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One Mind, One Sorrow

Chapter 5

Goku transmitted in behind Vegeta. "Frieza, I knew it was you." He took two steps forward and planted his feet. "I could never forget an energy that felt so evil. What do you want now Frieza?" Goku stated as he clenched his fists.

"Well, well, well Goku, It's been so very long. Last time I saw you I was sawed in two with a ki blast hurdling toward me." He hissed. "But, I'm sure after tonight, I shall have some more… fond memories of you."

"Stop toying Frieza! I know you're here to destroy the earth."

Frieza chuckled. "You think I care about this mud ball you call a planet? I don't care if it gets blown up in the process. I only care about killing you in the slowest most painful way possible. You'll pay for what you did to me. That's for certain though."

"I know what you're doing Frieza! You only chose to fight me on Earth because you knew that I'd hold back so I don't harm the people. You don't just want to kill me. You want to kill all the people on earth. You haven't changed. You won't get your way though Frieza! Vegeta and I will stop you."

Frieza chuckled again. "You and Vegeta huh?" His eyes shifted over to the prince, whose eyes were still focused on the ground, not wanting to accept the situation he was in. He wouldn't dare turn around to look at Goku. He couldn't. "Well Vegeta, would you care to show your third class peasant why that won't be the case." Vegeta lifted his head as his eyes focused on the tyrant that somehow still controlled his life. His eyes then shifted to Bulma. The look of pure fear etched on her face was enough to make him want to just curl up and cry. He had failed her… He didn't take care of her. And now, he was going to have to kill his only friend to even get a chance to try and save her. He was a failure… He slowly turned to face Goku with apologetic and fear filled eyes.

"Vegeta, what's he talking about?" Goku said innocently. Vegeta stared at him, clenched one fist in front of him, and without any trouble, changed his pitch black eyes to green. "Vegeta?" He questioned again.

"Vegeta don't!" was all that could be heard as Bulma watched her lover dash toward her childhood friend and tackle him through their home in a fury of punches and ki blasts. She started to cry... How could someone be so evil? Vegeta had finally ended his rivalry with Goku. Goku was his best friend. He was now a great husband and an even better father. He had worked so hard to push his past behind him. He had finally got away from it and now this monster had to push him back there? His nightmares had become less frequent. He had become almost happy it seemed. He actually told her things willingly instead of her having to pry and annoy him till he talked to her. All of that time. All of that hard work. All of those nights they stayed up talking about the struggles and fears in each other's lives was for nothing now. It was more than she could bear. "You cowardly snake!" she screamed as she kicked and thrashed about trying to break free from the tyrant's grasp. "Why him? Why his life? Why do you do this to him?!" Bulma screamed out through tears. Frieza's grip on her tightened.

"Because my dear," he hissed in her ear. "It's just so easy."

"Vegeta stop!" Goku yelled once more trying to understand what had caused his friend to attack him. But Vegeta didn't stop. No matter how many punches Goku blocked, he'd still throw another one. Was it because he had to kill Kakarot? No, he knew unless he could make Goku let down his guard again like he did when he was Majin then he didn't have a chance in the world to kill him. So why was he trying? Goku wasn't going to back down. Frieza wasn't going to just let Bulma go. He knew why he kept attacking. It's because he always has… Every time he got to a moment in his life where a task, a choice or an outcome was too hard for him to deal with, he fought. For some reason, fighting something or someone during these times was the only thing he could do. He guessed it was because he thought if he kept fighting, he could change the circumstance or outcome, even if that outcome already happened. He always fought…. He felt like he was once again 6 years old when he found out his planet had been destroyed.

"Prince Vegeta, I'm afraid to inform you that Planet Vegeta has been destroyed by a meteor." Vegeta gasped for a moment before he regained his composure. "Are you sure?" he asked in his calm raspy voice. "Yes… and also Prince Vegeta I'm sorry to tell you that right now, you're the only known remaining saiyan. Lord Frieza sends his sympathies. Shall I send him a reply message?" Vegeta answered quickly and calmly as possible. "No, no that won't be necessary." "All right. Over and out." After Frieza's henchman got off the scouter, Vegeta chucked it across the ground. He didn't know what to do. He could only think about hitting something! Hurting someone until they felt as bad as he did! Through tear filled eyes he slaughtered the people on his purging mission. He looked at his blood stained gloves… desperately trying to find any amount of white left on them. Maybe if he found a spot that had been left unstained, that symbolized hope for him as well. He couldn't find any white spots left….no hope….. He couldn't even feel if he felt better or worse. He couldn't figure out what he felt….Actually…that was it… he didn't feel anything. He was numb. From then on, that's how he handled things after all, feeling nothing at all was better than feeling hurt and hopeless right?

That's how Vegeta once again felt as he swung punch after punch and ki blast after ki blast at Goku. He didn't want to feel the hopelessness. He didn't want to feel the pain. He just wanted to shut off and be numb again. Goku wasn't going to allow it though. If he could just land one punch, then he knew he'd be able to shut off and forget about the situation. Just one hit. But as he swung again in a fit of rage, Goku grabbed both of Vegeta's wrists.

"Vegeta! Stop it! Tell me what's wrong!" Vegeta's eyes were closed as he thrashed from side to side trying to break free from Goku's grip. Goku looked at him… he had never seen him like this. He almost looked like a frightened…child. He saw his friend was truly struggling with something inside. "Vegeta snap out of it! What's wrong?!"

"He's going to kill Bulma!" Vegeta yelled with his eyes still closed. Goku was puzzled.

"So you attacked me?! Vegeta that makes no sense!"

"No, you idiot! He'll kill Bulma if I don't kill you Kakarot!" Vegeta finally stopped thrashing. "I can't lose her Kakarot! I can't!"

