Chapter 1

Draco Malfoy was bored out of his little mind. The little four year old was bored to the point of homicide and desperately wished the day to be over. Tagging along with his father to his business dealings was always a bore. He wanted to stay at home and play with his broomstick. However, his father was insisted with having Draco understand his business dealings very early. Draco tagged along with his father as they made their way into the Bank of England. Yes, the Bank of England is a muggle bank. The Malfoy line had always made secret dealings with muggles that made the Malfoy name imposing in the muggle and Magical worlds. They walked briskly into Bank and Lucias was led to the back of the Bank. The security officer led them to a hallway full of doors that Draco just stared at in disdain. Could this day get anymore tedious?

"Sir, I could take your son to the daycare room we have to some of our employees' and clients' children." Said the officer. Lucias nodded and said, "Now Draco behave." Draco nodded and excitedly followed the officer to the daycare. Finally, he might get to play with children his age.

Lucias watched as Draco was led away and prayed that perhaps maybe there was a sign. Another secret that the Malfoys hid well was the fact that the Malfoy family line was a rare line of Male Veelas. It was a well-kept secret that was hidden since the beginning. No one could ever discover that the Malfoy male line were Veelas, otherwise it would be used against them. Imagine, if the enemies of the Malfoy males would grab their mates and threaten them to work for them. Lucias smirked at the thought. Even the Dark Lord had no idea that the Malfoy males were Veelas. Lucias knew that Draco was a special kind of veela. Instead of being the half veela like all Malfoy men are, he was a full-fledged veela. It happens only once every century when the veela blood would dominate the newborn's blood and would transform the normal magical blood into veela blood.

The difference between a half-veela and a full-fledged veela could only be different in terms of the early bonding and the full possessiveness that comes from a full-fledged veela. Full-fledged veelas don't have to wait until they're of age to find their mates. Draco had been telling him and Narcissa of his dreams of a brown, curly haired girl with doe-like eyes. When Lucias asked more about her, Draco would say that she was in a white room surrounded by silver instruments and she was reading a book. Lucias knew that with these clues, his son's mate was a daughter of muggle healers. The problem however is that there are too many clinics to check. Lucias needed to do more research before he can help his son mark his mate. He walked away into the business room.

Draco sat in the far corner of the room. His confidence in playing with the kids faded when he saw the many children playing in the room. He sat away from the kids and decided to entertain himself as he satin the far corner. He never noticed the girl who walked into the room until she was close enough for him to smell the deep smell of mint and citrus. It was an alluring smell that he looked up to see the girl that plagued his dreams looking at him with her wide brown eyes.

Lucias was done with his business dealings and went away to collect his son. His veela senses however picked up a disturbance. He could sense Draco emerging into his full-fledged veela. He couldn't ponder as to why he would sense his son as he heard a scream pierce the air.

"Hello my name is Hermione Granger." She held her hand out for him to shake like her mother taught her to greet people.

"I'm Draco." Draco cautiously shook her hand. A spark rode up his arm and throughout his body. On impulse he brought her wrist up to his nose and took a deep breathe. "What are you doing?" asked Hermione nervously. His behavior was starting scare her. "You my new wife." He said before he bit into her wrist. Hermione screamed loudly. The daycare teacher looked around to see a blonde haired boy biting deeply into the wrist of her dentist's daughter. She could see blood seeping out. "YOUNG MAN!" cried the woman. She had nearly pulled Hermione away from the boy until the door burst opened and she heard someone yell," Somnus!" Her world turn black.

Lucias quickly placed every child in the room asleep except Draco and what he now guessed as his new daughter-in-law. He quietly allowed Draco to continue the bonding. Hermione whimpered when Draco released her wrist, but cried even more when he bit deep into her neck.

As Draco released Hermione, he quickly lapped up her blood and licked her wounds shut. Hermione was shaking in fear as Draco hugged her tightly against him. Hermione struggled for a bit before the children's blocks started flying around the room, all headed at Draco's head. Lucias watched in wonder as the blocks fell when they hit an invisible shield, but Lucias knew that is was the veela's magic that was protecting Draco. Lucias looked at the girl and realized that she is a muggle-born, a powerful one at that for her to be showing magic at such a young age.

Lucias felt pity for the small girl. She was tiny, even for a girl her age. She was feeling the veela venom spread throughout her body. She whimpered when she noticed that everybody was asleep and she was alone with the two strange people.

"Dad, this is Hermione." Introduced Draco. Lucias could see the cautiousness in his son's eyes. At that point of the bonding stage, Draco was not going to allow Hermione to leave his side until the venom has completed circuiting Hermione's body. "I want my daddy." Whimpered Hermione. Lucias looked at the girl but knew that it was going to be very tedious, as Draco will not leave her side now that the dominant veela instincts had kicked in.

