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One Mind , One Sorrow

Chapter 1

"Hey guys quiet down for a second," Bulma shouted as she tapped a spoon against her glass. It was her annual Christmas party, and the whole gang was there laughing and having a great time. "I have some pretty exciting news for you guys!..." she said as everyone started shushing and calming down. Yamcha and Tien were finishing up a story. Krillin and 18 had moved to the couch with Marron. Trunks and Goten were tackling each other into the living room where they finally settled. Vegeta was in his normal spot, one foot propped up against the living room wall and arms crossed. And Goku was still helping himself to all the food but was at full alert awaiting Bulma's news. Chichi just rolled her eyes at her child she called a husband and strolled into the living room with everyone else.

"Ok…" Bulma took a deep breath and then couldn't control her joy any longer and blurted out, "I'm gonna have a baby!"

Everyone ran to her with shouts of "Congratulations" and whistles.

"Bulma Ann Briefs," Chichi shouted as she pushed her way to the front of the crowd. "Why was I not told sooner?"

Bulma chuckled. "I wanted to tell everybody at once and it be a surprise Chichi!"

Chichi crossed her arms and huffed, but congratulated her anyway.

"Congratulations Vegeta!" Goku exclaimed as he approached the prince. "You're gonna be a daddy AGAIN!" Vegeta just huffed and looked the other direction. "I'll tell ya, the second one is more hyper than the first, and considering how much energy Trunks has, can you imagine how this one will be? I mean it'll be bouncing off walls! An-"

"Kakarot," Vegeta finally chimed in. "I swear if you don't stop blabbing on, I will deck you so hard in your gut with an honest to God smile on my face as you throw up everything you just packed in that never ending pit you call a stomach."

"Geez Vegeta," Goku said calmly. "Aren't you even the tiniest bit excited?"

Vegeta turned to the third class in front of him and then once again looked in the opposite direction. He sighed. "No,… I'm worried."

"August 22nd." Bulma exclaimed with joy, answering her mother's one hundredth question.

"Oh Bulma dear, I just can't believe it! I'm going to go bake a cake to celebrate!" Bunny giggled as she practically skipped to the kitchen.

"So Bulma, how does Vegeta feel about it?" 18 asked as soon as everyone started going back to their separate groups, knowing that Bulma probably didn't want to share her prince's thoughts on the situation to the whole gang.

"Oh he's so sweet about the whole thing. He regrets that he wasn't around when I was pregnant with Trunks and wasn't there for the delivery. So he said that he's giving up training time to experience it and 'Make sure nothing happens to me'."

"Wait, Vegeta said something that nice to you?" 18 asked struck with unbelievable shock. "Gosh, so I guess his little 'tough guy' act is dropped when no one else is around you two."

Bulma chuckled "Oh no, the 'tough guy' act is real, but he does have his moments."

"Worried? Why?" Goku asked in total puzzlement. "Bulma is strong. She can take care of herself. And besides, she's already done it once. She can do it again." He smiled, trying to convince the older sayian that everything would be fine.

Vegeta sighed again. He knew he wouldn't be able to hide it from him any longer. He hated to admit when he didn't know something, but for some reason he felt like it was ok to go ahead and admit it to Goku. Since the Buu incident a year ago, Vegeta has considered Goku his only real friend. Grant it, friend for him had always meant someone to spar with and insult. But ever since Buu, Vegeta has felt like he could tell Goku almost anything…almost. However, Bulma is the only person he has told everything too. They've sometimes ended sparring sessions early just to talk. Vegeta guessed that this was what earthlings called a friendship. "Kakarot,… I don't know the first thing about caring for the woman while she's carrying a child."

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