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Chapter Seven: Tony Stark

The world was off its axis.

Hell had frozen over.

The Leaning Tower had fallen over.

Something. Anything. Because clearly something chaotic (Mayan apocalypse maybe?) had happened for there to be six random people in Tony Stark's home. It was STARK Tower, damn it. Not the "A for Avengers" Tower. This was Tony Stark we're talking about, damn it, and damn it, he doesn't just open his doors for orphans, lost kittens, or, in this case, big green rage monsters, two master assassins, a god, and a super soldier.

And yet….

Tony found himself leaning on the edge of the bar on a Saturday night. Any other Saturday night pre-Battle of Manhattan, and Tony Stark would've been in Times Square, shutting down the Hard Rock Café or Lace Gentleman's Club, living it up, because he was a genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist. But not tonight. Instead, he found himself leaning against the bar with a bottle of Jack in one hand and his eyes fixed on the strangest sight he'd ever seen, terrorists, Iron Monger, Whiplash, and crazy aliens included.

Thor. God the guy had a laugh that shook the whole damn penthouse. The big god was regaling the group of some Asgardian battle with bilgesnipe, whatever the hell they were-apparently something large with antlers, if his hand gestures were any indication. Seated on the couch next to Pepper, Dr. Jane Foster was turning slightly red at her out of this world boyfriend's antics. It still stung like hell, because when Tony saw Thor, he automatically associated Loki which automatically brought up Phil. But he'd seen the security footage. The look of desperation on Thor's face when Loki had stabbed Phil. And the look of pain, and then anger. If he could've saved Phil, he would have.

Phil…when the hell had he started thinking of him as 'Phil', he wondered.

Bruce stood a little off from the group. Probably worried that the Hulk would find beating the hell out of Thor almost as much fun as watching the god put hand antlers on either side of his head. Bruce was definitely the one regret Tony didn't have about the people in the room. Bruce had a quick wit and seemed willing to put up with him, and there weren't many in the world who would lay claim to that. And one of these days Tony was going to pop the Hulk out, just because he could and he loved a challenge. The good doctor had a beer in one hand and a small smile on his face. Which went to a total look of shock and mild embarrassment as Jane Foster's mousy assistant, Darcy Lewis, grabbed him by the arm and yanked him onto the sofa with her, saying something to the effect of, "Come on Doc, the Hulk wouldn't dare risk bustin' the new windows."

"God I hope not," Bruce muttered. "Pepper and her bluetooth scare the hell out of me."

"I heard that," Pepper replied, from her place on the couch. Tony's CEO/girlfriend was wearing a pair of cutoff shorts and a white top, her bare feet resting on the coffee table. This was the most relaxed Tony had seen her in months, and it made him happy. Of course, if anyone heard him thinking like that he shot back something snide like, "You don't piss off the woman of the house," or something. It amazed him how much her happiness meant to him now. Tony Stark, one woman man. Well hell, that was taking some getting used to. Pepper looked back at him, and gestured for him to come join them.

He shook his head. He was good where he was. PDA was reserved for the bedroom (see, he was learning), not for a living room full of strangers.

Apparently, though, that wasn't stopping Clint and Natasha. Tony was ignorant when it came to relationships but he wasn't blind. She was sitting next to him on the opposite couch. While they were far, far from making out, he caught it when Clint accidentally brushed her hand, or when she shifted her foot against his ankle…God they were so obvious. Despite it though, the two of them were handy to have around. Pepper needed another woman (He shuddered. Oh God. Pepper and Natasha spilling secrets…) to talk to with all the testosterone in the house and Clint…well, the guy had a decent sense of humor and he wouldn't put up with any of Tony's crap either. That made him okay. Plus, the guy had a penchant for classic rock and hard metal, and Tony could get on board with that.

A laugh interrupted his thoughts and he looked down at Steve. The man out of time looked….well, he'd be damned to ever admit it but Steve looked….normal. Captain America was leaning on the back of the couch that Clint and Natasha were sitting on. Tony had finally figured out why exactly Cap pissed him off so much-apart from being a goody two-shoes and bein' all gentlemanly and such-

Steve reminded Tony of the quality time he'd never gotten with his dad. In fact, Steve had probably spent more time with his father than Tony ever had, and he was jealous. Yep, write it in stone, take out an ad in the Times, Tony Stark was jealous of Captain America. Steve was everything he wasn't. And damn it, if he didn't try every so often to hold a door for Pepper, or use the phrase, "Sorry," every now and again. Captain Cleaver was rubbing off on him.

Steve glanced back at Tony and gave a small smile and a roll of his eyes toward Thor, who was now parading in front of the fireplace with his hand antlers again. Tony shrugged as if to say, "You were the one who let him stay."

Tony shook his head. God what a mess he'd gotten himself into. Letting six random people who had no business being in the same room together into his house. Which, was his house, damn it.

"Hey Tony," Pepper said from the couch, and he looked up. "Come sit with us," she said.

The group looked at him expectantly.

He sighed. Well, they were here to stay. Might as well face the inevitable. He walked cautiously down the set of stairs, perched on the couch next to Pepper.

Thor immediately launched into another story, and all eyes were back on him, giving Tony an out.

He'd never admit it to anybody.

And he'd turn his repulsors on anybody that did.

But he was okay with these people…his friends…sharing his home.

Except damn it, it was not Avengers Tower.