Kazza of the southern water tribe watched as his only friend, Katara was getting ready to leave to help rescue the funny avatar boy. Kazza being the only water bender in the southern water tribe besides Katara, was desperate to properly learn how to water bend. He wished he could go with them.

Kazza walked off thinking that they wouldn't want to work with some stupid eight year old orphan from the southern water tribe. Kazza stopped an looked at his reflection. He saw a boy with well define muscles from training hard and working around the village. He had black messy hair as he refused to tie it up in a wolf's tail like that idiot called Sokka. He saw green emerald like eyes staring at him cooly. Then he moved on to the feature he hated most. His lightning bolt scar. The scar that automatically made him a fire nation spy according to the idiot Sokka. It brought him attention that he did not want. After when he was first accused his dad had been around at the time and he put a stop to it going straight to Sokka's father. He sighed just wanting his adoptive dad to come home from the stupid war.

"Kazza." Called an old voice. He turned around to see the woman Katara often called gran gran. He quickly got up and bowed. She had a sad look on her face as if she aged 10 years in a matter of moments.

"Kazza." She said. "I bring most unfortunate news for you. We have received word from the war effort that your father... Your father died."

Kazza's eyes widened and kept saying, "no, no" over and over again. Trying to make sense to what was going on. His father was going to take him to the northern water tribe where he could train and help in the war effort. Tears began falling down his face wishing this was all just a dream. He looked up to see his only friend Katara walking towards him with a look of sorrow on her face. Kazza didn't want pity. Not from her not from anyone. He turned around and sprint away towards his hut. He grabbed his things and sprinted away not looking back. That was the last time anyone saw Kazza in the southern water tribe.

Kazza woke slowly wondering where he was. He looked around and saw a great, big polar bear dog standing on his two back legs ready to attack. It launched itself towards with so much speed he barely had time to react. Suddenly the creƤture was on top of him, face right in front of his growling as if this was the last thing he would ever see.

Then suddenly, it started licking his face as if it wanted to play. Suddenly it turned into a cub running around the small cave he was to live in. It had been two days since he ran away and he didn't mind in the slightest. With his father and Katara gone there was nothing holding him back.

Looking at the cub he asked, "hey little guy." It started to growl at him.

Realising his mistake he said, "ah I mean girl." The cub then started to walk around like nothing had happened.

Without thinking he asked, "hey do you want to stay with me? I could use the company and a friend. Maybe even a familiar like that avatar boy and his flying bison." When he said familiar it kept nodding its head like crazy.

"Alright then but you will need a name. how about Mala? Do you like that?" Again she was nodding like crazy.

"ok lets leave this place. come on lets head to the northern water tribe where i can learn how to master water bending. lets also keep stops to a minimum. i want to learn as soon as possible. do you think you can change back into your big form so you can swim us their? Cause that would be great."

Mala then turned into her grown up form and started running towards the ocean. Kazza called out, "hey wait up." and started sprinting after his now familiar.