"Today..today is my first day as the captain of squad 5. I hope they like me and that no one recognizes me," The captain says to herself as she's walking towards her barracks. On her way, she ended up noticing that another captain was walking towards her. Only until they got close enough did she realize that it was Captain Hitsugaya and that made her tense up immensely though she hoped that the captain wouldn't notice. As Captain Hitsugaya got closer he noticed her discomfort and asked about it. "Are you okay?" Though I don't hear him talking to me because I'm too focused on the last time that I saw my little brother. It was 115 years ago and also when I left to become a soul reaper. She suddenly felt something touch her arm and it turned out to be Captain Hitsugaya, he had lightly grabbed her arm to get her attention. When she snapped back to reality Hitsugaya was looking at her with a slightly confused face. She suddenly realized that she had spaced out and got a bit red in the face. "I'm fine, thank you Captain Hitsugaya. I kinda spaced out a bit." She said a bit red in the face. "By the way are you the new captain of squad 5?" Hitsugaya asked her. "Yes, I am and I was wondering what your first name is?" She said a little unsure of whether or not she should've asked that question even though they're siblings.

He was a bit surprised that the new captain would ask such a question but then dismissed it and gladly answered, "It's Toshiro. What about you captain?" She smiled inwardly and then thought that it would be a good idea. "Sawako...I can't believe that you've forgotten about me Toshi." Sawako said smiling at her younger brother. She then walks by him and doesn't get to see his reaction to knowing that I'm alive after so long. After she had left her little brother standing in the roadway, Sawako finally reaches the squad 5 barracks and is met with a slightly small girl with a bonnet covering her hair. "Hello, captain. How are you? The squad is waiting for you in the training room. I'm Momo Hinamori and I'm your lieutenant." Momo told her speaking quickly. "I'm good, Momo. Also, thank you and please speak a bit slower okay? I'm sure you'll make a wonderful lieutenant." Sawako said to the girl patting her on the head slightly.