Summary: Neji held her lithe figure in his arms, taking in her sweet aroma. "You'll always be my perfect heiress, Hinata..." She let herself relax, giving her older cousin everything she had to offer. Itachi's lips melted passionately into Sasuke's, both moving as one. Sasuke pulled away, glaring at his older brother. "Perfect heir my ass! Just fuck me, for God's sake."

Pairings: ItaSasu, NejiHina, ItaHina, some accidental ItaShisui, one-sided NejiTenten, HizashiHikari, one-sided HiashiHikari...

Warning: Graphic sex, some BDSM, lemons, yaoi, incest, etc. Perhaps some blood and gore if I'm in the mood. Rated M for a reason, you know.

Note: Hikari is Hiashi's wife and Hizashi's sin. Fourth Hokage is alive. The Akatsuki will play a very small part in this story. Mostly featuring the Hyuuga and Uchiha clan.


The perfect heiress.

That's what she needed to be.

She balanced three hardcover books on her head, trying not to let them topple. She had to get this right. If the books fell, then she would fall along with them. It'd be a shame if she fell at this point. She had just managed to work up the strength to finally stand up, too.

Hiashi had finally let Hinata become heiress again. She was so happy, so grateful. All these years, all those painful years trying to get his approval, and she finally got it. She never thought she would, she never thought it was even possible.

But it was.

And is.

Which is why she couldn't fall. If she fell, she would definitely just lose it and kill herself.

I can't think about suicide! I need to focus. Poise. Elegance. Gracefulness. Perfection.

She took languid steps back and forth, trying so hard that it hurt. And it did. The strain in her neck, the weight on her head, the ache in her back... Not to mention the burden on her shoulders. She just couldn't her father down.

Or her family.

Or her friends.

Or herself.

But especially not Neji-nii-san. His disappointment would stab her in the heart a million times. He helped her get to where she was today. He always cheered her on, helped her up, motivated her...

Oh, and he rewarded her.

Gods, she was blushing just at the thought of the little treats he gave her every time she did something that pleased him. And she pleased him a lot.

But he wasn't little.

No, not at all.

Damn it! She couldn't get sidetracked with her thoughts like this! That's exactly why Hanabi was almost the Hyuuga Heiress instead of her. She needed to focus her ass off if she was going to be the Hyūga Heiress.

What was that acronym she was taught again? Oh yeah, it was G.E.M.P., wasn't it? Grace, Elegance, Manners, and Poise.

She sauntered around, trying to give off the impression that she was completely relaxed and wasn't even trying. If it appeared that she was trying too hard, then it would mean she wasn't perfect. And she had to be perfect.

Perfection was everything.

The timer rang, cuing a round of a gentle applause. Except for Naruto. He decided to clap like crazy. What else would you expect from that hyperactive blond, though?

She didn't flinch. It was a part of the training to keep a calm composure all the time. She gave a gentle smile to the audience around her, and slowly removed the books from her head, slowly walked over to a table at the side as if the books were still on top of her head, and slowly gave a small perfect curtsy before slowly joining her friends.

All of her pains started to fade away at that moment.

Well, mostly because of the books.

"Man, Hinata, that was so cool! Must be tough having those freakin' 7-pound books on your head like that!" Kiba praised her. The Konoha 12, as they liked to call themselves, attended Hinata's Heiress Training to give their support. Sasuke was absent; currently at home with his older brother. She nodded at Kiba's statement.

You have no idea.

"Must be even tougher having that stick up your ass, too, ne, Hinata-chan?" Naruto commented. Hinata's face reddened at this. Neji glared at Naruto. To Neji, Naruto was a threat. He could steal her away any second.

Sakura's fist twitched. Why did he have to be such an idiot at a place like this? Hiashi Hyūga was in the room, for crying out loud!

"I'm pretty sure you'd like to be the one to stuff that stick up her ass, Naruto-kun," Sai responded cheekily. Naruto blushed, and Hinata's blush deepened. Sakura released all of her irritation on Sai in one single punch, knocking Sai back. "You perverted moron!" she yelled at the Root member.

"Explain to me why we brought him along," Kiba requested. Seriously, what the hell was he doing here? Nobody even liked him. "I really have no idea. He's such a troublesome guy, you know," Shikamaru answered.

Hiashi ambled towards the group of teenagers, instantly silencing all conversations. His aura was heavy, almost murderous, intimidating all of them. You were walking on eggshells whenever you spoke with him. "You did well, Hinata. Tomorrow, we'll be focusing on your fighting skills," he informed her.

He's... proud of me.

Hinata was both exhilarated and anxious at this information. That meant that there would be no more tedious lectures of manners and behavior. Yay! However, that also meant that she'll be on the brink of death tomorrow. Boo!

"Hai, Hiashi-sama," Hinata confirmed. Hiashi then departed, along with the tense atmosphere. The Konoha 12 (minus Sasuke) let out a breath that they were holding. They felt that if they breathed around him, then they'd get scolded for breathing in the incorrect manner. Naruto even fainted once.

"It must suck having to refer to your own dad as if he was an important stranger," the Inuzuka remarked. Hinata's gloom deepened, though she tried to not make it seem visible. She was raised by her mother and uncle. Hiashi never played the paternal role that he was supposed to. "You get used to it."

