. He stared at the horse in shock. Her voice was very familiar to the mint coated foal. Soral brought a hoof to his face and stifled a groan. It was Suzy, and obviously they were supposed to be ponies. He slid his hoof upwards where it encountered something hard. A strange tingling shot through him at the touch. Apparently he had a horn as well. "Great." He thought sarcastically.

"Nuuuu~! Soral stop poking everyone with your horn. You're being a bad unihorn." Suzy muttered and began giggling in her sleep.

Soral looked down at the mare with anger on his face. "The first time I let myself get talked into drinking and this happens." He mentally screamed. Well, there was really only one way he could respond to this whole situation. "Suzy this is all, your fault!" The little foal screeched before ramming his horn into the lavender unicorns flank.

"Youch!" The Lavender mare screamed as she was painfully brought to reality. "What, where, who?" She shot off until her eyes fell on the source of her pain. Her mental state stalled as it took in the sight of a mint green foal that was right at home in My Little Pony.

"This is all your fault Suzy!" The foal shouted leveling a hoof at her. "I told you I didn't want to go drinking, but no~, it was a visit~, I should cut loose. Look at what [CENSORD] happened. I got turned into a cartoon horse for [CENSORD] sake! What are we going to do now, huh?" Soral ranted, letting loose the frustration that had built since he first woke up. Suzy on the other hand was currently suffering having her psyche bludgeoned to death by a rubber chicken. While she tried to keep a straight face through the rant is was sadly not to be as she soon succumbed to her fate, and toppled backwards laughing her flank off.

"This isn't funny! Stop laughing or I'll make you! I have magic now!" Soral spat. He scrunched up his face, trying to muster any magic he could to the surface, but only achieved in making himself look constipated.

"B-but you look so cute." She laughed, "And your voice. Oh my sides hurt." Suzy went right back to rolling on the ground, leaving Soral to scowl at her.

"What in tarnation is all that racket?" An accented voice questioned. Soral turned to the source to see an orange pony trotting up towards them. A pony he recognized.

It was the Element of Honesty, Applejack, making her way towards them. Now, while he was relieved to be in Ponyville and not stranded in some far corner of Equestria, or even one of the major cities, he was still mad at Suzy. So he decided to get revenge by doing something rather devious, being honest. He wobbled over to the orange pony and willed fourth a few tears.

"Mi-Miss," he sniffled, "My head hurts." He now had the orange mare's undivided attention. "I remember we," he said gesturing to himself and the laughing mare, "Went to a strange building. I think it was called a bar. She convinced me those funny tasting drinks would be fun. Now I don't know where we are and all she is doing is laughing at me."

Applejacks face lit up with fury. She placed foreleg over Soral's shoulder and place a friendly smile on her face. "Now don't you fret none. I'll take care of this." Applejack told him. She then glared at the laughing mare.

"Now see here," She said marching on the offender, "What in th' name of Tartarus were you think'n taking a little colt to a bar of all places." She hollered at Suzy, who was no longer laughing now that she had someone yelling at her. In fact she looked quite uncomfortable. Soral smiled to himself, he knew she would find some way to pay him back eventually, but he really didn't care at the moment..