So today is my first day as squad 5's captain. I really hope they like me. As I'm heading toward my barracks I see a really short person in a captain's uniform. As I'm getting closer I realize that its toushi-kun. "Toushi-kun" I say to myself. I start to get tears in my eyes. I haven't seen him since I left Grans house and that was about 115 years ago. I can still hear his voice on the day I left to become a soul reaper. *Sissy, don't leave. Please?*. As I pushed that memory away I realize that my eyes are blurry and I can feel the tears streaming down my face. (I need to stop crying I'm a captain now.) I say to myself mentally. I get taken out of my thoughts by toushiro saying "hey are you okay?" "Yeah I'm fine and do you know if I'm going the right way?" "Yeah it all depends on where?" "Um the 5ths barracks?" "Yeah you're going the right way." "Thank you. I don't mean to be rude or anything but what's your name?" "Toushiro Hitsugaya" "Saya" I say. When he hears my name first name he has a look of shock on his face. "Hey, captain who is this?" a girl with long wavy blonde hair and huge breasts say. "Oh this is the new captain of squad 5. I was just giving her directions on how to get to the barracks". Of course I being as smart as I am I already knew how to get to the barracks because I have been here longer but not as a captain I was in the academy when Byakuya was but he never noticed me and I had a huge crush on him but never told him about it. "Yes and I'm very grateful for that too." As I walked by him I whispered "little brother it's good to see you again after 115 yrs." I didn't stop and turn around to see what his reaction was. When I got to my barracks I was met with a little girl that had a bonnet in her hair. "Hello caption how are you? And welcome to squad 5." "I'm good. How are you? Thank you." "You're welcome and I'm doing great." "So are you my lieutenant?" "Yes Captain I am. My name is Momo Hinamori." "Well Momo it's nice to meet you".