Neji could sense Hinata's depression. She's always been sensitive to topics that related to her bond with Hiashi. He should cheer her up, shouldn't he? "We should get something to eat, Hinata-sama," he suggested.

He smirked as he noticed that she faked a cough, obviously attempting to be subtle about hiding the blush she got after the slight emphasis on her name. "Hai, Neji-nii-san." Perhaps he was the only one who was able to detect the slight stutter she had. She was getting better in hiding it, though.

The perfect heir.

That's what he needed to be.

That's what he already is, though. He easily lived up to the standards forced upon him. That's exactly why Itachi Uchiha was merely sipping iced tea in his kitchen instead of going through tedious training sessions. He's already been through that hell when he was 5. Now, he only had to sit back and relax while he waited for his dear father to age before taking the throne.

It gets stressful having to be pressured to be perfect all the time, though. That's where Sasuke came in. He was that one sin he allowed himself to indulge in every night, like a rare delicacy that only he could partake in.

Even if he decided that he wasn't fit to be heir of darkness– pardon me, the Uchiha clan, he could always let his younger brother shine. He didn't want his little angel to suffer like he did, though. Perhaps Shisui could be the one to relieve the weight he carried on his shoulders.

No, he could handle it. Besides, it's not like Fugaku is going to retire so early. He was just as stubborn with retirement as his eldest son was with sharing sweets. It's a trait that's been passed down to Sasuke, who refuses to let Itachi merciless fuck anybody's ass that wasn't his.

Ah, yes. What a beautiful flaw Itachi had. He smiled blissfully as he slowly drank the iced beverage in his left hand.

"Nii-san..." Sasuke moaned out. The smile transformed into a smirk as he directed his gaze towards his wanton younger brother. Of course, the glass was irrelevant to the situation at hand. What really mattered was the fact that his right hand was making deliberate, teasing movements on the bulge under the table.

"Hai, Otouto?" The sentence ended with a rather rough squeeze of Sasuke's arousal. The younger male groaned softly, thrusting his hips up into the hand petting him. They were home alone, but Sasuke didn't know that. Itachi knew how much his brother got off by trying to be secretive. "Fuck me now," Sasuke demanded lustfully.

Itachi remained silent, contemplating the request. He was tempted to fulfill the request, but just as tempted to deny. He sipped from his glass thoughtfully. Listening to Itachi's sips and gulps only made Sasuke even more impatient.

Both of Itachi's hands rested on the table. The younger brother made a whining noise in disapproval. "Isn't the Hyuuga heiress going to have her first real training session from her father tomorrow?" he brought up.

Sasuke rolled his eyes. Does that really matter right now, or does he just want to piss him off? "I don't understand why an audience is required," he complained. Itachi lifted his glass, only to recall that he already drank his final sip. He poured himself more iced tea.

"Fujiwara-sama will be there," the elder Uchiha answered simply. "So?" Sasuke moved the cup a couple centimeters so that the pitcher poured the beverage into the cup and not on the table. Is that bastard going blind, or something?

"The Hyuuga heiress' mother will be there," Itachi rephrased. "Our mother's childhood friend and rival." All of a sudden, an image of a lake on fire flashed into Sasuke's head. How the fuck did she manage to do that? And, God! Those two's definition of a friendly spar is insane!

"She's going to be assisting?" he assumed. Itachi shook his head. "Supervising... But she's rather chaotic when she's in the same room as her husband." Basically, they're going to have to make sure nobody dies.

That's going to be fun...

Married couples always argue, but Hikari and Hiashi are on the verge of divorce. It's been confirmed that it was originally arrange marriage. Couples with arranged marriages can only get divorced under special circumstances. Rumor has it that Hikari has been begging for divorce for years, but Hiashi still clings to the pathetic thought that their fragile marriage could still be saved. It's no wonder that Hinata is such a quiet and shy girl.

Sasuke groaned. Not in arousal, but in annoyance of the upcoming event. He was completely turned off. "Do we have to go?" he whined.

Itachi sighed. He completely understood his younger brother's immature attitude. Actually, Sasuke isn't required to go, but Itachi is. As the Uchiha heir, it is mandatory for him to attend events like these. "Don't you want to support Hinata-san? Your other friends are going."

Sasuke smirked. Those words didn't exactly confirm that he was needed. Itachi's facade was easily seen through. "I will drag you there against your will, Sasuke."

"Do you know how many people Hikari has killed recently?" Sasuke inquired. Itachi raised an eyebrow. He shook his head slowly. "Well, neither do I."

...Good point...

"You'll meet a lot of interesting people there." Sasuke scoffed. "Like who? I hate people." Itachi rolled his eyes at his brother. He acts antisocial, but he's ironically one of the most popular guys in Konoha. "The Hokage and his jinchuuriki wife, all of the clan heads in Konoha and their heirs, the Child of Misfortune, the one with dual dojutsu, two out of the three Legendary Sannin, and anyone else in Konoha with a famous title."

"They're all needed to restrain Hikari if she goes wild?" Sasuke asked incredulously. "Hopefully not, but the more the merrier... It'll be more like an outdoor lunch party."

Sasuke obstinately crossed his arms. "I'm still not going." Itachi drummed his fingers on the table. The only other option he has now is seducing him, and Sasuke can be very frigid when he wants to.

An idea suddenly popped into his head. "They'll be serving many tomato dishes."




"You never mentioned a time."

Next chapter shall definitely have sex.

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