Rachel x Dominic

He looked around as he jumped out of the white van. He needed to garentee that no one was watching. He began to slowely walk down the dark alley and emerged just as a his target exited the beauty parlor. he hated jobs like this. He clenched the cloroform soaked rag in his pocket and approached continued walking oblivious to the crim that was about to be committed against her. The teenger slowely came up to her and smothered her face with the rag. She hit the ground suddenly, she was heavier then he expected. He started to walk back to the van, it wasnt like nobody noticed, it was just teh fact that nobody cared. The people in the Broncs just didnt involve themselves with anyones problems. That's why he hated these jobs, they were just to easy. The back of the van opened and he through her in, and she hit the inside of the tunck with a loud thud. Some men, supposably police, walked up just as the plateless van drove away.

-3 hours later-

The girl woke up in a dark room. she began to stand and her bare flesh was met by the cool bars of the cage. Where am i? she wondered to herself. She stretched out her arms and notices two things, she was in a large dog cage and she was comletely nude. What is going on she asked the universe. Suddenly a door opened, blinding her with the light from th other side, a teenage boy emerged. he silently unlocked he cage and sheilded his eyes as she emerged. He handed her the clothes that she was wereing when they took her. He showed her his phone in which he had typed a single line I'm so sorry. "What is your name" she asked the mysterious boy as she became suddenly aware of his apearance. Dominic. "Rachel" she returned. "What's going on" They decided to let you free. "Who are they" She waited for a minuteas he frantically typed in his next thought.You know who they are, and they know you, your question should be why, not who. They found me, she though, when she was younger she was a victim of an attempted kidnapping she had escaped but her boyfriend hadn't. In the news she heard that they had tried to do illegak human drug testing on him and as a result he lost his vocal cords. "It's you." she whispered.