Emil x Chris

In the beginning there was a boy and a girl, and like under most circumstances they were in love and yet it was forbidden. She was running, she didn't know were exactly but he was there and that was all that mattered. As she ran the rain streamed down her tear-stricken face, soaking her dress,and making it even more difficult to run in her black stilettos. He was there, he had appeared into her life as though it was destiny and he stood almost within reach watching, waiting. As she began to approach him he smiled and looked at her with eyes like melting chocolate, and that's what they did; they made her melt. She stopped suddenly, feeling as though something was wrong. He smiled again like he was frozen to time. "Emily, he whispered, his eyes suddenly turning cold. She turned and saw a dark man walk calmly next to her and raise a gun. He fired. A single shot range through the air freezing the night and interupting the calm silence. "Chris!" she screamed at the top of her lungs. The man smiled at her with a sad look in his eyes and just turned and walked away. She ran over to her dead lover feeling as though a part of her wa missing. She then rose from her placement next to him and removed his dog tags as she planted a quiet kiss on his already cold lips. As the rain began to cease all that was left of the couple was an oddly colored stain on the asphalt.