Well, surprisingly enough, this story actually got a review. I do have a few things to address from said review. First: Jerome is not from the future. He is a member of a powerful group of beings who cast him out for... unruly behavior. That's why they locked his powers. Second, like I said before, he's a member of a powerful group of beings. He is not a child of any of the Charmed Ones. And lastly, Wyatt hasn't been born yet, so this isn't about him turning evil. He may not even be in this story, though that depends on how far this story goes. I still don't have a lot of hope, but enough people telling me otherwise could and would change that.

Chapter 2:

Paige woke up bright and early. Her sisters were still asleep, likely due to the interruption of their sleep last night. Paige, however, didn't have the luxury of sleeping in. She had to work. Paige got ready. The only thing that changed was the lack of banging on the bathroom door and the screaming to hurry up. Paige enjoyed that. She walked downstairs, mind completely focused on getting to work and a massive report she had to sort and file. Paige entered the kitchen, grabbed an apple, and walked towards the front door. She stopped about halfway through the entryway, felt the urge to turn to the side, did so, and saw Jerome. He was standing in the doorway that led to the living room, watching her. "Can I help you?" he asked.

"Uh, no. I just forgot you were here. I've gotta-" Paige said.

"Get to work, I know," Jerome interrupted. "I've been watching the Charmed Ones for a very long time. Well, you'd better go. Don't want to be late again, now, do you?"

"What will you do now?" Paige asked, ignoring Jerome's last comment.

"My plan is to stick around, use this house and all its supplies and magic to try and find out either how to contact my people or what I need to do to regain my powers."

"Wait, I thought you said-" Paige began.

"That my powers were all still here, but that I can't use them without destroying my body?" Jerome interrupted. Again. "Yes, I did say that. My body was stripped of its ability to withstand my powers, other than Orbing and Shimmering."

"Why were those two powers spared?" Paige asked.

"The Council wasn't going to leave me completely powerless, so they let me keep the ability to withstand being turned to Orbs and being Shimmered. Orbing is to travel the 'good' method, Shimmering is for the 'evil' method. I guess they figured I'd need a way to travel quickly," Jerome answered.

Phoebe chose that moment to come down the stairs. She looked at Paige, then at the clock, then back at Paige. "Shouldn't you be at work, Paige?" Phoebe asked.

Paige looked at the clock. "Oh, man! Mr. Cowan is gonna kill me! Bye!" Paige said. She then ran out the front door, closing it behind her. A minute later a car could be heard driving away.

"So, where does that leave you?" Phoebe asked Jerome.

"Research," Jerome answered. Phoebe heard enough while she was upstairs to know that Jerome said a lot more to Paige than just "research." Phoebe wondered why Jerome felt the need to hide his intentions from her but not from Paige.

"What kind of research?" Phoebe asked.

"That's not for you to know," Jerome answered.

"Well, it sounded like you said a lot more to Paige than what you said to me," Phoebe said. Jerome instead of replying said nothing. Phoebe stared at him. He stared back. "You're not gonna tell me anything, are you?"

"That's the plan."

"Great." Phoebe decided that worrying about what Jerome was up to was a waste of her time. He wasn't going to tell her, and she wasn't in any position to figure it out. Out of the corner of her eye, Phoebe thought she saw Orb lights. When she turned around and looked Jerome was nowhere to be seen, so she figured she did see Orb lights. Phoebe sighed and went to go eat breakfast.

Jerome Orbed himself to the top of the Golden Gate Bridge, hoping that the Council would give him some idea of what he needed to do. Jerome knew everything about his situation that he revealed to the Charmed Ones. He just made it seem as if he knew more. Jerome called for the Head of the Council, Marthis. Marthis appeared on the third call. Marthis was a short, balding man with piercing brown eyes. Most of Jerome's people had brown eyes. In fact, Jerome and his friend Marissa were the only two of their kind to have blue eyes rather than brown. "What? We banished you," Marthis snapped.

"And hello to you, too, Marthis. You banished me, inhibited my powers, and told me next to nothing," Jerome answered.


"So? So, I want answers. What did I do, and what do I need to do?"

"You know what you did. You influenced the Grand Design to your favor. So, until you learn your lesson, you're stuck here with only a few powers. Do I need to list them out for you?" Marthis tauntingly asked.

Jerome knew that Marthis was trying to goad him, so rather than saying that he already knew what he could do, he chose to make Marthis explain. "Yes. List them," Jerome said.

Marthis sighed. "You can make potions, cast spells, scry, Shimmer, Orb, and your body will regenerate after being damaged. You're no longer fully invincible, but you can regenerate very well. We also saw it fit to make it so that, no matter what, you cannot die. You will always somehow regenerate or reform or something. Now, go about your business," Marthis said. Marthis then disappeared in a blinding flash of light, likely to irritate Jerome. Jerome sighed and Orbed back to the Halliwell Manor, where he figured he'd have to stay. After all, his crime was trying to change the Grand Design and kill the Charmed Ones, so it made sense that his punishment would be to live with them and be forced to stay his hand, despite the temptation to kill them.

Author's Note:

Well, we now know that Jerome trusts Paige more than Phoebe, and that he essentially tried to kill the Charmed Ones, and now he's living in their home. Great. Nothing quite like having someone who wants to kill you living under the same roof. Now, like I said before, I still have little faith in this story, but since someone was kind enough to leave a review my faith was increased just a bit. More reviews equal more faith in this story. And don't worry; Jerome isn't going to end up extremely Mary-Sue like. He kind of is, but with his powers restricted as they are, and the fact that he isn't invulnerable and CAN still be hurt or knocked out, makes him less of a Mary-Sue than is threatening. So, anyway, please leave a review and give me faith in this story.