Hermione sat and wondered what she was going to do next. On one hand, veelas would die before they would cheat on their mates and they are devoted to their mates. On the other hand, he didn't tell her how she was already bonded to him. Did she want to even look for other people to date? After all before she thought she had choices, now she doesn't because they will all always feel wrong. Still, Draco was five when he bonded her. It was just being at the wrong time at the wrong place that resulted in her bonding. She was worried about her missing memories though. She needed them if she was going to make any progress with Draco.

Hermione sat and dealt with her conflicting feelings. She wanted to be angry and feel betrayed. Wasn't she justified to feel like that? She wanted to feel it but without the logical side telling her that Draco was five and it wasn't his faul that he submitted to his instincts. Hermione felt nothing but compassion and sympathy and—dare she say it—love for him. But how much of it is really her feelings and not the mark? Hermione was extremly confused. She wanted more answers and unfortunatly the only available books to give them to her were at the Hogwarts library. Hermione was frustrated and she wanted the answers now. She got up and started to pace around the room. She would occasionally bit down on her bottom lip out of habit whenever she was faced with something so complicated. Hermione sat on the bed and put her head in her hands, wanting to cry out.

She wanted to tell herself that it was really her own feelings and that it was love-at-first-sight. Magic however can make even already complicated things such as love even more complicated. She only met Draco for the day and already she was head-over-heels. She thought she would have more time to get to know him before she agreed with the bonding. Apparently that wasn't going to happen. The Ministry has certain laws that protect magical creatures such as veelas and the laws state that Hermione would eventually move in with Draco once she was of age. The laws leave no room for her to have a choice.

Hermione could feels her emotions running wild so it was of no surprise that Draco came into her room asking if she felt alright. Hermione looked at Draco and the feelings rushed up to her. She could feel love and joy running through her. Was it really her though? "Draco… we need to talk." She said. Hermione's eyes widened when she caught panic and anxiety race across his face. She looked at him and could see the his hands were shaking and that his face had gone an unearthly pale color. She was going to ask what was wrong when he fell down and started to gasp. Hermione had no idea what to do and said, "Draco?! BLAISE! NEVILLE! MRS. MALFOY! ANYBODY!" She ran to Draco and cradled his head against her lap and brushed some of his hair out of his eyes.

Everybody came rushing into the room and were shocked to find Draco convulsing. "What happned?" asked Narcissa, terrified of seeing her son on the ground. "I don't know, I told him that we needed to talk and then—this!" explained Hermione. Lucius made his way into the room and watched his son convulse. "Stupid boy. He thought you were gong to reject him, Miss Granger. Please tell him that it isn't the case." Explained Lucius calmly. Only his son would jump to the wrong conclusions so early. Hermione looked into Draco's eyes and said, "I'm not rejecting you. I just wanted to talk." Draco's silver eyes met hers and he calmed down. It took a while for everybody to retreat back intot heir rooms.

As Draco relaxed under Hermione's care, he asked, "What is it that we need to talk?" Hermione looked into his eyes and couldn't bear to see him convulse like that. She didn't want to tell him and avoided the questiona nd said, "When we're at Hogwarts, you wouldn't mind if I dragged you to the library? I always need to be on top of my classes and I don't want you to think that I—" Draco silenced her with a hand against her cheek and said, "I don't mind. I always spent time at the Durmstrang library and whatever they lack in Durmstrang they always provide in Hogwarts they say. I can't wait to be there."

Hermione smiled at his reassurance and continued to smooth his head. She was careful this time with her emotions and thought of things to keep herself happy. While Draco could only sense her emotions, he can't read minds.

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