Author's Note: This was written after I saw my first aurora in Solitude. I was so surprised and awestruck that it appeared, even though Skyrim is only a game. Anyway, quickly written and probably full of errors. In spite of that, enjoy!

The beautiful night sky was completely clear, sprinkled with handfuls of stars, when the Dragonborn slipped out of Whiterun. It was two in the morning by now, but the Khajiit felt fully rested. She climbed the rocks just outside of the city limits and came to rest just above Ri'saad's caravan. Curling her tail around her, she stared up at the sky with golden eyes. Her grey, rosette-spattered fur was tugged lightly by the wind.

Suddenly, a bright aurora burst into the sky. The beautiful sight she had been waiting for sprawled before her eyes, stretching as far as one could see in either direction. Vibrant reds, blues, greens, yellows, and purples melted together, shifting and curving and flowing with lively abandon. It seemed to be falling down toward Agedele, draping itself on the stars to reach out to her. She extended her arm toward the anomaly.

It took her hand and pulled her upward, into the sky. Eventually the Dragonborn was set down upon the broad side. It felt as if she was sitting on snow. She soon realized she was moving, or rather, it was moving, and she was going along with it. The once-soft wind now rushed past her face with more force, but not enough to whip her hair back. She found herself smiling slightly, enjoying the ride.

Then she fell.

She woke up some time later. It was still slightly dark, the sun just beginning to peek over the horizon. Agedele yawned and sat up, rubbing her back. Sleeping on rock hadn't benefitted her body in the slightest.

"It was a sight to behold," Marandru-jo rasped.

Her head whipped around, finding him sitting next to her. As the quietest of Whiterun's Khajiit caravan, she was surprised he, out of any, was sitting next to her. "You mean the aurora?"

"Not only that. This one witnessed a spirit form ascend to the heavens and ride it like a magic carpet. Ma'randru-jo believes it was you."

"Perhaps it was," she replied mysteriously, her eyes glinting.