Going Turbo






***insert quarter to play***

The roar of the crowd...the electric energy in the air...the firm grip on the wheel...the desire to WIN. It's all he knew. It's all he ever wanted. This life...it was HIS.

TurboTime was one of the (if not THE) most popular game at Litwak's Family Fun Center. Everyone knew it, most of all it's star player Turbo himself. He was programmed to win and win he did. ALOT. Maybe a little too much if you asked the competing racers but, hey, it wasn't HIS idea to make him the star was it? The star had to win after all or no one would play the game. If no one plays your game, well...retirement comes a little early let us say.

The plug gets pulled and no one wants that.

Especially someone who knows he's a winner.

So how does a guy who's cruising Easy Street end up lost in legend? Not even a good legend, but one of those "boogeyman" type stories you spook the kids with. Don't be like Turbo, he went nuts one day and never came back. What happened to that guy? He used to mean something in this place, like winning and trophies and just overall being "the best". Now it means "abandonment", "flew the coop", "off his rocker", "crazy psycho lunatic with a bloodlust", etc.

Everyone has a story...some people's just get off track a little bit.

Chapter One

(Year 1987)

After-hours races were something Turbo loved doing. When some kid at the controls had him, sure he was fast and won trophies, but it was when he had control over his own car that he really shined. He felt like he was actually proving himself as the best out there, like he deserved to be the title player. The twins, Ted and Teddy, put up a good fight in these races and they would sometimes beat him. Sometimes.

Turbo wasn't sure what the best part of racing was...being in the car, behind the wheel, controlling that little powerhouse on wheels...or getting the win afterwards. Not necessarily the trophy, he had plenty of those covering at least three rooms in the house, but just the idea of winning was enough most of the time. The parties were fun too, he threw pretty "turbotastic" ones if he said so himself. Beer as much as you could carry straight from Tapper's, but root beer for Rosie since she was eternally stuck at eighteen. Dating a teenager had it's perks, especially if she was a cheerleader. She liked having fun as much as he did and had the energy to keep up.

The twins were off in their own corner talking to themselves, a pitcher between them on the little table they sat at. Turbo would try to pals with them, and they would usually humor him with the idea of it but mostly they didn't bother reaching out.

"I'm so sick of this, Ted. Really, I just can't take it anymore," said Teddy. He gulped a large portion of beer down and wiped his mouth. "If I lose one more race to that guy, I don't know what I'm gonna do."

"Bro, chill. He wins like nine out of ten races we have. Nothing new."

"I know, that's the problem." He shot his eyes over at the bar where Turbo was sitting on a stool, facing away from them. His little squeeze from that basketball game Slam Dunk! was by him as usual, playing with the ends of her long red ponytail. What did she even see in that guy? What did anyone see in that guy?

"You're staring," Ted told his brother.

"I just want to know who decided that we had to be the losers of this game, huh? I bet if I were the star, I'd win all the time." He kept his eyes on Turbo. "I mean, who writes the rules? Why does he get to be the best?"

"Hey, come on, we win too."

"Yeah, only if some crappy kid takes the controls of the game, or if Turbo's having a bad luck streak and one of us manages to steal the gold from him during the after-hours tournaments. If only we could win more."

Ted gave him a wary look. "Dude, what exactly are you saying? Cheat?"

"No! Okay, maybe. Look, there's ways to change the code..."

"Whoa, whoa, do you hear yourself? We can't do that!"

"You want to win, don't you?" Teddy asked him with a challenging tone.

Ted looked sheepish. "Well...it would be nice but-"

"Exactly. Leave it to me."

An unexpected voice came from the side. "Leave what to you?"

The twins jumped, startled at the interruption.

"Sorry, sorry!" Rosie apologized, straightening the waist of her pink and yellow cheer skirt. It hung down to almost her knees as was the fashion of the time and she had a yellow long-sleeve tee layered under a pink cheer shirt. Her green eyes were wide as if they had scared her in return.

"What do you want?" Teddy asked coldly.

"I...I just wanted to see if...if-" Teddy always scared her. Ted was okay but to be honest they both creeped her out. Always hanging out by themselves, like they had something to hide. Not to mention the ugly looks they sometimes gave. "If you guys needed a refill. That's all. I didn't mean to scare you."

Ted smiled at her reassuringly. "It's fine, Rosie. We just didn't see you there. Yes, please, a refill would be nice." He handed her the pitcher to take back to the bar with her.

She gave him an odd smile as if she wasn't too comfortable and then walked back where the bar was.

"Don't freak her out, bro, she'll be the first to know something's not right and blab to Turbo about it!" Ted scolded his brother in a hushed voice.

"She won't blab if she knows what's good for her."

"Dude, seriously? Threats now?" He laughed in spite of himself. "You're crazy."

"The twins are being extra weird," Rosie said to Turbo after she returned from handing over the refilled beer pitcher to them. She wondered what they had been talking about so intently before she had interrupted them. She hadn't trusted them since the night a couple years back when Teddy "accidentally" slammed Turbo's car into a wall. Looked pretty on purpose for an accident if you asked her.

Turbo looked back at them and shrugged. "Don't worry about 'em. They're harmless."

"I don't know..."

He wrapped an arm around her. "Lighten up, it's a party! Here, don't tell Tapper." He covertly poured some of his beer into her glass of root beer.

"Cheers!" He clanged his glass by hers.

"Haha, so clever." She rolled her eyes playfully with a smile before taking a swig. "Hey, speaking of cheers, I've got a few new ones I need to practice. Wanna help, champ?"

He gave her that mischievous grin she always loved, which was all the answer she needed.

So he helped her with her cheers and she helped him cross the finish line. It was a win-win situation.

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