Goku realized everything now. He was surprised Vegeta wasn't crying at this point. Vegeta panicked at the situation Frieza put him in and did the only reasonable thing he knew to do to save his loved one. Goku saw it now. But Vegeta just wasn't thinking clearly. With the both of them fighting together, beating Frieza would be a piece of cake. As Goku explained his thoughts on the subject, Vegeta could have shot himself for being so brainless. It was simple. One of them distracts long enough for the other to get behind Frieza and then kills him and Bulma would be safe. Why was he so stupid? It was two against one! Time to put their plan in action. "You lead the way Vegeta." Goku said. Vegeta nodded and flew out of the house.

"Well, that certainly didn't take long Vegeta". Frieza said mockingly. "Your earth whore and I have been having quite the conversation". Vegeta slightly growled at that sentence that left the monster's mouth. "She talked all about how much she cares for you, and how much you care for her. But you and I know that that's not true don't we?"

"Frieza Stop!" Vegeta shouted again. He looked behind Frieza to see Goku transmit about 20 feet behind the ice snake. Bulma started to sob again. And her terrified screams met Vegeta' ears like the pounding thunder that was occurring at that moment. "Frieza just let her go."

"Or what monkey? You're going to kill me?! I honestly think you're too scared to fight me. Too frightened and too weak." Frieza cackled as Goku got closer. "And that's why I brought back up." AS he said that, Androids 17 and 18 from this Frieza's timeline appeared behind Goku and 17 knocks him into a nearby hill. Of course it didn't hurt Goku; he was just completely thrown off guard. Soon, Goku found himself slightly busy with the two androids. Frieza chuckled at the fact that he was right. He then turned his attention back to Vegeta. "Poor Vegeta. You really are scared of me. I'll bet you have nightmares about me don't you?"

Vegeta just stared at his tormenter with fear filled eyes. He couldn't hide it. Not from Frieza. He did fear him. Even though he knew he could match and exceed him in strength. He still was afraid of him. After all these years, Frieza could still control him just like always… Just like he was a child. A frightened child. "Frieza please stop…" he finally choked out, his eyes never leaving sight of the monster before him.

"You've spent your whole life closed off from people who tried to care about you." He hissed motioning to Bulma once again. "And you can't even pay them back with care and understanding, because you don't know how. You failed her Vegeta. You are worthless. You are a failure. You are just second rate." Frieza said each insult more harsh than the last, emphasizing each word that would be considered hurtful. Vegeta's eyes focused to the ground once more.

"Y-you're right Frieza." Vegeta said barely above a whisper.

Frieza cackled again. "Finally, the truth comes out! The great almighty prince of all saiyans admits that I'M right. And that he is nothing but a worthless, failing, second string monkey!" His laughter filled Vegeta's ears. He really was all those things… he believed it now looking at the situation he was in. He hung his head in shame. And closed his eyes. Wow… he never would've thought he'd finally believe the monster that tormented his life. He just stood there listening to Frieza's victorious laughter, until he heard another voice in his head. "Vegeta!"

Bulma… he knew that voice. She was speaking to him through their bond. Gosh… he cared about her so much… he never even told her he loved her. He could never lower his pride down enough to make himself say it no matter how much he wanted to and how much he knew she wanted him to. "Vegeta! Please listen to me! You're not worthless! Without you Buu would've destroyed the Earth. You saved us all!" Vegeta replied back.

"You forget Bulma, that I'm also the one that let Buu escape in the first place. You were all put in danger because of my selfishness. I'm worthless."

"You're not second rate! You were the first one to go through a whole year of training in the Time Chamber and to go and defeat Cell!"

"And after I got there, I let him absorb Android 18 anyway to test my 'power' to see if I had finally gotten stronger than Kakarot. I still wasn't stronger than him after he emerged and it was my fault that we had to face Cell in the form that we did. I'm second rate Bulma."

"Vegeta… You aren't any of that. And most of all, you are not a failure."

"Bulma! Look at the situation I put us in! You could die right now because I didn't listen to you when you said something was wrong. You could die and once again, it's my fault! I can't do anything right! I am most of all a failure Bulma!"

"….Vegeta… you have us. We didn't fail. And then me and you had Trunks. He's no failure. And why do you think that? It's because of you!... you are his idol. He models himself after you. And if he modeled himself after a failure I would think he would be a failure as well…. And then there's the baby… Vegeta you and I created this. And it's a gift. An achievement if you will. Do failures get gifts as special as a life? Vegeta…..you're the strongest, smartest, and most wonderful person I have ever met… you've changed… you're not the kid that Frieza controls anymore. We both know you can beat him! And I know that you're scared. But it's only because you keep living in the past. You have the power to beat him. Just… let it go."

She cut off the bond quickly. This made Vegeta gasp and shoot his eyes open as fast as possible. He looked at Bulma as she just gave him a weak smile while still held in the clutches of the laughing tyrant. He focused his attention on Frieza and took a step forward.

"Oh what have we here? A burst of courage from the frightened prince?" Frieza laughed.

"You were wrong Frieza…I've changed…" Vegeta said coldly not taking his eyes off of Frieza. "You don't control me Frieza, and I'm giving you one last warning to let her go."

"What are you going to do Vegeta? Kill me?" Frieza laughed.

"Damn straight."

Frieza was drawn aback by the confidence Vegeta was now showing. Bouncing back, Frieza holds Bulma up higher and starts chuckling. "So you say you've changed monkey." He grinned the most evil grin possible. And what happened next shocked everyone in the yard of Capsule Corp. "Let's test that theory." He raised a hand and quickly connected his fist to Bulma's swollen stomach,… and her cry echoed though the rain fall.

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