"What is your father's name?" asked Lucias. Hermione tried to move out of Draco's grasp but he gave a feral growl and pulled her against him. "My dear, where is your father?" asked Lucias again. "He's with my mom talking to somebody." Whispered Hermione. By now, Draco had dragged Hermione to an unoccupied beanbag and sat down, dragging her to sit next to him. Draco talked low but Lucias could still hear him whisper into the girl's ear, "Father fix things." Lucias could see in the girl's eyes that she might have thought he meant that Lucias would find her parents. Unfortunately, that was not the case. He knew that some serious magic was needed to allow the bond to complete. He walked out the room, leaving behind his possessive son with his mate. He waited outside the daycare, waiting for Hermione's parents to arrive. He placed expulsion charms from he other children's parents, making them believe that they still had business to discuss. When eventually, a couple arrived with the woman bearing a strong resemblance to Hermione came, Lucias knew he had to act fast. He lifted his wand and whispered, "Memoria Reemplazar." When their eyes were glazed Lucias quickly said, "You are leaving the bank, your daughter is safe and sound with a family friend in Corringham. She will come back in two weeks time. You will pick her up at the station where she will be alone. You are to go home and relax until the day Hermione comes back home."

The Grangers left the bank with a glazed look until they were home, where they relaxed and waited patiently for their only daughter to come home.

While Lucias was dealing with the Grangers, Draco had a tight grip on Hermione, not allowing her to move away from him. "Please, let me go." Whimpered Hermione. The scars were still visible but they no longer hurt. However the fear was still present. "You mine now." Said Draco with no hesitation. Hermione gave a pathetic whimper when Draco latched onto her waist and pulled her closer to him. "Why are you doing this?" whimpered Hermione. "Daddy say that when I find my wife, we be happy forever." Said Draco. Hermione sniffled a little and gave up trying to escape. To her surprise, Draco cuddled against her. She leaned against him and he laid his head on her shoulder. Both toddlers felt their eyes droop and eventually they fell asleep, which was the first thing Lucias saw. He smiled lightly as he watched his son snuggle closer to the girl.

He grabbed a random block from the ground and whispered, "Portus." He placed the black in between the two children where it glowed brightly and it port-keyed the children away to the manor. He obliviated the incident from the children's and the daycare lady's mind. He left before he released them from their enchanted sleep.


Malfoy Manor

Narcissa Malfoy was quietly reading a poetry book her mother originally owned when a bright flash in front her made her leap and grab her wand in defense. She was shocked to see her son sleeping and holding a girl close to him. The next few minutes was spent getting her son comfortable along with the girl. The house elves set up blankets around them and placed pillows underneath them. It was a cozy little nest, and before Narcissa could do anything else, Lucias apparated in the middle of the room.

"Lucias, what-"

"Draco has found his mate." Said Lucias quickly. Narcissa gasped as she looked at the girl sleeping. Her new daughter-in-law. I always wanted a daughter, she thought. Lucias recounted the entire tale to Narcissa as they watched the little toddlers rest after the ordeal.

"The bond has two week to complete, by that time we need to separate them quickly, otherwise Draco would never learn how to control his instincts." Said Lucias. Narcissa nodded in agreement and asked, "Will they see each other again sometime soon?" Lucias shook his head and said, "No, when the girl heads off to Hogwarts we need to send Draco to Durmstrang."

"But why?" sputtered Narcissa. She did not want to send her only son so far away from home. "There are a couple of half-veelas that could help Draco retain his instincts. I have a friend that teaches transfiguration over there that is married to a veela, who also teaches charms. They can help Draco. By the time Draco reaches maturity at fourteen he will have control over his instincts, then he can come to Hogwarts." Explained Lucias. Narcissa nodded sadly and the two parents planned the entire two weeks out for Draco and Hermione.

Hermione was terrified of waking up in an unknown environment, but she gradually warmed up to Narcissa, who dotted on Hermione. Lucias spent most of his time with Hermione convincing her that magic existed. He charmed a few items to convince her and by then, he was pleasantly surprised to find an inquisitive mind in the small girl. The two weeks were spent with Draco showing Hermione every single one of his stuffed dragons and showing her his Quidditch broom. He enjoyed to show off for her and at night they would snuggle in front of the fire, hearing stories from Narcissa before they fell asleep.

Unfortunately, it all had to end soon. At night, Lucias quietly carried Hermione away from Draco's arms while he was asleep and they apparated away to the station. He muttered a memory charm on her and blocked her memories of the events at the manor and replaced them with false memories. He watched as the Grangers came and found Hermione who happily ran up to them and snuggled in their embrace. Lucias could only cringe when he thought of Draco. The boy was famous for his temper tantrums. However the sight that greeted him was depressing. Poor little Draco was walking around the manor calling out Hermione's name, hoping she would call back. It was a few days of crying and anger that calmed Draco down. By that time, Draco was more or less calm but would sometimes be caught holding a pillow close to his face that Hermione had used while she stayed at the manor. Lucias could only hope that they can wait for the day when Draco could go to Hogwarts.