When we got to their barrack's Byakuya had taken me to Soi Fon. "Hello Captain Soi Fon." I asked looking down. "Who are you?" She said glaring at me. I flinched and hid a little behind Byakuya. "Now Soi Fon you don't have to be so mean to her ya know. She is the captain of Squad 5 now." Byakuya said in his monotone voice. I wonder if he missed me. Or if he was sad when they found my 'body'. But he would never love me. He's just being a good friend is all. Like we used to be before.. I thought then I shook my head to get rid of all the memories that had come back. "Do you know where Yoruichi is?" I asked looking at her. "No I don't and even if I did I wouldn't tell you." "Why not? She is my best friend." I say staring at Soi Fon. "So you're also her pupil. Why would she pick a person like you so weak to train. I'll never understand her logic." I said smiling somewhat sweetly at her. "Ya-ya you shouldn't say those things about other people. It's mean." Byakuya said looking at me with a monotone voice and blank face. "I'm a lot stronger then you. Your spirit energy is so low it's funny. I don't even know how you became a soul reaper in the first place. Since you're related to Captain Hitsugaya you probably come from the same district. Did your parents encourage you? Or was it your annoying little outcast of a brother." She said with a smirk. When Soi Fon said 'did your parents encourage you' I started to have flashbacks and images flash into my mind.


I knew what was going to happen today. I would have to protect my baby brother again but I didn't care. I loved him. "Toshiro go to gran-grans house. I'll be there later." I said to my little brother. When he was gone I turned around and faced my parents who were standing right there. Then that's when it had started.

"Daddy please stop" I said as he took the knife and put the blade onto my arm and went down slowly. I flinched. When my dad was doing this my mom went and got a switch.

*Flashback Ended*

When I felt someone's hand on my shoulder I shook my head and put on my emotionless face. "They did in fact encourage me and my brother. But they encouraged me more than my brother" I said. I walked up to her and said in a low voice "If you bring up my parents or say anything bad about my brother I will put you in the infirmary." I turned away from her and as I was walking out I punched the northern wall of the barrack and it left a huge crack in the wall. Was I mad? Hell yes. She doesn't know anything about what I've had to go through. She was born into a clan that just so happened to be the Stealth Force. Byakuya was walking beside me and sighed. "You didn't have to say that Ya-ya" He said looking at me. "I know and I'm sorry but she was getting annoying." I said sighing. "Oh do you want to see my zanpakto's? ~" I said happily. Suddenly walking in front of him and turning around so that I was facing Byaku-chan. "I thought you wanted to see the barracks." He said. "Nope" I said smiling. "Can we have a sparring match? I've gotten better since the academy." "Oh have you?" He asked smiling. When I saw him smile I blushed. "Y-yeah I have." I said stuttering. I grabbed his hand and flash stepped to the academy. "Come on. Let's go~" I said happily. I just ignored the stares we were getting. I was pulling Byakuya to an empty training room. I opened the door and walked to the middle of the room and grabbing a bamboo sword and took off my captain's haitori. I noticed Byakuya staring at me. "Is there something you like?" I teased him. "Maybe there is." He said smirking. I got in my stance and made the first attack. He quickly blocked the attack and pushed me back and attacked. I blocked and countered his attack. "You've been practicing." He said to me. I then knocked the sword out of his hands and flash stepped over to him. "Of course" I said smiling. I realized how close we were and blushed. "Um I better go put these swords up." Before I could walk away Byakuya grabbed my hand and pulled me to him. "I'll get them later." He said. "You never showed me your swords?" He questioned. "Oh yeah let me get it." I said moving my hands to my side. When I was doing this I forgot that my neck was uncovered. He lifted his hand to my neck and traced over my scar. I quickly grabbed the hilt of my sword and unsheathed my zanpakto. Byakuya flash stepped away so that the tip of my sword didn't hurt him. "Don't touch that…" I said in a sad voice. "Who did that to you?!" He yelled. I flinched and dropped my sword. "None of your business..." I said in a low voice. Byakuya walked over to me "Was it your parents?" He questioned. When he asked that question I turned around and grabbed my haitori and put it on and fixed it so that it covered my neck again. "Saya please tell me." He whispered from behind me. I froze up and tears were falling down my face. "I can't." I said before I flash stepped to Rukon District 76. I walked to a hill and sat down. "He has no right to know. He's just like them." I said to my Zanpakto's. "No he's not Saya and you know that." Yang said to me and Yin agreed. "Plus if he was like them you wouldn't let him touch you." Yin said. I sighed and laid back on the grass. "Hey you need to learn some respect." A man said. I sat up and saw a soul reaper with some nobles and what looked like a child in front of the soul reaper. I got up and walked over to the scene. "What happened?" I asked the man. The nobles looked at me and smirked. The soul reaper that was with them said "This child tried to steal something from these Kumo nobles." He said bowing. I looked over at the child and smiled kindly at him. "What's your name? I'm Saya" I said in a soft voice. "Ryuu Tanaka. I didn't try to take anything from them I swear." He said. "Okay" I looked over at the three men standing to the side of me. "I'll take him home." I told them and took Ryuu by the hand and led him in a random direction. "Do you have any family Ryuu?" I asked him sweetly. "No they died." Ryuu said sadly. "Well would you like to stay with me then?" I asked a bit nervous. Ryuu's eyes lit up "I would love to." He said happily. I picked him up and hugged him really tight. "Let's go then." I said happily. "Saya wake up" Someone said. The picture was slowly fading away and it was replaced with Byakuya standing over me. I rubbed my eyes and sat up slowly and remembered the memory that I had forced away. "Byakuya how did you find me?" I asked him. "Well you release a lot of your spirit energy when you sleep so I just followed that." He said. "You were talking in your sleep Saya. Who's Ryuu?" He said questioningly. "No one. It was just a memory that I need to forget." I said as I got up. "I need to go see someone." I told him. I got my zanpakto's and started to walk toward my house. "Here I am" I said knocking on the door. When the door opened I saw my dad.